Real estate transactions at Bethel Park during the week of June 27, 2021



Jeffrey Lardine sold the property for 1601 Calico Ct Jennifer Lynn Smith for $ 189,900.

Greg Browdigum sold the 981 Clifton Road property to Patricia Manchester for $ 236,000.

Donna Husar sold the 100 Gardenia Drive property to Robert Steinner II and Kenzie Cadman for $ 313,000.

The Margaret Cotts estate sold the property at 53 Highland Road to James Paul Mansmann for $ 119,000.

Stephen Hosella sold the property at 2114 Hillcrest St. Gary Messer for $ 180,000.

Michael Turske sold 5827 Irishtown Road to Rebecca Gates for $ 141,000.

Kimberly Evanco sold the property at 5658 to Janet Drive to Tanner and Sarah Kullback for $ 229,000.

Estate of Eugene Meehan sold the property at 306 Kendall Ln to Nicole McCourt for $ 132,000.

Christopher Marcisak sold the property at 2937 Kings Mill Road to Michael and Lauren Fix for $ 305,000.

Ralph Green, Jr. sold the property at 3201 Lenox Drive to James Brian Vechak and Jennifer Suzanne Weismantle for $ 164,000.

Trustee Robert Locastro sold the property at 4909 Library Road to Property 4 Bethel Park LLC for $ 502,500.

Matthew James Hirley sold the property at 662 Manoah Drive to Thomas and Alexa Wolfe for $ 289,000.

Patrick Clark sold the real estate at 326 Marshall Road to Lucas Hobbs and Carrie McKenna for $ 345,000.

Raymond Miller sold the property at 187 Spartan Drive to Mitch and Margot Russell for $ 299,900.

James David Bachman, Jr. sold the property at 3508 Thornwood Drive to Zachary Zimmer and Alain Fink for $ 176,000.

Graydon Cartmell sold 2310 Wells Drive to Dolores Lindblom for $ 209,900.

Real estate transactions provided by RealSTATs.


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