Real estate transactions in the eastern regions for the week of August 29, 2021




Mark Sauter sold the property at 328 Elizabeth Avenue to Lauren Elizabeth Sivak for $ 158,500.


Keith Carlson sold the property at 1913 Beulah Road to Carella Elizabeth West for $ 167,000.


Roger Coleman sold the property at 127 Stotler Drive to Jeffrey Long for $ 110,000.

Forest hills

Jeffrey Sikirika sold the property at 1910 Ardmore Blvd. Fifth Avenue Property Group LLC for $ 69,000.

Fifth Ave Property Group LLC has sold the property at 1910 Ardmore Blvd. Jonathan Birabaharan for $ 110,000.

Donald Branzel sold the property at 100 Forest Glen Drive to Darryl Hockett for $ 163,000.


George Hannah sold the property at 10 Second Street to Don Lynn for $ 40,000.


NVR Inc. sold property at 116 Armor Drive to Sherry Josephs for $ 354,210.

Dakota Davidson sold the 114 Brinton Street property to Joshua Lucas and John Gilbert Jr. for $ 157,500.

Donald Winky sold 4420 Gateway Drive to Derrick Knowlin and Debra Holtz for $ 269,900.

William Truschel sold the property at 612 Greenleaf Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $ 37,000.

CellServ Communications Inc. sold property at 2501 Mosside Blvd. MSP Properties Of Pennsylvania LP for $ 365,000.

TRI COG Land Bank sold property at 220 Poplar St. Bianca and Sabrina Lilly for $ 26,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 208 Sarazen Drive to Ayappe Swami and Bhavani Rajeshwari Polireddi for $ 346,990.


Joy Peluso sold 35 Buena Vista Drive to Neil and Bethany Sinclair for $ 253,000.

Trustee Janice Rannov sold the 3535 Mayer Drive property to Timothy and Cindy Farley for $ 285,000.

Boyce Gitzen Jr. sold the property at 6273-6275 Old William Penn Highway to Joshua and Amber Folman for $ 132,000.

John Tollari sold the 4027 Pin Oak Court property to Brett and Samantha Lydaker for $ 470,000.

Robert Rabe sold the property at 3904 Princess Court to Susan Rabe for $ 158,500.

Marcella Leftwich sold the property at 235 Rainprint Lane to Aman Rator for $ 150,000.

SASI LLC sold the 3512 Regent Court property to Michael Kay for $ 195,000.

James Andrew McDaniel sold 3108 Treeline Drive to Anthony Louis Morocco III and Jamie Viviane Morocco for $ 625,000.

Chris Sotak sold 5618 William Penn Highway to Reeping Real Estate LLC for $ 125,000.

Anthony Greco sold the property at 3170 Windgate Drive to Alexander and Lindsay Royal for $ 380,000.

North Huntingdon

Donato Pascarelli sold the property at an unknown address to NVR Inc. for $ 90,000.

Donato Pascarelli sold the property at an unknown address to NVR Inc. for $ 90,000.

Isaac Maas sold the property at 8880 Broadway Street to Jeremy and Stacy Condrich for $ 175,000.

Trustee Kara Halloran sold the 12486 Carmichael Circle property to Jason Slater and Charles Stobe Jr. for $ 700,000.

Paul Brooks sold the 1768 Diane Merle Drive property to Matthew Bell for $ 251,000.

David Lassley sold the property at 10031 Edgewood Court to Mark and Ashley Vitselli for $ 500,000.

Michael McGrail Jr. sold the property at 884 Five Pines Road to William and Darlene Leader for $ 11,948.

William Kubarney et al sold the 10841 Kerin Drive property to Austin Alfer for $ 167,400.

Joseph Hershberger sold the property at 9820 McClellan St. Michael and Rachel Lilly for $ 116,600.

Douglas Alan Leaper sold the property at 470 Meadow Road to Joshua Newmeyer for $ 220,000.

Jeffrey Campston sold the 481 Mercer Drive property to Adam Michael and Nicole Lynn Stahl for $ 235,000.

Gregory Freudhof sold the property at 951 Morris St. Derek and Amy Gongaware for $ 65,000.

Victor Steban sold the property at 110 N Thompson Lane to Realty Aspect Group LLC for $ 20,000.

