Real estate transactions in the Hampton area during the week of June 6, 2021




Kyle Shaffer sold 2803 Drake Court to Heidi Weinman for $ 210,000.

Josh Suto sold the property at 2695 Ginger Lane to Devin Taylor for $ 129,000.

Morris Gardner sold the property at 3018 Hartswood Drive to Nicholas Anthony and Angela Francis Monzo for $ 400,000.

Nicholas Bogach sold the property at 2818 Indian Springs Lane to Robert and Laurel Gift for $ 535,000.

Kevin Hale sold the property at 5175 Lakeview Drive to Brian Bitner and Lauren Yoder for $ 545,000.

Kenneth Young, Jr. sold the property at 4166 Mt. Royal Blvd. Brett Pallas Jr. for $ 140,000.

Charles Claudon sold the property at 3156 Sundance Court to Eric Sigmund for $ 365,000.

Jacob Michael Goetz sold the property at 2713 Wickline Road to Jacob Michael and Michelle Goetz for $ 71,934.

Thomas Fourge Jr. sold the Wildwood Sample Road property to Jorden Bernhardt and Lauren Elizabeth Lamperski for $ 35,000.


Rocco Conti sold the 8007 Broadlawn Drive property to Christopher and Monica McConnell for $ 322,000.

Vandergrift Capital LLC sold the property at 595 Calais Drive 315 to Carnegie Holdings LLC for $ 68,904.

Joseph Wirth sold the property at 604 Calais Drive, Unit 1111 to Leonard and Margaret Hannon for $ 110,000.

Caroline Dirksen sold the property at 702 Camelot Drive to Joyce Sherder for $ 143,950.

Trustee Janet Rose May sold the Highland Road property to Stephen and Whitney Gates for $ 130,000.

Ralph Sterling’s Ziegler estate sold the property at 2071 Menold Drive to William Edward Weigand Jr. and Kathleen Weigand for $ 305,000.

Manager Charles Voss Trefs sold the property at 2089 Menold Drive to John and Christina Beecham for $ 175,000.

Nicholas Mora sold the property at 10086 Oakridge Drive to Richard Timmer and Rachel Clayton for $ 429,500.

Amy Beach sold the property at 37 Oxford Court to Amy Adams for $ 165,000.

Joseph Dipaskuale sold the property at 9992 Parkland Drive to the edited property for $ 565,000.

Michael Gorski sold the property at 9457 Peebles Road to Rebecca Donatelli for $ 245,000.

Michael Dazen sold the property at 10396-1040 Perry Highway to Techec Enterprises LLC for $ 1,200,000.

Christopher Ruggeri sold the property at 8381 Post Road to Christopher and Jill Lucas for $ 357,500.

John Connetty sold the property at 8316 Reagan Drive to Melanie Babcock for $ 405,500.

Leslie Ann Raymore Watson sold the property on Redcoach Road, 1933, to Kevin and Amanda Butler for $ 375,500.

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