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Central Falls to East Wilkes 40-22

DOBSON. In the second half, East Wilkes lifted the Cardinals to 2-0 with a 40-22 win over Serry Central.

In the second half, the Cardinals went through 228 yards and four touchdowns, turning a 14-12 deficit into a 40-14 advantage in the middle of the fourth quarter. Junior Anthony Graham led the team with a 243 yard sprint and three touchdowns.

The Golden Eagles fought back with a late touchdown and two-point conversion, but it was too late to spark a comeback.

“It’s nice to be 2-0,” said East Wilkes coach Jonathan Wilmot, who is 2-0 for the Cardinals for the first time since 2017.

“It’s good for our kids and our community when we start off 2-0, especially after the COVID season. I told our children that we needed to show up and that it took us too long to sort out the first half. We challenged them at half-time and they went on the court and played well. “

Central had a chance to kick off 2-0 by beating Allegany 31-7 in the first week, but coach Monty Southern knew he was going to fight in the Eagles’ first home game.

“I knew going to East Wilkes was really good,” Southern said. “I was very impressed with what I saw in the films and I knew they had a lot of talent. I think they have a good group of kids. We were ready for the challenge when the game started and played well in the first half, but in the second the situation got a little out of control. “

Leaving the meat on the bone

Sarri Central acted like a well-oiled machine for most of the first half. Carson Croes, Logan Priddy, Avery Wilmot and Memphis Bolatto have combined 24 carries for 187 yards, with the Eagles scoring in their first two possessions.

“We did a better job allocating work in the first half,” Southern said. “They couldn’t really connect to anyone.”

The Cardinals got the kick off, but they had to jump with a parachute before recording the first down. Illegal procedure fines and improper receiver damaged East Wilkes on the drive.

Eagles methodically moved chains with 11 games that took 5:22 playing time. Priddy finished off with a short touchdown followed by a successful PAT from Jacob Edmonds.

It took East Wilkes just four games and 2:05 game time to get their revenge. After a short run from Brody Martin, quarterback Briggs Gentry made an optional 44-yard serve to Graham. The Gentry race placed the cards at 10 and Graham scored in the 9-yard race. Central’s Dante Watson blocked PAT and kept the score 7-6.

Central looked like it was going to run into trouble in the second run after East’s Brennan Arnder fired Avery Wilmot at the end of the first quarter, but then QB reacted by breaking into a 66-yard run in third to start the second quarter. … Krause hit a three-yard run and Edmonds made his second PAT, making it 14-6.

Wilmot finished the game with 16 carries for 131 yards.

Friday’s game was not fluid. In fact, the two teams only teamed up for two: East Wilkes flipped the ball down when the ball was overhead and it fired a few yards, then Sarri Central lost to fumble in the second half.

According to Southern, the Eagles were really hurt by the lack of an advantageous position on the pitch.

“It happened a few times and people may not remember it after the game, but it makes a big difference,” he said. “We left some meat on the bone and it cost us in the end.”

A bad hit happened on East Wilkes’ next trip and allowed Center to take over in the 40th minute of the Cardinals. The Eagles failed to get the first down and were forced to leave.

East collided with its own troika and broke through from the end zone. Surry Central kicked off again in Cardinal territory, but hit after only moving the chains once.

East Wilkes directed the ball more effectively in the final half pass. Graham, Martin and Gentry had decent results before Avery Wilmot finished fourth and fifth. It was then that Gentry made his only first-inning finish with a 16-yard pass to Graham. Graham followed the 30-yard race from 1:42 to the end of the inning. As a result of an unsuccessful two-point pass, the score was 14-12.

The golden eagles quickly moved across the field and occupied cardinal territory. Priddy ran 19 yards before being grabbed with 4.2 seconds on the clock and Southern called a time out to send the ball out. Edmonds was determined to try to score 40 yards from the field before a false start at Center attempted 45 yards. Edmonds’ attempt came about a yard from the crossbar.

Excellence in execution

In between Jonathan Wilmot’s appearances, there was no unveiling of new, never-before-published plays, no radical changes in the cardinals’ strategy.

