Real estate transactions in Collier, South Fayette for the week of 22 Aug 2021




Antonio Torres sold the property at 4080 Breckenridge Drive to Warren Jay and Adele Souphrine for $ 750,000.

Timothy Hughes sold the 1006 Gray Fox Cir property to Michael Millen and Julia Ofrichter for $ 310,000.

Maronda Homes LLC sold the property at 1007 Livorno Drive to Evan Michael Welch and Rachel Suzanne Enk for $ 365,900.

Laurene Drevin sold the 757 Marigold Court property to Joseph and Yvonne Costanzo for $ 335,000.

David Marra sold the 304 Sunset Pl property to Ryan Brasheer and Ann Kelly for $ 382,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1242 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1252 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 168,000.


Michael Soloway sold the property at 26 Emerson Avenue to Cassidy Attberry Leahy and Christine Harman for $ 260,000.

The trustee of Charles Davidson sold the 32 Oregon Avenue property to David and Elizabeth Caruso for $ 290,000.

Michael Wheeler sold the 27 Union Avenue property to Justin Baker for $ 120,000.

Green Tree

Richard Evak sold the property at 84 Ringold Avenue to John and Sarita Siwa for $ 250,000.


Duckstein Properties LLC has sold the property at Aiken Road Ext. Nicholas John Bruni for $ 8,000.

Christy Lafferty sold the 854 Falck Road property to Randy Unger and Sidnery Fitzgerald for $ 197,900.

Gary Mills sold the property at 860 Falck Road to James Rogers for $ 465,000.

Serebryany Lane Assoc. The LLC sold the property at 1013 Mitchell Drive to Travis and Nicole Williams for $ 200,000.

Christian Wilhelm sold the property at 31 Robin Hill Drive to Jeremy Davis for $ 325,000.

Wendy Pfaff sold the property at 1096 Silver Lane to Samuel Camilo Cadavid and Breeze Ka Lee Philpot for $ 230,000.

Brian James Bloom sold the property at 712 Windvue Drive to Lynette McKenna Turotsi for $ 235,000.

Maninder Singh sold 1104 Wingate Drive to Sime and Sumit Gahlavat for $ 200,000.

Patricia Sislon sold the property at 903 Wingate Drive to Hannah Heidelberg for $ 228,000.


Stephen James Moore sold the 519 Carothers Ave property to Nathan Prestutti for $ 77,000.

Alfred Desmet sold the 2 Cypress Drive property to Corey Lasch and Jason Makel for $ 205,000.

James Defrance sold the 137 Foxcroft Road property to Justin and Mallery Fasketty for $ 325,000.

Jane Friday sold the property at 140 Green Commons Street to Lawrence and Barbara Schnurr for $ 450,000.

Estate of Robert Hucko sold the property at 950 Margarite Drive Unit G to Manzhe Rovchanin for $ 105,000.

Thomas Miller sold 139 Maryland Drive to Anthony Sigg for $ 355,000.

Daniel Rizzo sold the property at 427 Salvini Drive to John and Katie Michalik for $ 236,500.

Leonard Timchik sold the 357 Twin Oaks Road property to Daniel and Jennifer Lauzon for $ 230,000.

South fayette

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold property at 2123 Bow St. Mary Ellen Buzzelli for $ 399,990.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4504 Brandywine Cir to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 4563 Brandywine Ct to Gregory and Lisa Takak for $ 507,710.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4564 Brandywine Ct to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2116 Chartiers Run Kimberly Ann Strong for $ 621,585.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2122 Chartiers Run to Andrew Carletti for $ 475,445.

Wayne Dolaman sold the property at 178 Hickory Heights Drive to Yaomin Cheng and Ji Sung for $ 385,000.

Karl Helbling sold the property at 815 Kingston Drive to Muzaffaru and Shirin Juraev for $ 395,000.

Brian Wagner sold the property at 814 Station St. Jason and Daniel Tremblay for $ 180,000.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2126 Westcott Ln to Jason and Mary Stafford for $ 255,990.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2127 Westcott Ln to Derek Watt and Marisa Tracy for $ 349,990.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold property at 2129 Westcott Ln to Jan Isaac and Rachel Popkak for $ 365,000.

Charter Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2131 Westcott Ln to Tyler and Erin Young for $ 345,900.


Ralph Morrow sold the property at 1166 Harvard Road to Christopher Rizzo and Rosie Rainbow for $ 760,000.

Upper St Clair

Douglas Zalla sold the 1505 Candlewood Drive property to Derek Fludzinski and Lauren Fust for $ 593,500.

Stephen Sparrow sold the property at 203 Kiefer Drive to Peter Weiche and Audrey Donnelly for $ 333,423.

Pinehurst Land Partners LLC has sold the Laurel Place Ln property to NVR Inc. for $ 368,750.

KGA Partners LLC sold the property at 229 Lucca Ln to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $ 900,000.

Dino Chechich sold the property at 1364 Old Meadow Road to Hasan Bakri for $ 250,000.

Kenneth Creech sold the property at 1501 Scenery Ridge Drive to Donald and Marilyn Neiden for $ 439,000.

Housing & Urban Development sold the property at 78 Southern Hilands Drive to Martine Kostanich for $ 250,000.

Lawrence Morgan Jr. sold the property at 1795 Tragone Drive to Brian and Colleen Kane for $ 600,000.

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