Real Estate Transactions in Carnegie, South Fayette for the week of June 6, 2021




Trustee John Daniel Abraham sold the property at 1001 Grandview Ave. Apt 603 by Ellen Schmidt for $ 88,900.

Ann Sineski sold the property at 1115 Mclaughlin Run Road to Kindred Properties LLC for $ 49,550.


Kevin McClean sold the 607 Sixth Avenue property to Daniel Fakes for $ 113,500.

Estate of John Kandracs sold the property at 427 Library Ave. Sumac Tree LLC for $ 151,000.

Linda Mancini sold the property at 508 Morrow Street to Dixon Holding Co. LLC for $ 185,000.

David Subi sold the property at 418 Wilcox Street to Jacqueline Foster Markel for $ 62,500.


Maronda Homes Inc. sold the 2001 Cortona Drive property to Sean and Melissa Sprankle for $ 383,259.

Michael Steiner sold the property at 2410 Hilltop Road to Robert and Sharon Phillips for $ 360,000.

Marianna Jagelski sold her property at 104 Manor Drive to Sandra Shimko for $ 293,000.

The Swancrest Family Revocable Fund sold the property at 4150 Muirfield Sir Prakash and Darshana Maniyar for $ 645,000.

Jeffrey Hahn sold the property at 1 Walker Avenue to Chi Santucci for $ 300,000.

Green Tree

Elmer Doc Holliday sold the property at 230 E Elmhurst Road to Pittsburgh Rentals LLC for $ 70,000.

Trustee Bernard Sackmar sold the property at 100 Evandale Drive to Conor Horgan for $ 229,900.

Alexander Sakendi sold the property at 1061 Greenlawn Drive to Daniel Beaver for $ 240,000.

Madeline Finchik sold the 111 Penfield Pl property to Trevor and Ronald Urban for $ 185,000.

The estate of Norman Rosfeld, Jr. sold the property at 216 Silver Oak Drive to Michal and Catherine Stofkam for $ 251,024.

Pennsbury Village

Bernadette Mary Hobart sold the 676 Carriage Cir property to Louis Martorell for $ 124,000.


Rocio Garay sold the property at 2059 Brookfield Road to Melissa Saunders for $ 209,000.

Scott Rogovich sold the property at 708 Idlewood Ave. George Davidson and Christine Lee Vandenbosche for $ 150,000.

The Ministry of Faith has sold the property at 708 Idlewood Ave. Eman Bashe and Mohamed Abdrab for $ 41,901.

Kenneth Gillim sold the 594 Orchard Street property to trustee Linda Mancini for $ 135,000.

Vandergrift Capital LLC sold the 1225 School Street property to Carnegie Holdings LLC for $ 79,692.

South fayette

Satish Chandra sold the property at 33 Allegheny Avenue to Anvi Development LLC for $ 465,000.

Denise Cusick sold the 201 Appleglen Ct property to Richard John Moss and Christina Htun for $ 325,000.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4503 Brandywine Cir to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

Robert Anzarut sold the property at 2035 Clearfork Road to Babatunde and Barbara Ogunjobi for $ 135,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold property at 2125 Cranford Ln to Alaine Kapanne for $ 414,640.

Ward Dolaman sold the property at 539 Hickory Grade Road to HPA US2 LLC for $ 309,000.

Robert Flynn sold 316 N. Battery Drive to Zhong Ai Xia and Xiaorong Zhang for $ 305,000.

Eilisha Baer sold the 121 Northridge Drive property to Jordan and Jane Williams for $ 332,199.

Jonathan Lindstrom sold the 1204 Oakridge Road property to Tyler Myers and Jennifer Miklo for $ 219,000.

Russell Glen Coast sold the property at 8517 Sundial Ln to Catherine Bondi for $ 210,000.

Robert Comfort sold the property at 412 Tiporary Ct to HPA US2 LLC for $ 355,000.

Stephanie Schneider sold the 365 W. Redrome Cir property to Jason and Renee Hillebrand for $ 135,000.

Spencer Pearce sold the property at 204 Wallace Street to Austin Cleckley for $ 173,000.

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