Real estate transactions in the northern regions during the week of August 29, 2021




Sky Iron Capital LLC has sold the property at 571 Forest Ave. Dream Homes LLC for $ 27,000.


Christina Wongeis sold the property at 17 Spring Street to Colin Michael and Brianna Bronnenkant for $ 151,000.

Franklin Park

Rahul Singh sold the property at 1733 Stevensan Drive to Niraj and Noopur Varshni for $ 618,665.


Monica Weidenhamer sold the property at 2183 Chardonnay Circle to Michael and Megan Korch for $ 795,000.

Trustee Jacqueline Orban sold the property at 3214 Cramlington Drive to Matthew and Keiko Victoria Romanishin for $ 351,000.

Matthew Rittl sold 4438 Laurel Oak Drive to Amanda Haig for $ 210,000.

Rosetta Ferman sold the property at 2379 Linden Drive to William Joseph Mabold and Cheyenne Rachel Elizabeth Dutette for $ 180,000.

Michael Korch sold the property at 4456 Mt. Royal Blvd. Joel and Amanda Arsen for $ 511,800.

Tristan Shareholder sold the property at 3110 Raintree Drive to Heather Lynn Sedlaco for $ 293,500.


Copper Creek Management LLC sold the property at 705 Copper Creek Lane to Vincent Trocek III and Hillary Trocek for $ 2,799,083.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 3007 Mahican Circle to Lakshmi Durga Gidivada and Subhramanya Sri Charan Nunna for $ 387,055.

Michael Brunner sold the property at 90 Warrendale Bayne Road, 258 Kappa Drive LP for $ 1,350,000.


Mark Vanella sold the 2205 Bond Street property to Brian and Jennifer King for $ 575,000.

Kathleen Linkinoggor sold the property at 406 Camelot Drive to Lauren Walter for $ 115,000.

Douglas Payne’s trustee sold the property at 1006 Covington Place to Michael and Nicole Heinz for $ 390,000.

Edward Brinkley sold the property at 8590 Harvest Manor Drive to Michael Flynn II for $ 300,300.

Ilkhom Jabbarov sold properties at 502 Olde Ingomar Court to Randy and Alza Ziegler for $ 215,000.

The Allegheny County Reconstruction Authority sold the Wittmer Road property to Richard Lipchak for $ 1,600.


Leslie Road Assoc. LLC sold the property at 139 Melinda Court to NVR Inc. for 420,000 dollars.

Asta Vaychis sold Holly Innamorato the 116 Summit Drive property for $ 325,000.


Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic LLC sold the property at 158 ​​Alder Drive to Jose and Laura Torres for $ 662,464.

Jason Grilli sold the property at 204 MacFadden Drive to Daniel Grilli for $ 1,600,000.

Pine Development Co. sold a property for 700 Mt. Pleasant Road to Stefan George and Alissa District for $ 231,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 718 Mulkerrin Court to Ramakrishna and Sandhya Mutyala for $ 734,455.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 722 Mulkerrin Court to Jared and Brittany Zambelli for $ 827,725.


Patrick Cooney’s estate sold the property at 4173 Grandview Drive to Edward Kelly for $ 263,000.

TOA Richland LLC sold property at 6022 Liberty Blvd. Jeffrey Howard and Jocelyn Moore Thompson for $ 444,708.


Feiger Family Properties LLC has sold the property at 2134 Babcock Blvd. at Rockstar Real Estate LLC for $ 662,500.

Madison Rock 2 LLC has sold the property at 3344 Babcock Blvd. at 2775 Union Road LLC for $ 450,000.

The Estate of Paul Balouris sold the property at 156 Connie Drive to Brian and Tiffany Gilbert for $ 225,000.

Austin Andrew LeBeau sold the 125 Curtis Court property to Eric Chuang and Eden Shepherd for $ 321,250.

Atif Roof Abbas sold the property at 511 Dogwood Court to Christopher Jordan and Nancy Shook for $ 201,000.

Jason Bibza sold the property at 108 Mary Street to Austin Horner and Haley Hickman for $ 195,000.

David Johnson sold the 322 Schlag Court property to John and Megan Baker for $ 725,000.

Dennis Lee sold 551 Thompson Run Road to Unity Properties LLC for $ 98,000.


William Thompson sold the property at 1568 Anderson Road to Douglas Placo for $ 257,000.

James Fisherkeller sold the property at 2517 Autumnwood Drive to William and Lauren DePas for $ 289,000.

The Allegheny County Reconstruction Authority sold the E Elfinwild Road property to James and Elaine Roberts for $ 1,100.

Tiffany Hubai sold the property at 1222 E Elfinwild Road to Matthew Rittl and Colette Eile for $ 399,999.

Charles Mittenberger Jr.’s estate sold the property at 210 Elfinwild Lane to Michael Kearney and Maria Salome Mejia Gomez for $ 180,000.

114 Morewood LLC sold 114 Morewood Road to Christian and Lauren Stone for $ 262,000.

Kevin Rig sold the property at 800 Wible Run Road to Rebecca Rothaar for $ 235,000.

Western view

Charles Prenn sold the property at 53 Bellevue Ave. WAP Properties LLC for $ 70,000.

Eric Mastriano sold Nicole Alexandrovich the property at 215 Bronze Avenue for $ 215,000.

Gary Glassbrenner sold the property at 10 Oakley Avenue to Jacob Puckett and Julianne Marie Maranovski for $ 283,000.

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