Real estate transactions at Bethel Park during the week of July 11, 2021



Sherman Auto Bath & Shower LP sold the property at 5999 Baptist Road to RLAD Car Wash Locations LLC for $ 576,000.

Robert Raimondi sold the 1256 Bethel Green Drive property to Michael and Kristen Patcher for $ 453,000.

Todd Thomas sold the property at 34 Conestoga Drive to James Samuels and Robin Chiyody for $ 236,000.

Bruce Smith sold the property on Copsewood Drive 925 to James and Jennifer Derby for $ 301,000.

Stephen Timpona sold the property at 1132 Grouse Run Drive to Colin and Brooke Flannery for $ 360,000.

Nancy Prisbilla sold the property at 659 Horning Road to Michelle Kearns for $ 100,000.

Lauren Inglis sold the property at 5016 Lindermer Ave. Shownu and Erin Martin for $ 218,000.

Dale Michael Puglisi sold the property at 5307 Main Street to Rimm Group LLC for $ 129,900.

Mary Margaret Boyd sold the property at 753 Marvle Valley Drive to Robert and Lauren Moore for $ 300,000.

Marylou Richter sold the property at 167 Rolling Road to Tyler and Taylor Quinn for $ 285,167.

Stephen Sakovitz sold the property at 5854 Shirley Drive to David Brockway for $ 198,500.

Stephen Dadovski sold the property at 194 Spartan Drive to Brad Jeffrey and Julie Marie Shamitko for $ 120,000.

Estate of Raymond Ortsey sold properties at Stonewood Drive, 186 Bhime Mishra and Netra Neopani for $ 320,000.

Trace Andew Martick sold 1006 Timberidge Drive to Zachary Slack and Alexis Repaso to Rockwell for $ 160,000.

Blair Koch sold 410 Timberidge Drive to Emily McNaughton for $ 138,000.

Estate of John Tobin has sold the property at 2812 W Munroe St. Melissa McGuire for $ 133,000.

HTE Housing LLC sold the property at 2814 Walnut St. Jarren Ohara for $ 165,000.

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