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The following real estate transfers have been reported in Jefferson County:

Donald & Deborah White to Ethan Kelly, Lot 11, The First Elsie Eckie.

Tyler Butler – Timothy & Tammy Spicers Part 8 Saltsman (Survival).

From William Lenno to Michael Lenno, part of lots 23 and 29, Anthony Clark.

LLC “Hamilton Development” Louis and Belinde Jones, lots 135-137, Silver Stream Knolls (survival).

Stephen and Jenny Herrick to Robert Timko, lot 22, RB Stewart Heirs of the third.

Eugene Guglielmo – Dustin Heman, lot 205, Labelleview.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corporation, Frank Granato’s name, 0.049012 acres, Steubenville.

Marilyn Johnson (deceased) Edmond Johnson, part of lots 5 and 6, Pleasant Heights.

Zachary Smith to Jared Harvey, Site 7, Mellwood Akers.

Donna Beresford – Thomas & Jennette Allison Jr. Lot 44, Dana Lynn (survivor).

JD Home Mgt LLC Michael Joyce Lot 66, McConnell’s.

Rachel & Ernest Coleman to Thomas Tramaine and Carrington Edwards, Lot 18, George J. Yurievich (survivor).

Fligl Enterprises LLC – Holly L. Inman Revocable Trust, Metes, Salem.

Marjorie Armstrong (deceased) Lynn Armstrong and others, metes, Salem.

Alfred Potts (deceased) – Emma Wade, metes, Salem.

Alberta Williams (deceased) John Williams and others, 1.24 acres, Ross Township.

Melvin Snyder (deceased) Christine Snyder, Metes, Salem.

Nelly Hook (deceased) – Dale Hook, Metes, Salem.

Daniel Wager (deceased) John Wager, lot 44, First Robert Clark.

Sean and McCart Houses – Sean Porrecke, Lots 37 & 38, Thera Estate, 0.2444 acres, Island Creek.

Deborah and Donald Bickerstaff to Dom and Sean McCart, Lot 15, KaraPlace (Survival).

Donald and Rita Thomas at ACE Family Homes LLC, Lot 69, Bloomingdale Original.

David Braden at Rockit Properties IV LLC, part of Lot 9, Ross II.

David Braden at Rockit Properties IV LLC, Lot 206, Ross Park Realty Co.

Kerry Ferguson & Stacy Stasiulevich – Jennifer & Matthew Carney Lot 44 Westwood Estates (survivors).

Janette Kowalski to Charlie Supanik and Michael McClurg, 2,571 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Keisha Pettway and Michael Carr – Caitlyn Winman, Site 199, Poplar Springs.

Edward Valuska (deceased) and Jo Ann Valuska (deceased) to David Valuska, Site 44, Green Acres.

Mary Suriano (deceased) – Nino Suriano and Dino Suriano Sr., metes, Cross Creek.

Julie Shura to Nathan Kline, Lot 107, Number One, John Spahn.

Nathan and Melissa Kline – Dakota Stone, Lot 107, John Spahn House.

Pamela Thomas to Phillipou and Laurie Gilcrest, Lot 3, Alexander’s Estate (survivor).

Timothy and Tina Jacobs to Joseph and Edna Holliday, Lot 40, Glendwell (survivors).

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