Real Estate Transactions in Carnegie, South Fayette for the week of 15 Aug 2021




Melissa Ann Kraft sold her 406 Second Avenue property to Allison Papula and Jacqueline Proye for $ 180,000.

Michael Gissin sold the property at 407 Seventh Avenue to Michelle Barton for $ 51,000.

Robert Moser sold the property at 4 Ann Street to Michael Ryan for $ 155,000.

Rosemary Wallace sold the property at 612 Boquet St. Kevin Anthony McCree for $ 147,000.


Mitchell Montani sold the property at 88 Baldwin Road Ext. Lance Cooper for $ 260,000.

Paragon Homes Inc. sold 1101 Boxter Way property to Matthew Eby for $ 600,000.

Philip Cartier’s Estate sold the property at 773 Darlington Street to Jordan and Thomas Zakhorchak for $ 171,800.

Nick Mamula sold the property at 2 Highlandview Road to Donald and Sarah Schwarzmiller for $ 230,000.

Mary Welch sold the 617 Hilton Cir property to Jessica Tan for $ 270,000.

Robert Semanchik sold the property at 206 Meadowgrove Cir to John Ulu and Dana Sloboda for $ 460,000.


Randraise Wharton sold 58 Hawthorne Ave. Douglas and Elizabeth Spice for $ 325,500.

Craig Coxon sold the property at 20 Walnut Street to Vincent Ridill and Jamie Novolk for $ 171,500.

Green Tree

Ryan Niss sold the property at 104 Bergen Place to Tyler Earl Keefe for $ 289,000.

Hasan Alfatlvi sold the property at 1105 Greentree Road to Haider Albu Mohammed for $ 195,000.


Jacob Bosiljevac sold the property at 544 Garfield Street to Daniel Ryan for $ 189,900.

Pennsbury Village

Frank Difolco sold the 230 Colony Court property to Kelly Ann Horak for $ 141,500.


Thomas Stack sold the property at 108 August Drive to Daniel and Kelly Popochok for $ 246,000.

James Cochran sold the 201 Calvin Drive property to Daniel Tichzhak and Mary Lynn Nicholson for $ 310,000.

Ronald Condelucci sold the property at 2708 Leona Lane to Gary Peaks for $ 160,000.

James Jones sold the 572 McMichael Road property to Ketan and Bina Shah for $ 325,000.

Rosslyn Farms

Bernard Grangac sold the property at 10 Old Farm Road to David Parker and Sarah Fox for $ 460,000.


Franklin Gray Jr. sold the property at 58 Cypress Drive to Brandon and Angela Jones for $ 284,900.

Sandra Lee Schafer’s estate sold property at 519 Somerville Drive to Samuel Santavicca and Sarah Joseph for $ 170,000.

Frances Profeta sold the property at 1482 Sturdy Oak Drive to Lyndon and Yasmine Arbolede for $ 297,000.

South fayette

Karen Jordan sold the property at 2463 Brookledge Road Unit 24B to Brian and Melinda Price for $ 86,000.

Manoj Nandamuri sold the 8600 Christine Court property to Sajid Hamid and Kuratulen Sayyad for $ 480,000.

Kurt Vanallan Parker sold the property at 8572 Christine Ct to SIRVA Relocation CR LLC for $ 530,000.

SIRVA Relocation CR LLC sold the property at 8572 Christine Ct to James and Gail Timan for $ 530,000.

Joseph Astorino sold the 7087 Clubview Drive property to Michael Garbutt for $ 253,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2145 Cranford Ln to Daniel and Natalie Cole for $ 499,335.

Nicholas Niapas sold the property at 2617 Fox Chase Ct to Ian Jones and Mackenzie Clark for $ 225,000.

Mark Chianetta sold the property at 6442 Interlaken Drive to Vinod Kumar Sad and Munika Ventapalli for $ 360,500.

Lucille Bosetti sold the property at 152 McVeigh Street to Lynn Ann Cardillo for $ 139,900.

Lara Simkovich sold the property at 1147 Sray Lane to John Maggs for $ 278,000.

Keystone 76 Development LLC sold the property at 4406 Yorktown Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 101,500.


Nathan Christie sold 202 Eton Road to Robert and Christine Keiluger for $ 366,000.

Upper St Clair

Carmen Pireine sold the Carmelita Drive property at 2719 to Calvin Bourne Jr. and Elizabeth Bourne for $ 332,500.

Helen May Godwin sold 320 Casa Drive to Christopher and Robin Venrich for $ 336,000.

Edward Miller sold the property at 2616 Cedarvue Drive to Sean and Jamie Stefaniks for $ 429,500.

Edie York sold the property at 2215 Country Club Drive to Richard Dipippa for $ 215,000.

Trustee Lorraine Christman sold the property at 2255 Glendale Drive to Matthew Edward and Kelly Brown for $ 315,000.

Sveta Gummadi sold the property at 534 Harrogate Road to Kyle and Andrea Bennett for $ 340,000.

Scott Smith sold the property at 207 Howard Drive to Sefru Sadie and Shahle Ray Kanzag for $ 300,000.

Mildred Foyer sold the property at 1542 Jenkins Drive to Quality Home Investments LLC for $ 258,000.

Archana Kokkula sold the property at 1625 Red Mill Drive, Ahmadbahi Vahorasarfarj for $ 300,000.

James McQuaid sold the 1776 Cigar Circle property to Mark and Michelle Brennfleck for $ 590,000.

John Murray sold the property at 1245 Sky Ridge Drive to Payam Arie for $ 445,000.

Paul Meinert sold the property at 1815 Tilton Drive to Daniel Cochran for $ 485,000.

Shannon Wissman sold the property at 1241 Turnberry Drive to General Anesthetic Services Inc. for 1,700,000 dollars.

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