Real estate transactions in the eastern regions for the week from June 27, 2021




Gregory Felmley sold the Rossmore Street, 139 property to Arthur Ryden and Sandra Hall for $ 75,000.


Harry Baxter Jr. sold the property at 1931 Hampstead Drive to Donald Robinson and Dean Jones for $ 231,500.

JPV Holdings LLC sold the property at 2310 Marbury Road to Corey Jude and Daniel Diane Stocken for $ 340,000.

Forest hills

George Getty Estate sold the property at 429 Atlantic Ave. Mark Everett and Denise Grant for $ 164,800.

Clarence Hamilton Jr.’s estate sold the property at 4214 Greensburg Pike to Philip Giammattei and Luri Miller for $ 159,900.


Anthony Shackhart sold the 402 Chaucer Drive property to Derrick and Karen Edwards for $ 87,000.


Eugenia Manganas sold the property at 1152 Princeton Road to Anne Fields for $ 250,000.

James Robert Baker’s estate sold the property at 133 Alpine Village Drive to Cheng Chen for $ 111,000.

Anthony Maruka sold the property at 224 College Park Drive to Ralph and Lisa Riccardi for $ 135,000.

Sean Cooley sold 2602-2604 Fairview Drive to Dean and Kelly Marucci for $ 250,000.

Paula Komunale sold the property on Glen Crest Drive in 1931 to Delshon Arnett for $ 150,000.

Louis Palamon sold the property at 2435 Haymaker Road to David Andrashik for $ 138,075.

Vishal Patel sold the 25 Morningtide Court property to Mohit Subhash Sharma and Rehana Shayk for $ 253,000.

Janet Long sold her property at 811 Patton St. Ext. Kosasonak Realty Services LLC for $ 47,000.

Adrianne Popovich sold the property at 314 Shady Ridge Drive to Rachel Dindak for $ 125,000.

Ji Hau Fu sold the property at 104 Windsor Court to Brandon Michael and Trinity Saldana for $ 265,100.


Carol Castellano’s estate sold property at 3885 Brookside Lane 209 to Rose Marie Dorkack for $ 249,900.

Stephanie Ann Leib sold the property at 5718 Kennedy Ave. Alecia Carol Truxell for $ 177,000.

The trustee of Todd Stokeslager sold the property at 5139 Mamont Road to Richard Skarmak Jr. and Jennifer Scarmak for $ 446,000.

William Hoy sold the property on Old William Penn Highway 5573 to Hoy Inc. for 1 dollar (the stamps of the state act indicate the cost of 17,015 dollars).

The Estate of Jean Jones sold the property on Saltsburg Road to Leland Jones for $ 1 ($ 19,123 on government deed stamps).

Ronald Bachowski’s estate sold 5115 Scenic Road to Andrew and Kathleen Cala for $ 400,000.

Cynthia Goff sold 6943 Spring Valley Lane to TB Homes Inc. for $ 152,000.

Wen Ching Yang sold the property at 3117 Treeline Drive to David Lee and Sea Park for $ 548,888.

North Huntingdon

Charles Gongaver sold the Amy Lane property to Michael and Tara Zawny for $ 11,000.

Michael Mountain sold the property at 1520 Clay Pike Road to Mark and Jessica Henry for $ 295,000.

Willow Glenn Dev Co. sold the Finchley Road property to Jason and Cassandra Blake for $ 39,900.

Christopher Wahl sold the property at 12309 Linshan Drive to Drage Luksic for $ 1 (the stamps of the state act indicate the cost of $ 192,047).

RWS Land Co. Inc. sold property at 2300 Morris Ave. Kevin and Eliza Malkos for $ 85,000.

Den Unterzuber sold the property at 1246 Morris St. Juan Oramas and Heather Jones Oramas for $ 150,000.

Anthony Berardi sold the property at 641 Northeast Drive to JAAAM Inc. for $ 50,000.

Estate of Ellen Wykoff has sold the property at 1625 Ohio Ave. Sandra Tokos for $ 100,000.

JAAAM Inc. sold 360 Robbins Station Road property to James and Robin Canov for $ 105,000.

Ronald Minnich sold the property at 2341 Sunset Ave. Adam Reese for $ 175,000.

Terry Kelsh et al sold the property at 10361 Washington Avenue to Matthew and Lauren McKinnon for $ 41,928.

Matthew Kloos sold the 889 Westchester Drive property to Karl Svitko and Ieva Strodach for $ 185,000.


TW Holdings 15 LLC sold the property at 526 Fourth St. Lynn Sparrow and Benjamin Schmidt for $ 296,000.

Richard Park sold the property at 59 New London Lane to Marianne Neely for $ 165,000.

Penn hills

Ricard Briggs sold 1400 Barbara Drive to Sheila Brown for $ 129,900.

Kenneth Lee Stubbs’ estate sold 251 Columbia Avenue to Jeffrey Hancock for $ 16,000.

David Klobucher sold 126 Courtney Drive to PAK Real Estate Holdings LLC for $ 40,000.

Moses Friedman sold the property at 124 Elizabeth Drive to Julie Masters for $ 189,000.

Penn Township sold the property at 12245 Frankstown Road to Narinder Singh’s trustee and Kulwant Kaur trustee for $ 175,000.

Kathleen Henshaw sold the 1605 Homestead Road property to Maria Caydenhead for $ 163,251.

High Francis Moshe Tsema sold the property at 357 Iris Drive to Coremax Investments LLC for $ 53,000.

