Real estate transactions in the Eastern Zone in the week from July 4, 2021



Frances Labella sold the property at 2098 Garrick Drive to Aaron Hutton and Erin Nee for $ 220,000.


Jane Piper sold the property at 251 Aurora Street to John and Alice Schneider for $ 188,500.

The Estate of Garin Vesely sold the property at 13 Faith Drive to Carol Fulton for $ 415,000.

Gerald Remaley sold the 139 Stotler Drive property to Jedidia Smarre and Madison Zaccagnini for $ 205,000.


George MacDonald Estate sold the property at 307 Dewey Ave. George MacDonald for $ 180,000.

Jonathan Collins sold the property at 120 Harlow St. Zachary Palmer and Stephanie Walker for $ 267,000.

Forest hills

Josua Shai Rosenzwig sold the property at 545 Filmore Road to Caleb Gilbride and John Wallace III for $ 185,000.

Estate of John Collins Jr. sold the property at 145 Legrande Drive to Patrick Bresnahan Jr. and Emily Nordqvist for $ 176,200.


Justin Nicholas sold the property at 622 Sandy Hill Road to Michael Zola and Heather Bell for $ 219,000.


NVR Inc. sold property at 115 Armor Drive to Homer Walton for $ 359,585.

Sandra Shearer sold the 432 Blackberry Drive property to Thomas Bing Jr. and Sharon Louise Bing for $ 180,000.

Robert Amore sold the property at 4130 Monroeville Blvd. VK Cox Holdings LLC for $ 445,000.

Robert Pessamato sold the property at 115 Penn Lear Drive to Saleh Husin for $ 234,900.

Jeremy Smeltz sold the 308 Poplar Street property to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 55,000.

Maplecrest LLC has sold the property at 207 Sarazen Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 83,300.


Thomas Earhart sold the property at 3160 Bareberry Court to Kishore Chekur for $ 470,000.

Randall Arnold sold the property at 6100 Eagles Lane to Michael and Jenna Latom for $ 475,000.

Ronald Fleck Jr. sold the 5584 Field Stream Drive property to David and Joy Laurech for $ 465,000.

RA Snoznik Construction Inc. sold the 5517 Fontana Court property to Michael Kearney Jr. and Alice Kearney for $ 696,624.

Pat DeCesare Inc. sold property at 3304 Gina Lynne Court to Corey Mitchell for $ 950,000.

David Lavrich sold the property at 3904 Glenshire Court to Stephen and Sarah Wasilovski for $ 358,000.

Elaine Lewis sold 3307 Hermar Court to Verum Holdings LLC for $ 100,000.

Michael Lee Wolinsky sold 6407 Lindsey Lane to Brent Kennedy and Stephanie Lednack for $ 251,000.

Debra Utterbeck sold the property at 3429 Logan Ferry Road to Kimberly Zombek for $ 155,000.

Estate of Elizabeth McDonough sold 3505 Mayer Drive to Larry Sifas and Ali Craig Wedding for $ 280,000.

George McGurk Jr. sold the 5211 Sardis Road property to Arthur and Sarah Danny for $ 61,000.

JV10 LLC sold the property at 4051 Sinan Farm Drive to Rohit Jadia and Kalpne Tinguria for $ 175,900.

Patrisa Corp. sold the Trafford Road property to Raymond and Laurie Wisniewski for $ 175,000.

North Huntingdon

Irwin Hotel Assoc. LP sold the Country Club Road property to Legacy Place LLC for $ 545,000.

Sangill Properties LLC sold the property at 9988 Deerfield Drive to Charles and Sandra Braille for $ 189,900.

Huntingdon Development Inc. sold 495 Forest Oaks Trl to Robert and Bethany Ann Peters for $ 55,000.

F&H Property Development LLC sold 7899 Isabella Drive to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 75,000.

Matthew Makurak sold the property at 9844 Mark Ave. Corbin and Lacode Darling for 192 thousand dollars.

William Kranitz sold the Meadow Road property to Nathan and Jessica Alberts for $ 28,000.

Mark Magyar sold the property at 10951 Old Trail Road to Celeste Marie Gesler for $ 138,000.

James Thornblom sold the 11760 Route 993 property to Brennan Laird for $ 120,000.

Jonna Rae Zurich Slate sold the property at 510 S Buttermilk Hollow Road to Jeremy Berson for $ 140,000.

RWS Development RC LTD sold the property at 1186 Weber Court to Michael Cagney for $ 85,000.


James Desort sold the property at 643 Fifth Street to Timothy and Karen Desort for $ 54,500.

Penn hills

James Trift sold the property at Anthon Drive, 203 to Takieya Binion for $ 124,000.

Daniel Klink sold the 117 Crescent Hills Road property to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 112,000.

Thomas Bergamsko sold the property at 119 Crescent Hills Road to Vincent Williams for $ 145,000.

Tony Pacheco sold the property at 221 Crescent Pines Drive to Russell and Lauren Gibbons for $ 184,400.

Michael Sargo sold 376 Cypress Hill Drive to Troy Anderson for $ 109,800.

Arthur Gionta sold 6711 E Barivista Drive to Adrian Galindes and Mario Mabale for $ 132,000.

The estate of Nicholas Petrucci sold the property on Frankstown Road and others for $ 4,000.

Frank Crammer III sold the property at 731 Hamill Road to Fifth Avenue Property Group LLC for $ 32,750.

