Real Estate Transactions in Carnegie, South Fayette for the week of July 4, 2021



Thomas Birch sold the property at 17 Dean Street to Thomas Johnson and Kayla Davis for $ 96,810.

Sumac Tree LLC has sold the property at 427 Library Ave. Sumac Tree LLC for $ 151,000.

Darrell Conley sold 42 Parkview Drive to Adbulaziz Isakov and Nilufar Utalova for $ 241,500.

Robert Heinrich sold the property at 129 Wabash St. Brian Joseph and Shannon Caroline Bodine for $ 145,000.

Carnegie City sold properties at 333 Wilcox Street to Geno Bianco and Chantal Brannon for $ 1,500.


Mark Richard Marafka sold the 781 Freedom Drive property to Jay Pisorik for $ 329,787.

CE-Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1240 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.


Greg Petronski sold the property at 1615 Barr Ave. Samantha Kappel and Elizabeth Richard for $ 221,000.


Ryan Strauss sold the property at 108 Arbor Trail Drive to Eric and Remington Galchik for $ 285,000.

Bulldog Properties LP sold the 500 Glass Road property to Samdoz Inc. for 1,900,000 dollars.

John McKay Jr. sold the property at 1308 Kenzie Drive to John and Karen Shaw for $ 189,900.

Brian Keenan sold the 2010 Kenzie Drive property to Elvis and Crystal Suero for $ 155,000.

John Bauman sold the 568 Mcmichael Road property to Kyle Himes for $ 300,000.

Silver Lane Properties LP sold the property at 1003 Mitchell Drive to Joseph and Daniel Pilarsky for $ 120,000.

Matthew Wentz sold 569 Thorncliff Drive to Cameron Grady for $ 230,000.

Judith Sishek sold the 28 Tidball Road property to Dennis and Mary Buranoski for $ 155,000.

James Carlson sold the property at 645 Woodcrest Drive to Nancy Cozza for $ 240,000.


The Margaret Coogan estate sold the property at 143 Foxcroft Road to Stefan and Jennifer Anderson for $ 285,000.

Joseph Schubert sold the property at 133 Greenbriar Drive to Oak 4 Partners LLC for $ 95,000.

Gregory Kavalkin sold his property at 371 Gregg St. LLC Sfr3-020 for $ 59,500.

The James Francis Doyle estate sold the property on Lindsay Road 856 to James Doyle for $ 235,000.

James Weber sold the property at 940 Margarite Drive to Karina and Svetlana Rzhetskaya for $ 131,100.

Allison Ann Cavanaugh sold the property at 1651 Worcester Drive to Christopher Michael Murawski and Grace Elizabeth Saluga for $ 190,000.

South fayette

David Boone sold the 955 Boyce Road property to Billy Brock Johnson for $ 186,500.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4505 Brandywine Cir to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4550 Brandywine Ct to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.

Vallabh Dobarlia sold the property at 2467 Brookledge Road Unit 12B to Sarah Barr for $ 82,000.

Ching Lee sold the 1550 Celebration Cir property to Joshua Dott and Alyssa Petroplus for $ 681,000.

James Markowitz sold the property at 3105 Deerfield Ridge Drive to Matthew and Riley Lichtenstein for $ 90,000.

Jacob Fagnano sold the property at 1309 Gladwell St. Luis R. Rojas Solorzano and Mirian Di Romero Padrino for $ 315,000.

John Hansel sold the property at 1233 Gneiss Drive to Aruncumar Chellappan and Preity Srivalli Kumar for $ 312,000.

Paul Stewart sold the property at 143 Greenwood Drive to Dannol and Wentzu Hudson for $ 269,900.

Abid Rahim sold the property at 507 Hunters Path Road to Dionne Simpkins for $ 59,000.

David White sold the property at 141 McVey St. Dane Lorik for $ 164,900.

Daniel Lafner sold the Noblestown Road property to Andrew and Jonathan Little for $ 62,500.

Billy Brock Johnson sold the property at 1295C Oakridge Road to Milton A Yup Yup and Rosa Calle Siavich for $ 410,000.

Sky Dedi sold 2109 Toftrees Drive to Eger Carson Jr. and Jennifer Mae Ramsey for $ 489,900.

Charters Homes at Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2124 Westcott Ln to Brian and Cynthia Kidy for $ 281,990.

Upper St Clair

Modern Edge Ventures LLC sold the property at 200 Kent Drive to Michael and Amanda Kupniewski for $ 470,000.

Richard Vehan sold the property at 1292 Manor Drive to Joseph Bauckum and Elizabeth Campbell for $ 325,000.

Brian Cross sold the property at 1316 Manor Drive to Justin Cross for $ 325,000.

Michael Grzesiak sold the property at 2406 Maryland Drive to Chase Mengle and Anna Sachs for $ 315,000.

Herbert Geissler sold the 1792 Taper Drive property to Zachary Wayne Appman and Jennifer Budka for $ 369,000.

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