Real estate transactions in the Hampton area during the week of June 27, 2021




Daniel Anderson sold the property at an unknown address to Jacob Michael Goetz for $ 179,000.

Adam Cozzens sold the property at 2960 Cross Creek Court to Diem Nguyen and Jordan Brennan for $ 470,000.

Robert Ray sold the property at 4684 Greenwood Drive to Domenic and Caraline Falchettoni for $ 380,000.

Michelle Sinagra sold her property at 4850 Oakhurst Ave. Ryan and Courtney Milsteads for $ 435,000.

Lawrence Newman sold the S Pioneer Road property to Jesse Abel and Leza Benacquisto for $ 25,000.

Lawrence Newman sold the property at 5018 S Pioneer Road to Jesse Abel and Lese Benacquisto for $ 167,895.

The Estate of Kenneth Wilson sold the property at 3030 Sturbridge Court to Mark Dandin and Anna Nikolenko for $ 430,000.

Daniel Wagner sold the property at 2520 Wildwood Road to Damon Mark Rauso and Maureen Bridget McDonough for $ 169,900.


Joan Schaefer sold the property on Balmoral Drive 925 to Kyle Boronki for $ 270,000.

David Beard Jr. sold the 8987 Eastview Drive property to Marcus Springer and Kimberly Jean Medina for $ 213,000.

Paul Petersen sold the property at 1140 Hazlett Road to Jessica Huber for $ 240,000.

Albert Smith sold the property at 9307 Highland Road to Brian Eckert for $ 175,000.

Deborah Loffredi sold the property at 128 Kaylor Road to Matthew Tunges for $ 190,000.

Jaime Lynn Chesney sold the property at 9458 Meadow Road to Scott and Deborah Metzger for $ 268,000.

Dylan Beck sold the 201 Mohican Avenue property to Timothy Matthews and Nicole Ross for $ 241,000.

Frances Waller sold 720 Perrymont Road to SPC Realty Co. for $ 228,600.

Jacqueline Andraco sold the property at 216-220 Pine Creek Road to Adam and Susie Butler for $ 669,000.

Catherine Rolich sold the property at 9328 Springfield Drive to Shophouse Home LLC for $ 260,000.

Dennis Lane sold the property at 10281 Twin Hill Road Ext. Jane Wetzel for $ 439,000.

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