Donato Pascarelli sold the 7858 Oscar Court property to John Gary Ed III and Diana Ed for $ 737,678.

Ryan Fonzi sold the property at 14363 Overholt Drive to Jacob Pozzuto for $ 198,000.

Red Tree Management Inc. sold the property on Parker Drive to Hello World Properties Inc. for $ 112,500.

Mattcon Industries Inc. sold the property at 1181 Richard Road to Nathan Kremer and Natalie Skibe for $ 220,000.

Estate of Raymond Eichelberger sold the property at 2293 Walter St. Brandy Mowry for $ 235,000.


Carol Sprague sold the property at 416 Isabella St., Unit 103 to Paul Calabrese for $ 71,000.

Penn hills

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB sold the Highland Road 325 property to Belaouni Homes LLC for $ 65,000.

David Reklitis sold the property at 1100 Lomond Drive to Martha Rainville and Michelle Wilkie for $ 175,000.

Dabco Property 1 LP sold 5813 Madison Drive to VB One LLC for $ 93,000.

Richard Smith sold the property at 106 Orin Street to William Rosairo and Brynnayse Young for $ 140,000.

Thomas Hordubey sold 123 Shannon Heights Drive to Zachary Murray for $ 165,000.

Michelle Milletary sold the property at 162 Shenandoah Drive to Austin Lucier for $ 108,000.

Jonathan Potts sold 6745 Verona St. Tyler Nelson for $ 120,000.

Joseph Mercurio sold the property at 5548 Ziegler Ave. John Peter Zenger and Megan Kennedy for $ 216,000.

Penn township

White House Development LLC sold the 35 Avenue Martha property to Megan Cusack and Nicholas Vasili for $ 310,000.

The Irwin Uherek estate sold the property at 770 Meadowbrook Road to Gregory Uherek for $ 183,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1066 Moria Court to George and Ruth Brem for $ 310,650.

NVR sold the property at 1066 Moria Court to Donald and Rose Mary Prosser for $ 291,685.

C Horse Farms Inc. sold the property at 385 Richmond Street to Christine Guthrie for $ 495,000.

NVR Inc. sold property on S. School Road to Jocelyn Dominic for $ 274,100.

Robert DeMarkey sold the property at 3461 State Route 130 to Chelsea Gernhardt for $ 232,500.


Lisa Wise sold 4973 Havana Drive to Gary Lee Hill III for $ 180,000.

James Miller sold the 1107 O’Block Road property to David Michael and Darby Michael Losey for $ 255,000.

RIMCO Properties Inc. sold the property on Old Frankstown Road to Mango Tree LLC for $ 65,000.

Daniel Maltese sold the property at 156 Paree Drive to Peter Maltese Jr. and Nancy Maltese for $ 150,000.

Feiger Family Properties LLC sold the property at 120 Sagamore Hill Road to Rockstar Real Estate LLC for $ 1,840,000.


Peki Havili sold property at 7523 Dickson St. Tuff Capital Invests LLC for $ 60,000.

Shannon Wofford sold 7815 Union Ave. Mitchel Refosco for $ 112,000.


Jesse Eberhart sold the property at 217 E Fairmont Ave. Servings of Paige for $ 159,000.

Gregory Keefer sold his property at 302 Edgewood Ave. Angela Maldonado for $ 139,900.

Urban Properties sold the Forbes Road 1-3 property to Parkside Plaza LLC for $ 1,070,000.

Joseph Yakubisin sold the Sycamore Street property to Bradley Garron for $ 3,500.

Turtle creek

Cole Hill Partner. The LLC sold the property at 539 Larimer Avenue to TNA Investments LLC for $ 35,000.


Frederic Tuyel sold the property at 302 Dunbar Drive to Paul Anthony Stellitano Jr. and Cecilia Marie Herbig for $ 155,500.

Saverio Serra sold the property at 139 Gilmore Drive to David and Caroline Hampson for $ 145,000.

The Estate of Melvin Homes sold 124 Powell Street properties to David and Mary Jo Caparose for $ 18,000.

Welton Kenny sold the 517 Washington Street property to Fortunae LLC for $ 29,000.


Carmen Delgrosso Jr. sold her property at 2652 Graham Blvd. Heyday Development LLC for $ 134,000.

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