Real estate transactions in Collier, South Fayette during the week of June 13, 2021




Lisa Morran sold the property at 1294 Cook School Road to Nicholas George Spuck for $ 150,000.

Thomas Mountain sold the property at 730 Maple St. Joshua and Desiree Krawczyk for $ 125,000.

G&J Rentals LLC sold the property at 917 McLaughlin Run Road to Brianna Nardilly for $ 113,000.

George Warholack sold the property at 913 Ridge Road to Gabriel Badali for $ 165,000.


Peter Thomas sold the property at 513-515 Hulton St. DKH Investments LLC for $ 110,000.


Michael Roche sold the 1808 Benson Boulevard property to Robert Hemmick IV and Mary Hemmick for $ 289,500.

Stambrosky Homes Inc. sold property at 1057 Colony Drive to John Ryan McClister and Tamara Seltzer for $ 140,000.

Keith Trees sold the property at 403 Jonquil Ln to Susan Leathers for $ 389,600.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold the property at 1015 Livorno Drive to Andrew Robert Styles and Mackenzie Nalep for $ 388,303.

Edward Raymond Morris sold the property at 128 MacLane Drive to Matthew Brindamore and Julia Provenzano for $ 387,000.

Michael August Riley sold the property at 1281 Meridian Drive to Thomas Jeffrey and Stephanie Daniel Miller for $ 743,000.

Estate of Thomas Marszalek has sold the property at 591 Prestley St. James and Amanda Peger for $ 215,000.


Edward Alo sold 568 Broadhead Ave. Gregory Matthew Spiegel for $ 176,000.

CRC Properties LLC has sold the property at 11 Division St. Amy Mathieu and Brittany Banks for $ 270,000.

Mary Lynn Nicholson sold 602 Harris Ave. Taylor Smith for $ 120,000.

Gregory Lawrence sold his 35 Oregon Avenue property to Allison Evans for $ 242,000.

Green Tree

Frank O’Leary sold the property at 104 Brunswick Street to Regis Mullen III for $ 180,000.

Raymond Wilson sold 119 Leon Road to Samantha Striner for $ 205,000.


Brad Primojic sold the property at 1627 Washington Street to Zachary Flick for $ 125,000.


Kenneth Rosengarten Jr. sold the property at 170 Cole Drive to Elaine Cosentino for $ 352,500.

Edward Lamping sold the property at 1327 Silver Lane to Heather Michelle McElevy-Ward for $ 255,000.

Inderjit Atwal sold the property at 14 Westchester Court to Jacob Kunnumpurat Mathai and Kajal Miyan for $ 412,000.


Suzanne Kristoff sold the property at 1010 E. Chatham Park Drive Apt to Eric and James Benz for $ 85,750.

Pedro Torres Godoy sold the property at 726 Hope St. Anthony Roberta and Holly Jade Narducci for $ 212,000.

Edward Schmidt sold the property at 105 Klein Way to Laura Konrad for $ 184,000.

Richard Collins sold the property at 646 Robinwood Drive to Amanda Leonard for $ 120,000.

Gabriel Adam Bruner sold the property at 502 Somerville Drive to Patrick James and Victoria Magiera Shiner for $ 210,000.

The Estate of Gary Hall sold the property at 323 Vanadium Road Beverly Weimer for $ 178,000.

The Estate of Donald Rethage sold the 1963 Worcester Drive property to Judith Eileen Haaz for $ 225,000.

South fayette

Russell Block sold the property at 138 Alpine Road to Maxwell Cubas for $ 268,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings INC sold the 2019 Ashton Row property to Ran An for $ 313,990.

Managing director Anthony Privitera sold the property at 2457 Brook Ledge Road Unit 11A to Amy Martin Nagel for $ 78,000.

Neil Karman sold the 7032 Clubview Drive property to Arthur Brennan Jr. and Amy Brennan for $ 200,000.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4306 Lafayette Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 116,750.

Sheldon Knight sold the property at 1100 Lakeview Drive to Corey to Patrick Whitmer and Angela Ann Savini for $ 380,000.

Shannon Slane sold her property at 130 McVey St. Theodore and Aubrey Nelsons for $ 168,000.

TF South Fayette LLC has sold the property at 4000 Victoria St. BJs Wholesale Club Inc. for 5,750,000 dollars.

Upper St Clair

James Mondzelewski sold the property at 1441 Candlewood Drive to Richard Joseph and Jennifer Lynn Norris for $ 615,000.

Rachel Kettler Cohen sold the property at 1242 Fernridge Drive to David and Sylvie Cloutier Rigdon for $ 325,000.

Joseph Newman sold the property at 1738 Gray Mill Drive to Manoju Kandlikar and Katie Clemens for $ 285,000.

Ronald Dale Anthony sold the property at 2494 Huntington Drive to Jeffret Scott and Abbigail Linton for $ 320,500.

David Slezak sold the 112 Lamar Road property to Christopher Wilson and Mikila Myers for $ 375,000.

1800 Washington Road Assoc. LP sold the property at 216 Lucca Ln to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $ 167,000.

KGA Partners LLC sold the 220 Lucca Ln property to Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC for $ 167,000.

Benjamin Marcus Homes LLC sold the property at 224 Lucca Ln to Patrick and Mary Joe McGuire for $ 614,156.

JLB Diversified Investments LLC sold the property at 109 Oxford Pl to Ryan and Natalie Brandon for $ 385,000.

Lexington Land Group LLC sold the property at 1415 Scarlett Drive to Eshe Bhatnagar and Harshit Seth for $ 325,000.

Richard Belli sold the property at 2371 Willowbrook Road to Joseph and Elizabeth Colmer for $ 290,000.

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