Real Estate Transactions in Carnegie, South Fayette during the week of Aug 1, 2021



Richard Osella sold the property at 1254 Cook School Road to Pittsburgh Rentals LLC for $ 100,000.

Ricard Burgun sold the property at 1272 Cook School Road to Brian Trocano and Alexandra McCloskey for $ 215,000.

Deborah Stackhouse sold the property at 299 Liberty St. GDC Investments LLC for $ 54,000.


Imperial Home Buyers LLC has sold the property at 106 Branch St. Welbro 1 LLC for $ 132,500.

Philip Belkastro sold the property at 125 Huron Drive to Michael Johnson for $ 308,000.

Michael Joseph McKenna III sold the property at 25 Run Street to Whitney Fleming for $ 142,000.

Juan Hernandez sold the property at 226 Scenic Hill Drive to Elizabeth Schwarzwelder for $ 202,500.

Carnegie Kewe LLC has sold the property at 613 W Main St. Citylife West LLC for $ 116,000.


Estate of Joseph Serventi sold the 125 Barrington Drive property to Daniel and Janet Prim for $ 230,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold the 1999 Cortona Drive property to Blake Edward and Jacqueline Kathleen Affinito for $ 329,930.

David Reboski sold the property on Ewing Road to Michael and Christie Kilman for $ 370,000.

Lyndon Wagner sold the property at 33 Noblestown Road to HEG LLC for $ 500,000.

CE Gregg Station LP sold the property at 1244 Trailside Drive to NVR Inc. for $ 84,000.


Daniel Sindrik sold his property at 45 Creighton Ave. Semi Swede and Amber Hara for $ 360,000.

Stacy Dodd sold her property at 65 Fountain St. Noel Priddy for $ 122,000.

Adam Malloy Jefferson sold the property at 30 Home Ave. Richard and Kimberly Love for $ 190,500.

Jill Ann Cugenour sold Kevin and Chelsea Hurley the 130 Noble Avenue property for $ 274,000.

Aleksandra Casa has sold a property at 29 W Crafton Ave. Alexandre Kase for $ 120,000.

Green Tree

Joseph Tortorea sold the property at 20 Clearview Drive to Andrew Deering for $ 220,000.

William Nardosi Jr. sold the property at 61 School St. Luke Morgan and Stephanie Hnut for $ 169,900.


Conner Robert Clyde sold the property at 24 Stow Street to Adam Reis for $ 200,000.

Yoland Amicone Gomez sold 50 Avenue Wynn properties to Michael Elsesser et al and Foreen Elsesser for $ 95,000.


Jeffrey Ekiert sold the property at Bellview Drive, 26 Mitchell and Samantha Marie Martin for $ 237,000.

Brenton Carlini sold the property at 48 Forest Grove Road to Lyle Scott Nelson and Doreen Konchar for $ 275,000.

Douglas Mitro sold the property at 23 Francis Drive to Brian and Daniela Malone for $ 225,500.

Donald Paul sold the property at 605 Geyser Road to Theodore Sedlack and Shine Eisele for $ 145,297.

Donald Paul sold the property at 607 Geyser Road to Brandon Eisele for $ 50,500.

Robert Olech Jr. sold the 564 Thorncliffe Drive property to Keivie Properties LLC for $ 189,000.

Timothy Creson sold the 710 Valleyview Drive property to Ethan Healy and Alexis Ostrander for $ 860,000.


Donald Adams sold the property at 536 Border Street to Jacqueline Ann Guerneill for $ 132,500.

Nikolay Batko sold real estate at 1100D Chatham Park Drive to Larisa Strupek for $ 134,500.

Tej Lee sold the property at 832 Highpointe Cir to Parikshitkumar Parmar for $ 288,150.

Anthony Mazzocco sold the property at 3 Kerr Road to Joseph and Kara Lombardo for $ 200,300.

PJR Properties LLC sold the 365 Woodcliff Cir property to Stephanie Penfield for $ 160,000.

South fayette

Marianne Alvert sold the property at Unknown to Brandon and Britney Lunn for $ 288,400.

Eric Storm sold the property at 536 Third Avenue to Leonid and Sharon Chernyak for $ 180,300.

Louis Voll sold the property at 4197 Battle Ridge Road to Louis Voll III for $ 175,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings INC has sold the property at 2126 Bow St. Harry and Linda Santolin for $ 385,910.

William David Keerai II sold the 1537 Celebration Cir property to Douglas and Erin Barth for $ 665,000.

Matthew Provenzano sold the 1102 Gromwell Lane property to Jason and Alexis Lancelotti for $ 490,000.

Deanna Schuba sold the property at 2522 Hunting Ridge Trail to Roberto Mota Alvidres and Itzel Perez Reyes for $ 237,500.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 4312 Lafayette Drive to Suresh Kumar Chinnam and Monica Lakshmi Kodali for $ 509,885.

NVR INC sold the property at 4313 Lafayette Drive to Sadhana Oullagurla and Sumant Chakravarti Potharaj for $ 488,015.

Brandon Lunn sold the 202 Marshall Road property to Frank and Theresa McGuire for $ 180,000.

Samuel McCartney sold the 1109 Mohawk Road property to John Figurski II and others and David Glutch for $ 295,000.

John Eric Denison sold the property at 228 Olde Orchard Drive to Tanner Rossi for $ 156,250.

James Samuel Murako sold the property at 2943 Pinnacle Drive to William Kirey II for $ 485,777.

Bhanu Prakash Nallan Chakravartula sold the property at 1358 Sandstone Drive to Abbasi Begum and Ali Akbar Mohammed for $ 365,000.

Eric Miller sold the property at 1138 Sray Lane to Brian Dodd and Connie Liu for $ 445,000.

Joseph Bagnato’s estate sold the property at 209 Valley View Drive to Jason Farkas for $ 100,000.

Tom Merglovski Jr. sold the property at 229 Woodhaven Drive to John Wilson for $ 15,000.

Upper St Clair

Joseph Danardo sold the property at Unknown to Daniel and Jeanne Ruffing for $ 103,925.

John Boyd sold the property at 567 Aljo Drive to Joseph Luco for $ 356,000.

Jonathan Stein sold the property at 2532 Appletree Drive to Kiran Kuriakos and Anjana Chandrasekhara Pilla for $ 495,000.

Rex Waller sold the property at 159 E Lee, Boxfield Road, for $ 490,000.

Joseph Denardot sold the property at 2651 Hidden Valley Drive to Daniel and Jeanne Ruffing for $ 78,236.

Estate of Matthew Albera sold the property at 2221 Pleasantvue Circle to Craig and Diane Refosco for $ 380,000.

Michael Gastineau sold the property at 2381 Rexford Drive to David and Caitlin Vintruba for $ 356,500.

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