Real estate transactions in the northern regions during the week of September 5, 2021




Grove Property Investors LLC has sold the property at 462 Forest Ave. Dinu and Teresa Riding for $ 310,000.

Seth Cooper sold the property at 212-214 Lincoln Avenue to Sean and Craig Wilsons for $ 223,000.

Seth Zimmerman sold 176 N Balph Ave. John and Ariel Wicker for $ 234,900.

Amerihome Mortgage Co. LLC sold property at 97 N Sprague Ave. Wollmann Enterprises LLC for $ 127,000.

Melva Devin sold her property at 133 Ridge Ave. Ansell Holdings LLC for $ 166,500.

S&B Sofla Ventures LLC has sold property at 696 Shade Ave. Douglas Heckman for $ 201,600.

Andrea Longshore sold the property at 126 Washington Ave. Tess Kolarik for $ 265,000.


Kathleen Arend sold the property at 38 Bridge Street to Chris and Amy Leia for $ 110,000.

Barbara Lou Diemer has sold her property at 70 Prospect St. MBG Real Estate LLC for $ 66,348.

Shirley Hudepol sold the property at 30 Walnut Street to Daniela Blevins for $ 63,726.

Franklin Park

Estate of Jill Grossheim sold the property at 2517 Adele Court to Surezh Pally and Monica Roy for $ 464,000.

Sean Curry sold the property at 2534 Country Side Lane to BGRS Relocation Inc. for $ 440,000.

BGRS Relocation Inc. sold the property at 2534 Country Side Lane to Leo Baer for $ 440,000.

Catherine Tarnish sold properties at 1623 English Oak Court to Li Guo and Qinnan Yao for $ 780,000.

Christopher Johnson sold the 1807 Tara Court property to Alex Whiting and Jaya Mehta for $ 1,115,000.

W. Bruce Crawford sold 1805 Willow Oak Drive to Jing Wang and Zhangguo Chen for $ 779,000.


Richard Singer sold his property at 3972 Auld Ave. Kevin Jackson and Taylor Woodrow for $ 225,000.

Kathleen Wagner sold 3884 Center Ave. Bridget and Joyce Nickel for $ 210,000.

PJ MInnock Properties Co. sold property at 3068 E Bardonner Road to Erin Dukarm for $ 180,000.

Charles Flynn sold the property at 2384 Highland Avenue to Timothy Carey for $ 348,000.

Stephanie Howard sold the property at 4054 Jupiter Drive to Tiffany and Leslie Frank for $ 641,146.

Shirley Gezzala McCall sold the property on W Hardies Road to BCD Homeowners LLC for $ 10,000.

Lawrence Murray sold the property at 4890 Wickloe Drive to Ivan Euclid Borges and Magda M. Desuza Saraiva for $ 315,000.

Christina Edinger sold her property at 2925 Wildwood Road Ext. Nicholas and Giovanna Nulf for $ 280,000.

John Utz sold the property on William Flynn Highway 4485 to UPMC Senior Communities Inc. for $ 15,000.

Richard Miller Jr. sold the 4237 Woodwind Lane property to Erlene Zientaeski for $ 140,000.


David Labarge sold the property at 146 Harmony Road to Darren Goltz for $ 370,000.

Scott Sosso sold the property on Mingo Road to Garrett and Alexandria Ashbo for $ 240,000.

Mithun Shenoy sold the property at 248 Venango Trail to Pravin Chandran and Bindu Praveenchandran for $ 465,000.


Dena Saint-Clair sold the property at 225 E. Fairview Ave. to Emily Yagusic. for $ 285,000.

Mary Welch sold the Elm Street property to Brian and Carrie Moonshowers for $ 89,900.

Estate of Twila Weixel sold 9209 Glenellen Drive to Shophouse Home LLC for $ 190,000.

William Schaefer sold 601 Guenevere Drive to Tina Kirsch for $ 286,700.

The Gilbert Hackstein estate sold the property at 316 Iroquois Avenue to Clark and Pamela Wigley for $ 255,000.

Brian Mills sold the 8542 Ridgemont Road property to Lawrence and Kathleen Butterini for $ 406,000.

Anna Mae Hales sold the property at 1130 Robinson Road to Lucas and Ami Bark for $ 297,000.

Kathleen Thomas sold the property at 1100 Southvale Road to Logan Meinert for $ 230,000.

Joseph Puthoff sold 424 Stag Horn Drive to William and Jennifer Schaeffer for $ 490,000.

Christopher Boswell sold the property at 9807 Sumner Drive to Andrew and Rachel Beck for $ 1,010,000.

Anthony Sperdiute sold 10532 Timber Edge Drive to Anand Rajan and Heather Snyder for $ 325,000.

Walnut Court LLC sold the Walnut Court property to Brad Kramer for $ 424,964.


William Derich sold the property at 906 Evergreen Ave. Highland Associates LLC for $ 90,000.


Laura Edwards sold the property at 528 Camp Horne Road to 528 Camp Horne LLC for $ 237,500.

Thomas Pentland sold the Duff Road property to Duff Rd Group LLC for $ 21,000.

Thomas Pentland sold the property at 506 Duff Road to Chandler Ellisen and Dana Zinsser for $ 243,000.

John Schuchman sold the property at Gary Drive, 236 Jeffrey & Brittany Trees for $ 481,628.

Sewickley Crossings LP sold the property at 148 Melinda Court to NVR Inc. for 350,000 dollars.

