Real estate transactions in the northern regions during the week of August 22, 2021




Tyler Grant Smith sold the Lincoln Avenue 100 property to Christopher Ryan and Sarah Ann Ruyer for $ 291,000.

Stephen Scolaro sold the property at 524 Madison Avenue to Robert and Shana Abramovich for $ 121,900.

Ryan Adam Buchanan sold the property at 652 North Ave. Ernestine Gross and Nicole Gee for $ 276,000.

Haven Home Builders LLC has sold the property at 730 Orchard Ave. Christian Anthony Nardozzi and Maria Christine Tarbell for $ 270,000.

David Jackson sold 135 S Fremont Ave. Otis Meeks Jr and Deborah Meeks for $ 356,000.


Christina Joan Ramsey sold the property at 222 Butler Street to Nelcon Holdings LLC for $ 20,000.

Shuangqi Zheng sold the property at 31 Elm Lane to Sobryan and Jaime André Delamo for $ 33,000.

Brandon Bauer sold the property at 77 Locust St. Brian Eaton and Stephanie Seli for $ 155,000.

Jeremy Kuharsky sold the property at 113 Morlock Street to Brandon and Sarah Bauer for $ 260,000.

Mario Pallombo sold the property at 26 Auckland Street to Victor Brodzik and Rebecca Ann Nelson Talis for $ 252,000.

Franklin Park

The Donald Stratton estate sold the property at 2532 Cole Road to Brandon Montik for $ 259,100.

David Freelander sold the property at 2600 Lorrick Lane to Matthew Dillon and Patricia Lynn Holland for $ 362,000.

William Jacke sold the property at 2515 Matterhorn Drive to Christopher and Melissa Lucci for $ 600,000.

Thomas Zabelski sold the property at 2427 Nicholson Road to Nathan Graham and Emily Barnard for $ 283,000.

Gary Sefchik sold the property at 1618 Oakleaf Lane to Ying Cha and Johan Wang for $ 560,000.

Julia Domnina sold the property at Royal Oak Drive, 1621 Gaofeng and Xiulin Lin for $ 625,000.

SIRVA Relocation Cr LLC sold the 1705 S Hawthorn Court property to Quingyong Xu for $ 641,000.

Meisheng Chen sold the property at 2515 Wexford Bayne Road to Thompson Harkins and Brittany Reinhart for $ 210,000.


Jill Smith sold the property at 2890 Clearview Road to Michael and Elizabeth Collura for $ 495,000.

Shane Eric Russell sold the property at 2318 Ferguson Road to Carlos Emilio Campos for $ 199,653.

John Lekas ​​sold the property at 5176 Hampton Place Drive to Angus Wells and Gina Poerio Anderson for $ 645,000.

Douglas Zalewski sold the property at 2997 Spruce Lane to Amanda Clarke for $ 350,000.

Erin Rozicka sold 4902 Wickloe Drive to Franco Tony Rusano and Vicky Bach for $ 314,000.


Simon Arias III sold the property at 709 Copper Creek Lane to Jonathan and Julia Moritz for $ 450,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 3003 Mahican Circle to Fangming Duan and Qin Fang for $ 388,520.

Estate of Todd Ulicny sold 210 Rolling Hills Drive to Justin Folz for $ 430,000.


Omar Sultan sold the 885 Beacon Lane property to John and Barbara Bevakwam for $ 372,500.

The James Gordon estate sold the property at 10088 Grubbs Road to Marissa Feste for $ 400,000.

Ahmad Jarif Mdazmi sold the property on Guyton Road, 1784 to Jose Hernandez Pineda and Adriana Estrada Bernal for $ 299,500.

Francis Limbacher sold the property at 8183 Marquis Drive to Konguvel Chandran and Anitakumari Kuppus for $ 370,000.

Brian Capellupo sold the property at 8157 Roosevelt Blvd. Kerry Bachner for $ 370,000.

Kevin Brian Orlosky sold the property at 834 Rosalind Road to Joel and Joan Riley for $ 248,000.

Michael Shane Stevenson sold the property at 8657 Wittmer Road to Sabrina Morningstar for $ 157,000.


Daniel Geyer sold the 7 John Street property to Citylife North LLC for $ 105,000.

Jeffrey Anesin sold the property at 146 Lincoln Ave. 412 Holdings LLC for $ 48,000.

Michael Evans sold the property at 521 North Ave. Jacqueline Michalik for $ 40,000.


Michael Innamorato sold the property at 248 Cobblestone Drive to Asma and Abdelkarim Badri for $ 469,900.