“We didn’t make any adjustments during the half-time interval,” he said. “We told the kids to do what they were supposed to do and gave them the challenge to actually do it. We just didn’t play early in the game … it was sloppy. But we haven’t changed anything. “

East Wilkes’ performance has improved in all three phases. Central got the kick-off in the second half and, with the exception of Krause’s 11-yard run in the first game of scrum, was unable to score more than eight yards in one game before the end of the fourth quarter. The Eagles held the ball at 4:35 but had to shoot from midfield.

The Cards continued their longest post-scrum play of the entire game. Graham took over in backfield and drove 95 yards for a touchdown. Gentry gave the pass to Cole Lambert for a 2-point pass.

Central received the initial blow, but fumbled with a retaliatory strike. East Wilkes’ Titus Miller regained a fumble on Center 22. The Cardinals scored two games later on Martin’s three-yard run, and Hank Porter nailed PAT to make it 27-14 for the Cardinals.

With 6:38 am to the end of the third quarter, Central lost two quick scores, lost to groping and eliminated two of their starting players for the remainder of the game.

“The staff they have with the scheme they are using are pretty hard to stop,” Southern said. “When they gave us two points in a row, it really hurt us, and it really didn’t help losing our two big weapons.”

The Eagles were defeated the next time they were in possession, and they had to hit the top three and strike out. Thereafter, East Wilkes played nine games, starting at 4:20 until the end of the third quarter and ending 11:14 in the fourth. Faced with fourth and one, Graham ran 34 yards to put his cards on the 6-yard line. The ride ended with a 3-yard TD driven by Weston Brown and PAT from Porter.

Including 53 yards, Graham finished the night with a total of 296 yards.

“I think Anthony is a very explosive player,” Coach Wilmot said. “We play with him in both ways, so we try to use him when we need him. It just goes well with the other players we have on our team. I have been very pleased with his performance and the level of play over the past two games. “

Coach Wilmot praised all the defenders on the team as well as the attack line. East Wilkes finished the night with 415 full yards, including 32 transfers for 362 yards and six quick touchdowns, as well as three finishing passes at 53 yards.

Vostok added their last points over the night from 5:06 to the end of the fourth quarter. Easton Martin scored in the 18-yard race, but PAT failed to score 40-14.

“The offensive line has done such a great job this year of consolidation,” said Coach Wilmot. “Coach Tyler Conlon is new to our program. He’s doing our PR and he’s doing a great job. “

Surry Central continued to fight back and managed to score one last time with 1:08 left. The 11-game 4:00 race ended with Aiden Wilmot scoring a 26-yard TD game and Krause a 2-point conversion.

The Golden Eagles finished with a total of 301 yards. This was due to a 279 yards sprint and three 43 carries PD jerks, as well as four 22 yards finishes.

“I told the guys after the game, and we will fix that on Monday: we want to play with good teams and learn how to beat good teams,” Southern said. “Moving forward, we should just focus on ourselves. We need to be more consistent while maintaining high energy levels throughout the game, no matter what happens.

Surry Central (1-1) will continue their out-of-conference schedule next week when the Eagles host Mount Airy (1-0). East Wilkes will travel next week to face West Caldwell (0-1).


East Wilkes – 6, 6, 15, 13 = 40

Surry Central – 14, 0, 0, 8 = 22

1st quarter

4:40 SCHS 7-0 – Logan Priddy, 1 Yard, Jacob Edmonds, PAT

2:35 am EWHS 7-6 – Anthony Graham, 9-yard, PAT, blocked by Dante Watson of Surry Central

2 quarter

11:35 AM SCHS 14-6 – 3 Yard Rush Carson Krause, Jacob Edmonds, PAT

1:42 EWHS 14-12 – Anthony Graham, 30-yard dash in the race, 2-point conversion does not fit

3 quarter

7:05 AM EWHS 14-20 – Anthony Graham rushing 95 yards, Briggs Gentry pass to Cole Lambert good for 2 points

6:38 AM EWHS 14-27 – Brodie Martin, 3 Yard Dash, Hank Porter, PAT

4th quarter

11:14 EWHS 14-34 – Weston Brown 3-yard race, TD Hank Porter.

5:06 EWHS 14-40 – Easton Martin, 18-yard race, inappropriate

11:35 SCHS 14-6 – TD Aiden Wilmot with 26-yard sprint, Carson Krause carries for 2-point conversion.


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