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The following real estate transfers have been reported in Jefferson County:

Edward Vargo to Mark Vargo, 19,389 acres, Warren.

Kenneth and Janie Scott – Tracy Anderson, Site 48, Wallace Heights.

Jeffrey & Tracy McKee – John Arnold & Jacqueline Widaman, 2.3383 acres, Ross Township.

William Devore (deceased) Sally Devore and Joel Devore, Metas, Cross Creek.

Mary Wagoner (deceased) Scott Wagoner, Lot 2, Hilsinger’s First House.

Daniel and Soundra Stone to Robert and Lisa Calhoun, lot 142, Bergholz Original.

Michael & Linda Helt – Gary Helt, Metes, Smithfield Township.

E and A Leasing Inc.’s Ray Williams Estate, Lot 7 and Lot 6, John Gray District, Methes, Steubenville.

WOP Vision Films LLC, Khaliq Bougard, Lot 418, LaBelle View.

Black Face 5 LLC at Tramaine Trimiar, part lot 96, LaBelle View.

Judith Jackson (deceased) Crystal Carnahan and others, 1.46 acres, Island Creek.

Judith Jackson (deceased) – Crystal Carnahan & Others, 9.3968, Island Creek.

Judith Jackson (deceased) Crystal Carnahan et al, 20 acres, Island Creek.

Judith Jackson (deceased) Crystal Carnahan and others, Lot 15, Banfield.

SNB Holdings LLC at Franciscan University of Steubenville, 0.6694 acres, Steubenville, Lot 32-35, Partial Lot 31, Brady Estates.

James and John Saltsman to Michael and Victoria Feist, Lot 30, Alexander Estate (survivor).

Katie Scardina (deceased) John Scardine, metess, Cross Creek.

Allison Fabian and Jacob Silva – Jennifer Phillips, lot 616, LaBelleview.

Donna McClain to Aric Davis, 0.7768 acre, Island Creek.

Israel Harris (deceased) Melissa Harris, lots 163 and 164, Pleasant Heights.

James Wendine (deceased) Mary Wendine, Metes, Steubenville.

Rachel Carpenter – Rachel Milligan, 2.5201 acres, Wayne Township.

Sandra Coletti – Ruby Blasinski Lot 13 Belvedere.

Jennifer and Keith Riles to Michael Smith, Lots 27–31, Country Club Village.

Barbara Schroyer and John Romy Estate, 1,327 acres, Island Creek.

Darlene Bates (deceased) – Bobby Joe Bates-Williams, lot 46, Tera estate.

Mike Dennis – Anne Dennis, Metes, Wells Warren.

Christian Chaffin to James and Kirsten Beck, 10 acres, Springfield.

Matthew Yokum (deceased) Robin Yokum and others, Metas, Wells Warren.

T and R LTD Fabian and Stacey Rosel, Part 4 Dyke and Wilson (Survival)

Donald Price to Karisse and Raymond Burchfield, Sections 226 and 227, Walton Acres (survivors).

From Robert Tyrne (deceased) to Juanita Thorne, Lots 184 and 185, Lincoln Heights.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corp. Christine Capers, lots 9 and 10, Olszeski’s First.

Jefferson County Land Revitalization Corporation – Craig Brown, 0.594 acres, Smithfield.

Shane Busich to Vincent Tate, Lot 12, Harwell Place.

Sandra Tucker and William Tressler to Sean Tucker and Thomas Tucker, Jr., 0.197 acre, Cross Creek.

DB Legacy Rentals LLC Anite Sartwell and Patricia Lippincott, Metes, Springfield Township (survivor).

Judy Orr (deceased) to William Orr, 2,667 acres, Knox.

Lake Hills Baptist Church of Shererville, Indiana, to Ascent Utica Minerals LLC, 0.0495 acres, Smithfield.

Harry and Donna Gailas to Shane Christian, Lots 96 & 97, Westwood Estates.

Jerral and Shirley Baileys – Stanley Sawatzky, Lot 7, Midler.

Brian Barbarossa to Clayton Shepherd, 0.278 acre, Smithfield.

Shannon Kuchinski & Others to Jared Lucas Lot 16 Wagoner & McEldowney.

US Bank NA Barbara Capon, lots 2 and 3, Carnahan’s.

Mickey Schultz to Richard Schultz, Section 193, Walton Akers.

Sherrill Chiamitaro to David Charamitaro, 0.26 acre, Island Creek.

Henry Chapa to James Chapa, 5.45 acres, Island Creek.

From Scott Kelleher to Stephen Hutt, 1 acre, Cross Creek Village.

Paul Speaker (deceased) – Kim Speaker, 0.7498 acres, plots 34 and 35, Speaker Estates.

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