Real Estate Transactions in North Hills during the week of July 4, 2021



Altura Real Estate LLC sold the property at 56 N Bryant Ave to CTD Holdings LLC for $ 207,000.

Franklin Park

Nicholas Rocco sold the property at 2375 Jenkinson Drive to Tyler and Sarah Dixon for $ 276,000.

Jared Congedo sold the 2404 Marble Lane property to Lauren Boyle for $ 205,000.

John Comport sold the property at 2666 Quail Ridge Lane to Marion Roll for $ 208,000.

John Mitchell sold 1601 Stone Mansion Drive to Lynn Corcello for $ 310,000.

Robert Perry sold the property at 2357 Silmar Drive to Brian Joseph and Ralph Alter for $ 225,000.


Julian Rizza sold the property at 716 Carver Drive to Gausia and Mohd to Iqbal Ashraf for $ 365,000.

Joseph Duckworth sold the property at 645 Chilliwack Lane to Wollmann Enterprises LLC for $ 800,000.

André Vollman sold the property at 474 Fairmont Drive to Wollmann Enterprises LLC for $ 301,188.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 1016 Mohawk Ln to Andrew Deerment for $ 370,470.

Jeffrey Puntureri sold the property at 307 Osona Ln to Mahesh Rajan and Archane Warrier for $ 440,000.

Colleen Barnett sold the property at 520 Spang Road to Pittsburgh As Is LLC for $ 225,000.


George Zimmers sold the property at 9691 Bellcrest Road to Sfr3-000 LLC for $ 172,300.

Michael Seal sold the property at 9460 Magellan Drive to Catherine Hornbostel for $ 270,000.

Southwestern Synod of Pennsylvania Evangelicals sold the property at 9625 Perry Highway to 9625 Perry Highway LLC for $ 1,650,000.

Iram Khan sold the property at 1373 Regency Drive to Peter James McShee Jr. and Kimberly Rose Wachter McShee for $ 374,900.

William Lauer sold the 951 Rosalind Road property to Paul Richard Cook and Liu Qing for $ 310,000.

Matthew Locke sold 1803 Sample Road to Patrick and Katie Tobin for $ 218,500.

Matthew Koontz sold the property at 306 Sunset Road to Daniel and Amy Beth Condosta for $ 286,000.

Tracy Scott sold 136 W. Sandle Ave to Corey Schaeffer and Ashley Edwards for $ 240,000.

New Millenium Investments LLC sold property at 165 Weller Drive to Michelle Davis for $ 375,000.


Sewickley Crossings LP sold the property at Unknown to Scott and Kathleen Campbell for $ 5,500.

Gregg Michael Yost sold the property at 1631 Roosevelt Road to Carlos de Freitas Lima Jeans and Sylvian Gomez Dasilva for $ 255,000.

Elwood Kra sold the property at 1818 Roosevelt Road to Dominic Robert Politi and Ellen Elizabeth Dewes for $ 225,000.


James Patsilevas Jr. sold the property at 3332 Babcock Blvd. CJC Property Holdings LLC for $ 325,000.

Trustee Evgeniy Mariani sold the property at 3448 Babcock Blvd. Lilypads LLC for $ 161,000.

Richard Vandwater sold the property at 416 Columbia Ave. Zachary Helbling and Shane Ford for $ 185,500.

David Loncaric sold the property at 200 Connie Drive to Zachary and Mary Lynn Petrouch for $ 204,000.

BGRS LLC sold the property at 821 Harden Drive to Seth Johnson and Natalie Meyer for $ 285,000.

Russell Jenkins sold the property at 111 Heidcrest Drive to Mary Hummel for $ 305,000.

The Allegheny County Reconstruction Authority sold the Pine Street property to Randall and Laura Rice for $ 1,500.

Lori Pavlovich sold the property at 315 Wildflower Ct to John Thomas Weingartner for $ 200,000.

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