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HGTV is preparing a series featuring Egyptian designer and real estate broker Sherrod (Virgin property, The coup of the virgins) and her husband, construction worker Mike Jackson (pictured), tentatively named Married to real estate

The show will follow Sherrod and Jackson as they combine their personal and professional lives, helping their clients find and transform their dream home. The 8 x 60 minute series is produced by 51 Minds Entertainment and is scheduled for early 2022.

“Egypt has already amassed a huge fan base as a proven expert in real estate and renovation, but now we can see her in action with Mike, her husband and business partner, and together they are simply irresistible,” said the President of HGTV. Jane Latman in release. “If Egypt and Mike are on the home buying and renovation team, everyone wins. And fans will fall in love watching them work together, parenting, humor and fun in their unique relationship. “


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