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The following real estate transfers have been reported in Jefferson County:

Pamela Woodrogovich (deceased) Michael Woodrogovich and George Woodrogovich III, lot 132, Beverly Hills, fourth.

Marjorie Adams (deceased) Donelle Tonner, Site 17, Speaker’s Estate.

Samantha Deller to St. Florian Properties LLC, 0.17 acre, Island Creek Village.

Lois Smith (deceased) Bonnie Zawolta & Others, Site 62, Hillsborough.

Brothers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Diocese of Steubenville, Metes, Steubenville, lots 17, 18 and 21, McCook’s.

Hope Center, Matthew Schaefer Friendship Room, part of Lot 56, Simmon’s and Foster’s.

Terry Hall (deceased) – Ashley Chiyody, Metes, Mount Pleasant.

Frank Clan III (deceased) Susan Clan, 1.1 acres, Wells Warren.

James Minto (deceased) Patricia Minto, lot 127, Longvue.

Barbara and Lawrence Rock and Dorothy Beatty – Megan Martin, Lot 11, Banfield.

Kyle & Shelia Brown – Duane & Melissa Zink, 10,748.5 square feet, Knox Township.

John and Don Martin to Michael Foster, Site 15, Overlook Hills.

Lee and Michael Richardson to James DeGayetano, Lot 12, Schneider.

Ryan LeMasters to Michael and Jessica Macacanja, Lot 31, St. John Heights.

From Roger and Sharon Wells to Robin Green, 0.34 acre, Cross Creek Village.

Leslie Crowe and Sherry Minto – Hilary Jones, 3,044 acres, Steubenville.

Clarence Downard (deceased) Carol Downard, Metes, Steubenville.

Terry Dye (deceased) – Pamela Dye, 56,745 acres, Salem.

Jennifer Martin & Others – Dale Mathies III & Summer Mathies, Metes, Springfield Township.

Kenneth and Janice Pinnell to Richard and Brandy Neely, Site 30, Speaker Estates (survivors).

Umiko Post (deceased) Thomas Littleton, lot 57, St. John’s.

Martin Silberman (deceased) Dorothy Silberman, lot 72, Country Club Estates.

Shirley Dayton (deceased) – Jewell Dayton, Area 28, Askowitz.

Jewell Dayton (deceased) – Angela Lope, Section 28, Askowitz.

Timothy King and Stephanie King at US Bank Lot 2 & 3, Carnahan’s.

Robert Eastham (deceased) Tina Reiter and others, 6.1 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Dennis Hatfield (deceased) to Karen Hatfield, 2 acres, Wells Warren.

Moffo Family revocable housing stock for M and L Properties LLC, parts of lots 182 and 183, Walkers.

From John Sellaroli (deceased) to Janice Sellaroli, part of lots 15 and 16 and lot 17, Jurkevichs.

From Chris Hagan to Pascinell Altura, Section 26 and Section 27, Sunset Gardens.

Willard Talkington (deceased) – Veronica Talkington, 3,695 acres, Springfield.

Jane Brower to Derek and Laura Doroski, 0.562 acres, Knox Township (survivability).

Mary Lorenz to Dennis Knight, 14.9102 acres, Smithfield (survivability).

Amy Scott and others Heather and Daniel Ramsey, 1082 acres, Ross Township.

Carol Sandfrey – SERNNA Properties LLC, 1,109 acres, Wayne Township.

Jason and Courtney Myers moved to 2570 Township LLC, 2,436 acres, in Island Creek Township.

David Kiggins (deceased) Tabitha Tustin, 0.118 acres, Mount Pleasant.

Carl and Susan Summer to Brian Black and Billy Joe Black, 0.678 acre, Salt Township (survivability).

Teresa O’Brien to Everett and Brittany Dillon III Lot 39 Brentwood (survivors).

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