Real estate transactions in Collier, South Fayette during the week of July 18, 2021



Patrick Ketchell sold the property at 315 New York St. Klaus Henscheid for $ 205,000.

Robert Price sold the property at 1321 Union Street to Lataye Seaton for $ 30,000.


Bjorn Knuttel sold the property at 719 Darlington Street to Zachary Heller for $ 172,500.

Daniel Sloane sold 182 Mountain Drive to Courtney Marie Chapor for $ 200,000.

Ronald Robert Knuepel sold his property at 409 Reamer Ave. Jeffrey Droginski et al. And Tracy Lynn Lippman for $ 205,000.


John King sold the property at 612 Aylesworth Ave. Joshua Scott for $ 150,100.

Gary Stephen sold the property at 2121 English Turn Drive to Matthew Kent Shipton and Jacqueline Ann Milhallan for $ 560,000.

James Dubiak sold the property at 247 Ewing Road to Paul and Lauren Zareki for $ 379,900.

Sunita Ravi sold 2382 Hilltop Road to Bert Powell and Leslie Kernan for $ 271,800.

Albert Stewart sold the property at 2519 Hilltop Road to William and Kay Downey Clark for $ 118,000.

Sunita Saheta Estate sold the property at 1220 Meridian Drive to William Conroy for $ 615,000.

Jeffrey Nagiak sold the property at 1118 Noblestown Road to John Yulich and Megan Ann Allender for $ 230,000.

George Carder Jr. sold the property at 625 Vanadium Road to Travis Grubeski for $ 75,000.


Estate of Warren Trievel sold the 7 Dakota Street property to CRC Properties LLC for $ 50,000.

MMJ Property Group LLC sold the property at 102 S. Linwood Ave to Wolbit LLC for $ 250,000.

Green Tree

Paul John Wenstel sold 105 Bergen Pl to Swati Banerjee and Suman Chatterjee for $ 201,000.

Timothy Trey sold the property at 252 Parkedge Road to Christopher Cropp and Robert Michael Jr. for $ 217,000.


The Estate of Ramon Muia sold the 112 August Drive property to Joseph Schaffer and Hayley Swede for $ 205,000.

Patrick Booth sold the property at 610 Bryarleaf Drive to Billy Ann Haskins for $ 185,000.

John Teitz sold the property at Berkes Drive, 507 Jinfei and Jingheng Zheng for $ 390,000.

Artie Desisto sold the 385 Cobblestone Circle property to Corey Peterson and Sydney Stangle for $ 468,800.

John Faddis sold the property at 1100 E. Windhaven Road to Andrew and Laurie Rumler for $ 320,000.

Jeremiah Barchi sold the property at 11 Essex Drive to Kristen Lee Renkes for $ 183,900.

Edward Richie sold the property at 243 Overlook Court to Robert Daniel Black for $ 255,000.

EFTIDE LLC sold the property at 5284 Steubenville Pike to MAXXCOLE LLC for $ 425,000.

Rosslyn Farms

Gary Matz sold the property at 207 Alden Road to Caroline Mae Degnan for $ 332,000.


The Maria Patricia McCallum estate sold the property at 1500 Cochran Road to Antoinette Quederis for $ 235,000.

Mateo Villa sold the property at 209 Foxcroft Road to Joseph DeMarco and Melissa Ripepi for $ 302,500.

Hader Albu Mohammed sold the 1809 Greentree Road property to Jason and Floren Kay Sinicrope for $ 138,000.

Erin Frey sold the property at 1854 Hughes St. Hanne Dattenhöffer for $ 159,500.

Justin Ambrose sold the property at 1208 Midoulark Drive to Victoria Bachorski for $ 236,000.

James Eland sold the property at 1432 Meadowlark Drive to Brett Ashley Bridges and Dennis Funk for $ 285,000.

South fayette

Jacob Navickas sold the property at 18 Allegheny Avenue to Benjamin Jacob Zimmer for $ 90,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the 2013 Ashton Road property to Nolan and Gina Nearoff for $ 308,990.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the Ashton Row property in 2009 to Adam and Jessica Jones for $ 325,990.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold Ashton Row property in 2014 to Stephen and Patricia Nance for $ 544,295.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2153 Cranford Ln to Derek Martin and Julia Weisskopf for $ 458,780.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 4017 Crown Drive to Stanley and Patricia Tofil for $ 301,617.

Brennan Anthony sold the property at 307 Golden Rod Court to Andrew McParlane for $ 195,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the property at 1453 Hastings Cres to Bradley Buzzelli for $ 340,000.

Darryl Fink sold 7045 Highland Creek Drive to Anthony and Sarah Fallika for $ 439,900.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4310 Lafayette Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 116,750.

Jonathan Bazilak sold the property at 5753 Montville Drive in Ram and Tula Sah for $ 355,000.

United States Of America By Sec Vets Aff sold the property at 156 Morgan Hill Road to Ameri Two Property LLC for $ 15,500.

The Frances Harvey estate sold properties at 103 Myrtle Street to Ryan and Christina Teague for $ 221,560.

Jeffrey Huckleberry sold the property at 1227 Newbury Highland to Gregory and Dara Danai Dibiase for $ 345,000.

Manager Samer Aweida sold the property at 504 Old Fayette Trl to Jonathan and Joey Bazilak for $ 335,000.

John Alan Kosky sold the property at 2128 Old Oakdale Road to Stephen John Dobis II and Vanessa Louise Dobis for $ 65,000.

Daniel Ryan sold the property at 224 Olde Orchard Drive to AAAZ LLC for $ 110,000.

Kevin Bell sold the property at 8118 Palomino Drive to Michael and Emily Demacy for $ 406,000.

John Stephen’s estate sold 320 Pine Valley Drive to Linda Maenz and Jeanne Mahoney for $ 326,000.

Jonathan Filippi sold the property at 2760 Ravenwood Drive to Ibrahim Ezzi and Fatema Quaid for $ 251,500.

Rita Pato sold the property at 329 Ridge Point Circle 34B to Prata Mendes LLC for $ 84,000.

Aaron Mitchum sold the 5900 Rowe Ln property to James Duell for $ 459,000.

Gregory Erdeli sold the 8001 Saddlewood Drive property to Jacob and Mary Bosiljevac for $ 300,000.

Stacy White sold the property at 2876 Willowick Court to Stephen and Alicia White for $ 235,000.

Upper St Clair

Sridhar Sripati sold the property at 2511 Chapelwood Drive to Hilal and Yunus Bilir for $ 335,000.

Barrett Hoskins sold the property at 624 Fort Couch Road to Sase and Sonia Miskovich for $ 243,000.

Jason Harbison sold the property at 204 Franklin Drive to Matthew and Rebecca Sior for $ 255,000.

Sean Marsh sold 327 Hays Road to Andrew Seavidge and Bridget Patricia King for $ 250,000.

Temma Lipsitz sold the property at 475 Miranda Drive to David and Juliana Kosovets for $ 485,000.

Robert Markwell sold the 2020 Mohawk Road property to Scott Smith and Drew Sturgess for $ 545,000.

Sriram Palghat sold the property at 382 Oaklawn Drive to Riccardo Catalucci and Emily Buch for $ 389,000.

Remco Vanderval sold the property at 2419 Orchard Drive to Alex Falcon and Grace Angela Villarreal for $ 474,000.

Sidgefield Lane LP sold the property at 2291 Sidgefield Lane to Madhuri and Suresh Kshirsagaram for $ 348,000.

K. Gopalkrishna Pye sold the property at 1635 Tiffany Ridge Drive to Frederick Eugene and Mary Margaret Wilcox for $ 360,000.

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