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The following real estate transfers have been reported in Jefferson County:

Justin Fust to David Browtigam, Site 6, first by Wheeling and Lake Erie Cole Mining Co.

Julianne Parkenick (deceased) – Sherry Vella, 0.24 acres, Steubenville.

Kenneth & Catherine McAlister to Bonita Starkey and Chadu Dombroski, 1.2563 acres, Mount Pleasant.

Brian and Julie Long refer to Kyle Reid Investments LLC, lots 15-19, WH Rodgers Second.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania Cheryl Ullom Lot 27 Walton Akers.

Terrence Miller (deceased) Travis Miller, metas, Brush Creek.

Harold and Lisa Wandraff Jr. – Sean Moore, Lot 10, Askowitz.

Joyce Rose (deceased) – Ronald Rose Sr., Metas, Cross Creek.

Yontz Real Estate Rentals LLC Satarre Moore and Fredo Moore, plots 69 and 70, Gerke.

Fitness Pavilion Inc to Origin Fitness Center Inc, 1.3 acres, 5,274 square feet, Cross Creek Village.

Donald and Mary Vipki head to Origin Inc Fitness Center, Metes, Cross Creek.

Thomas Vergus and Raven Wright – Daniel Sheets, Lot 55, McConnell’s.

Kenneth Siple to Stephen Clark, Lot 19 & 20, George Myers.

Thomas DiLeonardo (deceased) Michele Beraducci, Lot 22, Beverly Hills Eighth.

JP Morgan Mortgage Acquisition Corp to Southeast Property Acquisitions LLC, 1.52 acres, Knox.

Jonathan & Jordan Lemon Jr – To John & Amber Goode Jr, Lot 17, Dana Lynn.

Gary Term refers to Petrella Enterprises, 0.456 acres, Knox.

Lawson Rentals LLC at HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, part of Lots 32 and 33, Popular Springs.

Franca Sumpano to Morgan McCloud Lot 34 and Lot 33 Beverly Hills 7.

Stanley Boroski (deceased) Mary Boroski, Lots 196 and 197, AC Jones, 0.16 acre, Smithfield.

Gilbert Termes (deceased) Markou and Laurie Thomas, part of Plots 34 and 35, Green Acres (survival).

Dorothy Sutton at The Robert H. Sutton Trust, lots 89 and 90, Beachwood.

Louis Cutis II – Shane Cutis, lot 20, Walker.

Darnell Young to Charles Johnson, Part 5, Henrietta World.

Frederick Morris – Bridget Stone, Site 135, Irondale.

Charles Adrian (deceased) Janice Adrian, Lot 15, John Spahn’s Second.

Emery and Bonnie Mason – Danny Hancock II, Part 6, James P. Draper.

Mitchell Bass Sr. (deceased) Ethel Bass, Lot 3, George E. Sharp Home, Lot 13, Pug Sunrise Estate, Lot 41, Beverly Hills, 7th.

Cindy Hinerman to Michael Hinerman, 0.46 acre, Knox.

From Linnard Merrill (deceased) to Nita Merril, 10894 acres, Salem.

From Michael Payton (deceased) to Cindy Payton, 4.51 acres, Knox.

Margaret Wright (deceased) to Earl Wright, District 30, Linduff Estates.

Edward Gee & Nancy R. Kotor David & Shelia Verkin & Monica Verkin Collaborative Life Fund, Lot 53, Country Club Hills (Survival).

Dwayne & Melissa Zink to Donald & Karen Vandeborn, Site 27, Green Acres (Survival).

David and Shannon Irwin at Sernna Properties LLC, Metes, Ross Township.

Justin & Debra Sophio to Jeffrey Kline Sr., Site 175, Becker Highlands.

From Roger and Kristen Fisher to Shirley Huggins Lot 17 & Part 18 McFerren Seconds.

Taylor and Trong Do Benjamin Erste, Site 64 and Site 65, Country Club Estates.