Marco Contractors Inc. sold the property at 746 Crawford Road to Timothy Mooney and Jackie Horn for $ 303,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at Dana Drive, 156 Solemanul Hak and Kara Dragon for $ 350,125.

Jennifer Farrar sold the property at 123 Kensington Drive to Michael Innamorato for $ 305,000.

Arthur Robb Jr. sold the property at 113 Old Glory Lane to Anthony and Christine Colecchia for $ 418,000.


CG Master GP LLC sold the property at an unknown address to NVR Inc. for $ 362,400.

Maronda Homes LLC sold the property at 128 English Farm Drive to Lawrence Dale and Ashley Lynn Karcher for $ 713,083.

Darin Goltz sold the property at 4103 Fairway Drive to Michael and Daniela Knight for $ 770,000.

Richard Zawada sold the 400 Loblolly Drive property to Christopher and Jamie Dibartolomeo for $ 560,000.

Pine Development Co. sold the property at 715 Mulkerrin Court to NVR Inc. for $ 180,000.

NVR Inc. sold properties at 719 Mulkerrin Court to Ammad Amjad and Farah Ammad for $ 677,815.

William Raeder sold the property at 7013 Oak Park Drive to Samuel and Huong Tram Duran for $ 633,500.

RonCin LLC sold 491 Wexford Bayne Road to John Rowland and Olivia Harris for $ 185,000.

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Eric Lasky sold the 21 Charlemma Court property to Vincent Robert and Marigold Emily Gallo for $ 253,000.

Mark Schaupp sold the 113 Maplewood Road property to David Bierem and Melissa Fiore for $ 212,000.

Terrence Liam McKegan sold the property at 2100 Overhill St. Dassia Petranova and Luke Ward for $ 209,900.

Estate of John Mergen has sold the property at 2311 Pittview Ave. David and Pamela Bari for $ 65,000.


TOA Richland LLC sold the property at 305 American Way to David Hal and Joyce Ann Hall for $ 435,867.

TOA Richland LLC sold the property at 306 American Way to Joseph and Sabrina Dipaskual for $ 494,028.

Shobbit Madan sold the 115 Bellefield Court property to William Saunders III and Amy Lenart for $ 249,999.

Christopher Jackson sold the property at 1073 High Meadows Drive to Matthew Quigley and Hayley Stettner for $ 406,400.

TOA Richland LLC sold property at 6012 Liberty Blvd. Douglas and Veronica Eckerot for $ 525,808.

Yeswin Parmar sold the 721 Packsaddle Trail property to Sahiti Achuthe and Vinodhu Kumar Bad for $ 440,000.


Jeffrey Sokolovski sold the property at 314 Aprilmae Way to Joseph Sergeant and Eliza Tomashevsky for $ 342,100.

Trustee Chris Castagnari sold the property at 2125 Babcock Blvd. Tombri Group LLC for $ 541,500.

Aldo Divecchio sold the property at 45 E Forest Ave. Olivia Divecchio for $ 168,000.

Blair Dunkel sold the property at 183 Gass Road to David Alspo for $ 247,000.

Jameson Kaupp sold the property at 212 Henderson Road to Kenneth Hughes for $ 290,000.

Heather Immekus sold 130 Heatherton Drive to Jeffrey Harry Civic for $ 405,000.

David Isakko sold the property at 242 Kinvara Drive to David Isakko and Rachel Cohen for $ 300,000.

John Goldie sold the property on Lowris Run Road to Mark Donaldson for $ 80,000.

Nancy McCoy sold the 150 White Oak Drive property to James Dixon Lemari for $ 403,000.

Jeffrey Alko sold the property at 241 Wilson Avenue to Uyatt Gasparick and Melissa Opina for $ 296,250.

Brian Erwin sold the 86 York Drive property to Joshua and Shelby Peterson for $ 276,000.


Richard Mayleski Jr. sold the property at 134 Crestwood Drive to Fadil Krasniki for $ 200,150.

Robert Burgunder sold the property at 925 Wible Run Road to Janice Bogatay for $ 160,000.

Robert Wagner Sr. sold the property at 1490 Wood Ave. Michael and Michelle Walsh for $ 235,000.

Western view

The Estate of Walter Lang sold the 89 Bronx Avenue property to Daniel and Elizabeth Garcia for $ 298,500.

Julian Belsh sold the property at 238 Frankfurt Avenue to Ivan and Nicole Blinov for $ 147,870.

The James Grosjean estate sold the property at 86 Georgetown Avenue to Catherine Winghart for $ 80,000.

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