Real Estate Transactions at Carnegie Scott during the week of Aug 8, 2021




Fred Ayres III sold the 342 Church Street property to K&T Real Estate LLC for $ 80,000.

Mark Mariani sold his property at 1001 Grandview Ave. 201 to Michelle and Thomas Williams for $ 57,000.


Homeowners 101 LLC sold real estate at 200-212, Third Street to Citylife West for $ 363,500.

University Square No. 2 Inc. sold property at 4601 Fifth Ave. Unit 324 to Eric Peter and Frances Booker Vershuur for $ 71,790.

Jason Venturini sold the property at 425 Lincoln Avenue Courtney Mallis for $ 120,000.

Giorgio Five LLC has sold the property at 11-13 Station St. Jaime Rimkus-White for $ 220,000.


Raymond Bonkoski sold the property at 657 A Ridge Road to Gerald Bonkoski for $ 242,795.

John Kovacs sold the property at 53 Brook Street to Dante Imerito for $ 145,000.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at 4004 Coast Cir to Elizabeth Lee Piacente and Joseph Anthony Piacente, Jr. for $ 407,354.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold 4006 Coast Cir properties to David Rigatti and Sarah Weber for $ 424,219.

Brandon Pierce sold the property at 1155 St. Mellion Drive to Carol and Ralph Castellano for $ 744,000.

John Snyder sold the property at 4028 Thoms Run Road to Jessica Barrera for $ 575,000.


Chuck Gigllotti sold the property at 15 Mildred Street to Matthew Ruggieri for $ 319,000.

Hilda Richter’s estate sold the property at 38 Thomas Street to CPR Storage for $ 45,000.

Estate of Charles McArdle has sold the property at 77 W Steuben St. Heart 2 Heart LLC for $ 123,000.

Green Tree

Quality Home Investments LLC sold the property at 133 Rhodes Avenue to Kayla and Nicholas Farachi for $ 299,900.

Pennsbury Village

Benjamin Aiello sold the 706 Carriage Cir property to Guy Marasco IV and April Dawn Ramsey for $ 156,000.


Zheng Li sold the property at 403 Beech Drive to Abbas Zahir and Sayyed Sabina Zahra for $ 450,000.

Vicki Jones sold the 160 Cocktown Road property to Catherine Alida Crott and Christopher Coslin for $ 337,000.

Benjamin Crawford sold the property at 123 Cole Drive to Marissa Scalersio for $ 375,000.

The Estate of Milton Merryman sold the property at 284 Hickman Road to Two 284 Hickman Rd Tr for $ 100,000.

Kenneth Cowden II sold the property at 23 Kathleen Drive to Philip Booker for $ 170,000.

Stephen O’Connor sold the property at 1040 Silver Ln to Maria Jones and Ryan Zyss for $ 260,000.


Jacob Hathaway sold the property at 1380 Blue Jay Drive to Anthony Vietmeier for $ 250,000.

Carol Mineo sold the property at 1000 Chatham Park Drive, Blvd. J Ruhi Bajaj and Rajat Kumar for $ 136,500.

The Mary Ann Schrempp estate sold the property at 1500 Cochran Road Apt 804 to Margaret and Robert Douglas for $ 260,000.

Stephanie Lee Silansky sold the property at 2030 Elmbrook Ln to Kaitlyn Becker for $ 210,000.

Kumudham Rajendran sold the property at 2120 Greentree Road Apt 702E to Maryluise and Michael Vissell for $ 126,000.

Richard Francis Kelly sold the property at 1207 Grouse Drive to Georgette Farah for $ 190,000.

Pierre Enrico’s estate was sold at 453 Pierina Drive to Catherine and Stephen Abbondans for $ 195,500.

Karen Marie Zoller’s estate sold 709 Robinwood Drive to Katy Ann Willoughby and Walter Willoughby III for $ 220,000.

Cody Keyzel sold the property at 165 Woodridge Drive to Matthew Rubel for $ 216,000.

The Estate of Patrick Cassidy sold the property at 41 Wynnecliffe Drive to Remodel Pro LLC for $ 45,000.

South fayette

Trustee Donna Schmitt sold the property at an undisclosed address to Southside Legacy Properties LLC for $ 128,000.

NVR Inc. sold the property at 4,500 Brandywine Ct to Venkata Lakshmi Gutti and Ramakrishnan Kesavau for $ 453,090.

Frank Cherto sold the property at 6351 Club Drive to Kanike Avasti and Yogeshu Sharma for $ 325,000.

Trust Construction Services LLC sold the property at 813 Dutch Hill Road to Brian and Crystal O’Laughlin for $ 258,000.

Bhanu Narne sold the property at 6341 Oyster Bay Ct to Bhanu Narne and Sahiti Ravulapalli for $ 219,000.

Charter Homes At Hastings Inc. sold the property at 2122 Westcott Ln Javaria and Muhammad Arif for $ 294,990.

Larry Berkich’s estate was sold at 545 Winesap Drive to Marsha Hall for $ 159,900.

Brett Scheller sold the 8022 Woodcreek Drive property to Shannon Lee Mays for $ 345,000.

Upper St Clair

NVR Inc. sold the property at Unknown Address to Cecil Hass for $ 424,678.

Brent Colella sold the property at 1510 High Knolls Drive to Brian and Lisa Janssen for $ 430,000.

Stephen Recht sold the property at 1717 Hunters Path Ln to Eun Soo Kang and Barnabas Pochosu for $ 1,200,000.

Adrian Liberatore Jr. sold the property at Lattidome Drive 1406 to Jarrod and Michelle Ryder for $ 650,000.

Christopher Lee sold the property at 1761 Partridge Run Road to Tomer Israel for $ 470,000.

Stuart Pullar sold the property at 1491 Redfern Drive to Eugene and Stacey Westel for $ 540,000.

Brian Jackson sold the property at 2598 Rossmoor Drive to Courtney and Nicholas Yanov for $ 550,000.

Jane Zebraska’s estate sold 2322 Southwood Drive to Rachel and Trace Martic for $ 330,000.

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