Real estate transactions in the Hampton area in the week of July 18, 2021



Melinda McEneny sold the property at 5062 Apple Ridge Drive to Nicholas Means and Kathleen Murzinski for $ 357,000.

Edward Orringer sold the property at 3132 Camberley Drive to Dawei Li and Hong Wang for $ 147,000.

John Fedak sold the property at 3167 Cheltenham Court to Marco Zenom for $ 132,900.

NVR Inc. sold the 5200 Hampton Place Drive property to David and Carrie Linz for $ 565,580.

Richard Wattenpool sold the property at 5061 Hardt Road to Eric Morris II and Carly Morris for $ 193,000.

Matthew Maguire sold 4344 Hemlock Circle to Jonathan Gaidos for $ 168,000.

Bernard Dougherty sold 4474 McCaslin Ridge Drive to Kevin Goldstein and Christina Dougherty for $ 600,000.

Christine Young sold the property at 3077 Mcneal Road to Thomas Baker and Christelle Steel for $ 395,000.

Kevin Goldstein sold the 3837 Oakbrook Court property to Adam Coburn and Suzanne Paton for $ 615,000.

James Cline sold the property at 4357 Rosanna Drive to David Horning Jr. and Mary Horning for $ 330,000.

Mark Pregmon sold 4801 Stonebridge Drive to Cartus Corp. for $ 865,000.


Nicholas Woodruff sold the property at 461 Almar Drive to Robert Parks and Caitlin Bossian for $ 258,700.

Jack Marco sold 8733 Breezewood Drive to Kevin and Dina Lubbert for $ 245,000.

Elliot Smith sold the property at 1405 Brilikim Drive to Kevin Ordons and Brianna Thompson for $ 420,000.

Timothy Roach sold the 8092 Dormar Court property to Matthew and Samantha Maguire for $ 382,000.

Jason Blake sold the property at 231 Edelweiss Drive, Seunghoon Chow and Wonsun Young for $ 946,500.

Bernard Roskov sold the property at 434 Emerald Drive to Cynthia Marie Stetzer for $ 199,000.

Kenneth Duchy sold the 1765 Guyton Road property to Christopher Mastramiko and Tara Sides for $ 327,000.

Gregory Foote sold 108 Inverness Drive to Zachary Potz for $ 170,000.

Kenneth Cheng sold the 1932 Lake Marshall Drive property to Matthew and Lauren Rizzutto for $ 429,900.

Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC sold the property at 9553 Old Perry Highway to J&N Development LLC for $ 133,500.

John Brossius sold the property at 32 Oxford Court to Lawrence and Katie Long for $ 203,000.

Francisco Benavides sold the property at 9330 Peebles Road to National Residential Nominee Services In for $ 485,000.

National Residential Nominee Services In is sold at 9330 Peebles Road to Jesse Sadler McKehan ​​IV and Valerie Nicole McKehan ​​for $ 485,000.

Michael Metzger sold the property at 517 Perrymont Road to Andrew Yakonis for $ 287,500.

Kimberly Ann Schneider sold the property at 440 Pine Creek Road to Cody and Kristen Whipkeys for $ 273,000.

Rebecca Stambah sold the property at 312 Sunset Road to Michael J. Drauch’s Special Needs Trust for $ 250,000.

Christian Anderton sold the property at 9326 Tanbark Drive to Jeremy Keynes and Emily McElroy for $ 350,000.

James Kenna sold the 9357 Timber Trl property to Nicholas and Alexis Marina Vozza for $ 390,000.

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