Real Estate Transactions – Provincetown Independent


Registered with the Barnstable County Transactions Registry from July 6 to July 9, 2021.


July 9. Mary Ellen Dwyer and Alison B. Dwyer to Brandon C. Hyatt. 2 Mayflower Ave., block 3.530,000 dollars.

July 9. Edward Fallas – Rian P. Eiki and Sean M. Kane. 7 Off Conwell St. $ 926,000.


July 9. Kenneth S. Kuchin and William Tyler Morgan at the Truro Atlantic View Realty Trust (Bruce A. Jacobson, Trustee). 6 and 12 Ocean Bluff Ln. USD 4,300,000.

July 9. Lisa Maria Tobia and Susanna Tobia – Felipe M. Heiderich and Amy E. Heiderich. 65 Depot Rd. USD 1,010,000.


Last week, Wellfleet saw no more than $ 10,000 in transactions.


July 6. Truman E. Olderman’s estate (personal representative of Kate S. Alderman) to Irina Zlobina and Alexei Sadovnikov. 15 Surrey Doctor $ 200,000.

July 7. Guy R. Oliver and Dinah J. Oliver to John F. Sherman III and Andrea R. Sherman. 225 Oak Ridge Rd. 525,000 dollars.

July 7. Mostyn Realty Trust (William J. Mostyn III, Trustee) to John A. Mostyn. 95 Claire Ln. $ 437,000.

July 8. F. Earl Caswell to Kevin P. O’Neill and Karen A. O’Neill. 90 Leeward Way. 790,000 dollars.

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