Anton Sulkoski sold 310 McFarlane Drive to Dadie Alward for $ 90,000.

Delmar Taylor sold the property at 120 McCardie Drive to Brian Christopher Edwardo for $ 300,000.

Mary Leone sold the property at 2619 Reiter Road to One Call Handles It All for $ 32,000.

Joseph Peterman’s estate sold 5880 Saltsburg Road to Cameron and Hannah Wanlom for $ 68,000.

Zoe Kay Compton sold the property at 7052 Shannon Road to Daniel Gates for $ 139,900.

Caroline Ward sold the 8878 Westwood Road property to Richard Brooks for $ 18,000.

Penn township

Eliza Hirst sold the 124 Altman Road property to the Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB for $ 1,323.

Ronald Wall sold the 116 Harvest Lane property to Gregory Paul and Emily Scarlett Shogan for $ 415,000.

Edmond Downing sold the property at 101 Kepple Street to Laurie Kiss for $ 71,000.

Grigory Mishkov sold the property at 19 Regola Drive to Adam Richard and Melanie Adreon for $ 265,000.

Andrew Josselin sold 102 Skyview Drive to Maria Zollinger and Eric Jacob Keto for $ 249,000.


88 Management LLC sold the property at 307 Second St. Clarence Jones for $ 58,000.


Michael Perry sold the property at 532 Anderson Ave. Sydney Santucci and Michal Serilli for $ 208,000.

Mark McNamara sold the 580 Anderson Avenue property to Segavepo LLC for $ 153,500.

Alfredo Briseno sold the property at 247 Darlan Hill Drive, Alexandria McKenny for $ 245,000.

Michael McGrath sold the property at 224 Duquesne Blvd. Elliot and Catherine Acevedo for $ 208,000.

Paul Huska Jr. sold the Old Lichburg Road property to John and Margaret Labelle for $ 19,000.

The Richard Clements estate sold 500 properties on Old Lichburg Road to David Paul and Laurie Jean Orendy for $ 114,028.

Heather Stead sold the property at 237 Plum Street to Shelby Pigott for $ 182,500.

Richard Laufer sold the property at 242 Red Oak Drive to Jason and Heather Stead for $ 275,000.

Louis Divincenzo sold the property at 9700 Saltsburg Road to Sean Cooley and Kathleen Zgurich for $ 185,000.

Karen Lucas sold the property at 274 Shasta Drive to Sergio Rometo and Shannon McGuire for $ 206,000.

David Williams Jr. sold the property at 715 State St. Puttachat-Logut for $ 87,000.


Frank Kostik sold the property at 7523 Dixon Street Tunio and Peki Hawili for $ 27,000.

Housing & Urban Development has sold the property at 2264 Hawthorne Ave. PNC Bank NA for $ 50,958.

John Worthing sold 7918 Lloyd Ave. R&J Residential Rentals LLC for $ 30,000.

Joshua Suskin sold the property at 7231 McClure Ave. Mateus Delime Barbose and Marian Marie Klanice for $ 245,000.

Naomi Karen Miller sold the 7720 Westmoreland Ave property to Philip Palacios for $ 214,900.

Vincent Estrada sold the property at 7334 Whipple St. Kirk Rudzinski and Marigny Norman for $ 200,000.


Janice Ilen Keefer Estate sold the property at 119 Belleau Wood Blvd. TPL Income Property Corp. for $ 152,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at 216 Ridgecrest Court to Keith Brubaker Vike for $ 465,959.

Turtle creek

Matthew Okin sold the property at 1300 Maple Ave. Tahjonalu and Corinne Gamble for $ 95,000.

John Mitchell sold the property at 533-535 Penn Ave. Michael and Sarah Upton for $ 18,250.


James Casanova sold the property at 538-542 Penn Street to Professor LLC for $ 200,000.


Audrey Holmes sold the property at 622 Beaver Avenue to Matthew Strauss for $ 72,400.

UCG Thirty Three LLC has sold the property at 3905 Dowling Ave. Oksana Findlay for $ 146,000.

Doris Blauvelt sold the property at 196 Harrison Road to Joshua Pasko for $ 104,000.

Double A Holdings LLC has sold the property at 611 Larimer Ave. TNA Investments LLC for $ 44,900.

The Mary Deger Estate sold the property at 1642 Vineseian Place to Harold and Frances Fundis for $ 290,000.


Matthew Edgar sold the 1712 Atkinson Place property to Jordan Romanus and Leiga Lamont for $ 177,000.

Jane Rudow sold the 113 Biddle Avenue property to Eric Nettles and Moira McCogee Dunn for $ 328,000.

Barbara Cooper sold the property at 1437 Clark St. Michael Kelly for $ 18,000.

Frank Edward Williams sold the property at 509-511 Hill Ave. from One Call Handles It All for $ 42,000.

Franziska Bernhard sold her property at 1716 Maplewood Ave. Dmitry Hans Gohagen for $ 118,500.

Michael Gaines sold the property at 1118 Pearl St. Heaven Fairley for $ 15,000.

Olindo Mancini’s estate sold the 1915 Penn Avenue property to Bryant Michael Garvin for $ 139,900.

Sheila Gilmore sold her property at 2036 Sampson St. James Wimberly III for $ 98,800.

Robin Knox sold 561 Shelbourne Ave. Anthony Wanamaker for $ 61,650.

Kevin Bivona sold the property at 415 South Ave. Rainey Jones for $ 105,000.

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