Thomas Phillips’ trustee sold the property at 106 Old Glory Lane to Vincent and Joan Calomino for $ 405,000.

Infinium Investments LLC sold the 117 Woodridge Lane property to Rande and Georgia Somma for $ 193,175.


Alejandro Villanueva sold 113 Clover Lane to Adam and Sarah Frederic for $ 660,550.

Maronda Homes LLC sold the property at 124 English Farm Drive to Emil and Chayal Fernando for $ 663,549.

Maronda Homes LLC sold 127 English Farm Drive to Matthew Ryan Magyar and Michelle Elizabeth Haffner for $ 663,703.

Ryan Vodges sold the property at 5113 Karrington Drive to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for 435,057 dollars.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. sold the property at 5113 Karrington Drive to Anthony Thomas and Abby Louise Chiappelli for $ 435,057.

Norma Ford’s trustee sold the property at 150 Limerick Road to John and Charlene McGinty for $ 319,900.

William Sheeder III sold the property at 7015 Oak Park Drive to Timothy Anders and Rebecca Ferguson Quesada for $ 599,000.

Karl Lander III sold the property at 130 Oakhaven Drive to Richard Smetana and Kara Adkins for $ 652,900.

Thadd Moreland sold the property at 303 Osprey Court to Angela Addell for $ 469,000.

Angelo Spagnolo sold the property at 515 Ridge Court to George Aid for $ 1,200,000.

Ernest Blake sold the property at 241 Rosscommon Road to Ryan and Maria Earley for $ 510,000.

Brennan Road Development LLC sold property at 662 Shortline Court to Zachary and Rachel Marie Watson for $ 682,083.

Paul Mango sold the property at 116 Snowberry Lane to Michael and Catherine Rose Schroeder for $ 880,000.

Brennan Road Development LLC sold the property at 1924 Station St. Frank and Janine Panteli for $ 1,030,485.

John Drury sold the property at 506 Tree Line Drive to Jaleen Stowe for $ 514,000.

Jerry Pearson sold the Warrendale Road property to Ryan and Victoria McGinnis for $ 70,000.

Clara Fisher sold the property at 829 Whippoorwill Hill Road to Cheryl Graham for $ 270,000.

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James Roemer sold the property at 2454 Pittview Ave. Justin and Erin Zaborowski for $ 104,000.

Mia Shores sold the property at 3320 Spring Garden Road to John Jer for $ 81,000.


JKK Properties LLC sold the property at 209 Arborwood Drive to Jason and Eugenia Yish for $ 274,900.

Dominic Weber sold the property at 609 Carters Grove Drive to Sanjay and Sunita Gupta for $ 205,000.

Robert Smidl’s estate sold the property at 5356 Hardt Road to James and Julia Woodward for $ 374,525.

Emanuel Schnepp sold the property at 1001 High Meadows Drive to Thomas and Kristen Lutz for $ 391,000.

Sherlyana Helen sold the property at 704 Packsaddle Trail to Kevin Conley for $ 580,000.


Michael O’Rork sold the property at 5900 Babcock Blvd., Apt 64, Qianli Ma for $ 65,000.

Wendy Si Ng sold property at 918 Forest Ave. Craig Misevich for $ 210,000.

The Estate of William Webb sold the 122 Hillendale Road property to Premier Homes 412 LLC for $ 103,000.

Brad Bale sold the property at 231 Hillandale Road to Cody Munke for $ 291,000.

Mary Catherine Kerr sold the property at 123 Lindley Lane to Jeremy and Kelsey Stauffer for $ 285,000.

Heather McClone sold the property at 17 Pioneer Avenue to Amy Roseanne Holtgraver and Yuri Novik for $ 230,400.

William Hornfeck sold the property at 168 Ridgewood Road to Paul and Marjorie Kemmler for $ 320,000.

Eric King sold the property at Rossmore Court, 161 to Selma Volievich for $ 170,000.

Adam Kaufman sold the property at 209 Siebert Road to Christopher Sommer for $ 294,000.

Olga Shuleika sold the property at 157 Spruce Court to Thomas Dongilla for $ 195,000.

Central Penn Capital Management LLC sold the 116 Woodsdale Road property to Stephen Guadagnino III for $ 270,000.


Regina Hawranek sold the property at 238 Delaware Drive to Sonnia and Sylvia Ronquillo for $ 241,000.

Keith Gottschalk sold the property at 2816 Franklynn Drive to Brandon Lee Pringle for $ 235,000.

David Rayburn’s Trustee sold the 3103 Hemlock Drive property to Christopher W. D. and Vanessa Ann Kelly for $ 200,000.

Vanai’s trustee Tripuraneni sold the property at 823 Highland Ave. Jeremy Kukharski for $ 70,000.

Eskandar Hayatzede sold the property at 935 Saxonburg Blvd. Ryan Ponzloff for $ 129,000.

Jamie Lynn Karczewski sold the property at 3016 Vermeer Drive to Kyle Klabow and Keri May Squarla for $ 295,000.

James Mullin sold the property at 212 Westwood Ave. Matthew Cocyanou for $ 195,000.

Western view

Bernard Lavelle sold the property at 139 Brightwood Avenue to Liberty Investment Capital Inc. for $ 87,500.

James Marsh sold the property at 154 Clairmont Ave. Talopgh LLC for $ 130,000.

Five Mile Development Group sold the property at 153 Perry Highway to Craig James and Stephanie Dawn Kunkle for $ 931,500.

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