Real Estate Transactions – Provincetown Independent



Registered with the Barnstable County Transactions Registry from August 16 to 20, 2021.


August 18. Lovinger Nominee Trust (Jeffrey E. Lovinger, Trustee) TNCO LLC [Tonn Q. Cao, manager]… 296 Commercial St. USD 3,250,000.

August 18. Mary P. Timmons and Martha J. Pinto to Michael E. Field and John W. Erickson. 43 Race Point Rd., Unit M, Bldg 4.100,000 USD.

August 18. Ayaz Akhtar and Saima Akhtar to Mark James Duncan and Michael Adam Herring. 127 Bradford St., Unit 1.473,000 dollars.

August 19. John W. Brewer Trust Thomas W. Skinner 2019 Trust and Brian M. Payea 2019 Trust. 100 Alden St., Unit 221 US $ 506,450.

August 19. Barbara S. Smith and Linda P. Michalchik as Teresa P. Guov. 481 Commercial St., Unit 3.506,500 USD.

August 19. E. Cloutier Tepper to David S. Parker. Winslow, 3, $ 1,830,000.

August 20. LLC “First Landing” [Kevin Bazarian, Clifford J. Schorer, and John DeMatteis, managers] Maria A. Chirino and Elizabeth M. Barbo. 4 pilgrims Lndg. $ 1,000,000.


August 16. Jacqueline A. David, James F. David, Lisa K. David, and Dina D. Piotrowski – Outer Shore Nominee Fund (Rachel Kalin, Trustee). 17 Coast Guard Rd. 5,000,000 USD.

August 18. Arthur Joseph Jr. Estate (Jody Joseph, Personal Representative), Megan Toyen, Cabe Martinez, Stephen Martinez and Jean G. Rose – Rivera Bergan Family Trust (Victor M. Rivera and Laura W. Bergan, Trustees). 82 South Pamet Rd. 720,000 dollars.

August 20. Sharon Fay – Maxine Shaffer and Jennifer E. Groves. 116 North Pamet Rd. USD 2,015,000.


August 19. Timothy L. Reynolds and Emmanuel Pierre Francis Poulard – Matthew A. Belvel and Alison R. Belwell. 40 Old Mill Way. 838,000 dollars.

August 20. Richard Kampfe Dickinson II and Mei Yin L. Dickinson to Brian Goodman and Jensie Langley. 70 Rowell Rd. $ 409,000.

August 20. Wendon Realty Trust (Donald F. Horton and Wendy S. Horton, Trustees) for Martime Industrial Park LLC [Robert R. Letendre, manager]… Lot 2, Lot 3 and Lot 4, Josem Way. $ 750,000.


August 17. From the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to Eastham. Easement, Cape Cod Railroad between Nauset Rd. and Linda Ln. USD 22,450.

August 20. Richard D. Johnston, Patricia R. Johnston, Jeffrey T. Johnston, and Mary Jane Johnston to Bruce J. Schenker and Kathleen Battaglia. 95 Lupine Way. 695,000 dollars.


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