Real estate went to the dogs



Q: Has a dog ever helped you get a listing or sale?

Laura Levy

Broker Employee, Laura Levy Group, Coldwell Banker in Boulder, Colorado.

This was a new list. The first time I went to visit the house, I walked into the living room and saw this white dog lying on this huge red couch, holding the yard and looking very regal. I was just pissed off. His name was Yeti. It was some kind of scribble – I don’t know which one, maybe gold. Here in Colorado this is the land of dogs, dogs are family members.

When I spoke to my videographer Ryan about filming at home, I said, “The Yeti has to be in this; it should be from the Yeti’s point of view. Just follow the dog. ” It was fun. The Yeti knew exactly what to do. Ryan said, “I followed the dog and got great stuff.”

At the end of the video, Yeti seems to stop showing the house and wants to take a walk. This house was across the street from the fabulous dog park. You see his mother – the landlord – leads him to the dog park, and then you see him running around in the sun, all happy. We used a drone.


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