Michael Anthony sold the property at 614 Homewood Drive to Al Manzil Realty LLC for $ 50,000.

Alan Robert Rank sold the property at 158 ​​Kiefer Drive to MM Capital Group LLC for $ 58,000.

Donald Miller sold the 123 MacFarlane Drive property to MS Holdings 201 LLC for $ 65,000.

John McCallion sold 135 McFarlane Drive to Kyle Mukroski and Marissa Miller for $ 97,250.

Lamar Woods sold the property at 340 Maroz Drive to Chantelle Gadger for $ 113,000.

Thomas Bellotti sold the property at 627 Rodi Road to Malcolm Snyder for $ 61,000.

Michelle Jimenez sold the property on 1810 Runnett Street to Dayla Drewery for $ 155,000.

Michael Mercurio sold the property at 7125 Shannon Road to Zachary and Kelly Braden for $ 203,000.

Curt Michael Zitelli sold the property at 345 Shenandoah Drive to Jalone McCamey for $ 120,000.

Mark Krech sold the property at 106 Valeview Drive to CM Holdings 201 LLC for $ 90,500.

Jospech Roches, Jr. sold the property at 7 Wexford Lane to Community Options Inc. for 480,000 dollars.

And Yao sold the property at 402 Wilson Drive to Joshua Starr for $ 121,000.

Harry Bechman III sold the 1749 Yorktown Place property to Kevin James Breon for $ 225,000.

Penn township

Edward Schmidt sold the property at an undisclosed address to Gary and Elaine Opferman for $ 78,900.

Carter Windham sold the property at 32 Aspen Drive to Jonathan and Amy Greenwall for $ 252,000.

NVR Inc. sold real estate at 8001 Augusta Lane to Anvar Karabekov and Nargiza Gorabekova for $ 345,350.

Margaret Horvath sold the 100 Clearview Court property to Jason Switch for $ 289,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1030 Country Club Drive to Justin and Maria Brooks for $ 591,815.

George Maines sold the property at David Lane 1004 to Ronald and Katie Wall for $ 150,000.

Ernest Diemert Jr. sold the property at 125 Flour Bag Fort Lane to Jason and Kristen Alexander for $ 250,000.

Joshua Atkins sold the property at 8 Janette Circle to Matthew Lockmer for $ 232,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1055 Moria Court to Harry and Darlene Wareham for $ 293,270.

NVR sold the property at 1057 Moria Court to Leslie Ellen Sachs for $ 295,955.

Mildred Barton sold the property at 1125 Paintertown Road to Nikko and Rachel Laquatra for $ 135,000.

Daniel Euler sold the property at 723 State Route 130 to Catherine Ann Frame for $ 145,250.

Family Leichardt Partner. sold property on Sandy Hill Road to PT Commercial Court LLC for $ 500,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1081 Wedgewood Drive to Gregory and Heather Utzig for $ 443,240.


Kevin Dick sold the property at 543 Second St. HQO Holdings LLC for $ 25,000.


Blanche Fedel sold the property at an undisclosed address to Steven Simpson and Kira Rogers for $ 250,000.

Zokaites Contracting Inc. sold the property at an unknown address to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 66,500.

Brandon Allen sold the property at 617 Glengarry Court to Mark Gaynord Jr. and Jeffrey Davis for $ 289,900.

Eileen Trimble sold the property at 141 Holiday Park Drive to Brad and Kayleigh Coglio for $ 149,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold the property at 212 Olivia Drive to proxy Craig Haskins for $ 289,900.

Harold Wester’s estate sold the property at 726 Pine Valley Drive to Anthony Silvio for $ 50,000.

Randall Beltz sold the property at 691 Presque Isle Drive to Justin and Mackenzie Weber for $ 180,000.

Jonathan Cammuso sold the 573 Rainier Drive property to Jacob Baranowski and Leslie Kovacs for $ 225,000.


Raymond Crothers sold the property at 603 Seventh St. OHL Holdings LLC for $ 72,000.

Emma Bourdon’s trustee sold the property at 10 Forbes Road to Jesse Allen Dapre III and Samantha Santucci for $ 145,000.

Entech Bradford Square LLC sold the property at 229 Ridgecrest Court to Maronda Homes LLC for $ 76,000.


Steve Mikus sold the property at 200 W Railroad Ave. JR PA 2021 Rental 1 LLC for $ 55,000.


Mark McKelvey sold the property at 935 Elizabeth St. Melvin Green for $ 127,000.

Estate of Emma Varner sold the 356 Frazier Drive property to Black Market Interiors LLC for $ 105,000.

Dollar Bank FSB sold the property at 148 Gilmore Drive to VB One LLC for $ 84,150.

Robert Murphy sold the property at 213 Harwick Drive to Mario and Gina Depascwale for $ 335,000.

Carroll Greaser has sold her property at 1013 Larimer Ave. Matthew Martin and Casey Watson for $ 39,000.

Sheila Visco sold her property at 605 Mcmasters Ave. Yurri Lewis for $ 55,000.


John Sembauer sold the property at 610 Center St. Tiffany McBride for $ 109,750.

Bruce Irish sold the property at 2055 Chalfant St. Carmen McKenzie for $ 69,900.

George Wright’s estate sold the 1568 Fairmont Street property to Margaret Lips for $ 80,000.

Yong Wan sold the property at 413 Franklin Ave. Semi Velle for $ 149,000.

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