Real Estate Transactions in North Hills during the week of July 11, 2021




Dale Jackson sold 117 Crawford Ave. MAG LLC for $ 250,000.

Franklin Park

Kenneth Kelly sold the property at 1021 Kelly Lane to David and Darlene Probert to trustees for $ 320,000.

The Gerhard Ives estate sold the property at 1551 King Albert Drive to Ryan James and Sarah Custer for $ 425,000.

Eric Craig sold the property at 2080 Reis Run Road to Brendan Scott Brown and Kylie Marie Goon for $ 300,000.

Maronda Homes LLC sold the property at 1407 Windsor Ct to Manmohan Aseri for $ 482,183.


Jordan Byerl sold the property at 930 Bell Drive to Maureen Matcalf for $ 328,425.

RT Partners LP sold the property at 646 Chilliwack Ln to Anupama and Srikantha Prabhakar Pay for $ 115,000.

Amy Rega sold the property at 457 Fairmont Drive to Stephen and Lynette Voitovich for $ 420,000.

Jason Rusnik sold 320 Providence Drive to John Peterson for $ 601,000.

Eric Miller sold the property at 177 Seneca Place to Matthew Speth for $ 440,000.


James Michael Furfari sold the property at 10130 Deer View Point to David and Nancy Schertz for $ 385,100.

SID & Co. Inc. sold the property at 1675 Duncan Avenue to Giant Eagle Inc. for $ 360,000.

Vinson Chu sold the property at 1509 Harewood Square to Wen Lin and Aki Xiang Shu Li for $ 217,888.

Jamael Hunt sold his property at 8918 Oneida Ave. David and Joan Byes for $ 285,000.


Jeffrey Hummel sold his property at 3450 Babcock Blvd. CWE Properties LLC for $ 690,000.

Shea Hunter sold the property at 320 Calderwood Avenue to Sarah May Mayliard for $ 190,000.

Michael Reed Sr. sold the property at 118 Elmer Street to Catherine Reed for $ 156,000.

Mrunal Raval sold 4205 Lenox Oval Drive to Parker James and Celine Draper for $ 200,000.

Devin Rodriquez sold the property at 591 Thompson Run Road to Maria Gismondi for $ 260,000.

David Anderson sold the 115 Thornberry Drive property to Nicholas Novelli for $ 171,101.

Western view

Charles Bossiljevac sold the property at 81 Frankfort Ave. Patrick Ellsworth for $ 212,000.

Shane Suders sold the property at 43 Hempstead Avenue to Jordan Ball and Gregory Foglio for $ 169,200.

Randolph Rimland sold the property at 11 Homecourt Avenue to Joseph and Joy Rostan for $ 194,000.

The North Hills School District has sold the property at 5310 Perrysville Ave. Perrysville Com LLC for $ 100,000.

The North Hills School District has sold the property at 5314 Perrysville Ave. Perrysville Com LLC for $ 50,000.


NVR Inc. sold the property at 150 Dana Drive to Brian Haskins and Stephanie Nicole Kobys for $ 345,785.

NVR Inc. sold 152 Dana Drive to Collin Richard Smereski and Mallory Ann Polakovich for $ 315,430.

Sewickley Crossings LP sold the property at 127 Melinda Ct to NVR Inc. for 420,000 dollars.

Sewickley Crossings LP sold the Rippling Brook Drive property to Jason and Shannon Hines for $ 5,500.

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