From Christopher and Jessica Brown to Gary Morris and Caitlynn Fitzgerald, Site 14 & Site 15, Sunset Hills (survivors).

Amy Baileys & Dina Redpath to Michael Abbott, Lot 85, Alexander’s Estate.

Margaret Kanyok (deceased) at TJ Dabney Rentals LLC, Lot 26, Simmons and Foster’s.

The Wilson Family’s Irrevocable Trust in Thomas Cothur, Lot 129, Lincoln Heights.

Tiffany and Matthew Jenka to Nathan Saldana and Stephanie Humienny, Lot 66, Beverly Hills (survivors).

Jacob Slider and Nicole Slider to Ryan Catrence, Lots 120–123, Walker II.

Harry Huggins (deceased) – Nora Huggins, Site 5, Beverly Hills.

Benjamin and Teresa Vicker to Daniel and Connie Creek, Plots 2 and 3, Broadview, 0.178 acres, Salem. (survival).

Helen Whitaker at Sunnyside Holdings LLC, part 34, Watson and Thomasson’s Fourth.

From Mary Colayanni to Reno Colayanni, 10.9526 acres, Mount Pleasant.

Willis Calhoun – Ronald Dulani II, Metes, Wells Township.

Susan Black – Beverly Brenda, 5 acres, Springfield.

Mark Walker & Others – Megan Geyer and Aaron Montgomery, Site 56, Westwood Estates (survivors).

Joshua and Chelsea Virtue to Richard Reed III, 6151 acres, Wayne Township.

Mona Boyer and others Timothy and Tine Jacobs, sites 40 and 41, Brentwood Estates (survivors).

Lawrence and Lisa Mail to Ben Warner, lot 4, Simmons & Foster.

McClurg Properties LLC – Maureen Pollock, part of lots 23 and 29, second A. Clark.

Honey Jar Properties LLC in HCS of Merchants Isle LLC, part of Lot 221, Steubenville Original.

Andrew and Carly Jolly to Charles Jolly, 0.5712 acre, Springfield Township.

Paul and Kayla Sweeney to James and Paula Fox, 0.706 acre, Cross Creek.

Linda Juricic – Michel Juricic, Lot 54, St. John Heights.

Frederic Luscher (deceased) Janice Luscher, metes, Cross Creek.

Arlie Suggs (deceased) to Ezein Suggs and others, Lot 35 and partly Lot 38, W.C. Brown.

Betty Alvey to Jay’s Real Estate LLC, Lot 199, Lincoln Heights.

Joshua Black to Nicholas Bish, Lot 17 Fraser.

Richard and Sherrill call Edward and Sandra Picardy, lot 2, second Lewis (survivor).

From Robert and Connie Tunley to Jason and Jessica Downing, Part 4 & 5, Morgan and McBain.

Corey Gadsen to Michael Stumm and Park Stumm, part 41, LaBelleView (survival).

Sandra Leone to the Leone Family Irrevocable Fund, Lots 90, 91, 110 and 111, Overlook Hills.

Billy & David Hibbits – Alecia Whiter, part 159, LaBelleView.

Peter and Margarita Bates to Todd Zimish, Lot 14, part of Lots 7 and 8, Pleasant Heights.

Stella Tsouris and others to Stephen Davis, part 161, Steubenville Original.

Queenie Christian (deceased) to Peter Christian and Lloyd Christian Jr., Lot 2, Seminole.

Timothy & Tammy McCoy – Caitland Ayers & Damian Ayers Lot 6 & 8, Third William A. Seaton Film (survivability).

Michael Gashler – Kathleen Gashler, Site 75, Sunrise Terrace.

Jefferson County to Sandra Vanat Land Revitalization Corporation, 0.37 acre, Mount Pleasant.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corporation, owned by Logos Inter-plus-Com, Lot 629, LaBelleView.

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