Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 1-June 4:

US Bank, NA to 1 Riverfront QOZB, LLC, Blk. 4, Market Plaza Renewal, $5,600,000.

Bottoms Up Real Estate Investments, LLC to City Of Colleges Development, LLC, 115 N. Taylor St., Little Rock, Ls1-5 B11, Pfeifer, $1,857,500.

Michael Nargi and The Michael Nargi Living Trust to Guarav Shar and Beenu Kaw, 155 Manitou Drive, Maumelle, L81, Osage Terrace Phase 2A, $1,260,000.

Elizabeth and Scott McLaughlin to Nicholas and Kristin Clark, 494 Ridgeway Drive, Little Rock, Ls3-5, Ella B. Watson, $1,095,000.

Angela Morgan and Kevin Edward Wimmer to David Bjorndahl and Whitney Keeton, L24, Robinwood Valley Phase I, $836,000.

Peye W. and Nancy P. Price to John and Marie Rians, 12 Chenal Circle, Little Rock, L31 B1, Chenal Valley, $780,000.

Charlotte Leigh Caroom Revocable Trust to Gynell Alexander Dickens and The Alexander Dickens Revocable Trust, Pt. NE 2-1N-14W, $750,000.

Kevin and Theresa Garland and The Kevin And Theresa Garland Revocable Family Trust to Stephen Russell and Kristen Diann Woods, 4001 Marsh Road, Little Rock, Pt. E/2 NW 14-1N-14W, $725,000.

Suntrust Bank to Genuine Parts Company, Pt. NW NE 5-1S-12W; L2, Baseline Square Shopping Center, $687,706.

Seth Ward III and The Anne Balch Ward Trust to Danielle M. and Barton Charles James, 14 Glenleigh Drive, Little Rock, L25, Robinwood Valley Phase I, $660,000.

Stephen K. and Debra K. Morrison to Alisa M. and William Royal Copeland III., 3409 W. Markham St., Little Rock, Ls1-2 B2, C. H. Taylor, $650,000.

Jeffrey W. and Christine G. Ward and The Jeffrey And Christine Ward Joint Revocable Trust to Jaime M. Wallace and Perry Zweber, 15706 Deer Trail Cove, North Little Rock, L15, Panther Mountain Estates, $635,000.

Scott and Desha McCluskey to Aaron Matthew and Cassandra Lynne Webb, 11129 Mine Road, Sherwood, L5, Silver Springs Unrecorded, $588,000.

Gregory Brett Smith and Frances Elizabeth Lyons to Randy Rankins, 14015 Overcreek Pass, Little Rock, L3 B17, Woodlands Edge, $585,000.

Alvin F. and Melinda K. Peer and The Alvin F. Peer And Melinda K. Peer Revocable Trust to Ben W. and Mary Crismon, 20 Bellegarde Drive, Little Rock, L84 B36, Chenal Valley, $575,000.

Rector-Phillips-Morse, Inc. to Michael Todd Upton, 115 Belles Fleurs Blvd., Little Rock, L51, Belles Fleurs, $508,500.

Christopher Brian Cox to Bruce Edward and Lynnda Sharon Ross, L33 B56, Chenal Valley, $488,000.

Connie E. and Ronald A. Garner Jr., to Connie J. Hefley, Hunter Spence and Hannah Spence, 46 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L23 B3, Chenal Valley, $470,000.

Andrew and Adriane Miller to Brian and Micha Huskey, 9333 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L5 B9, Creekside, $464,000.

Victor K. and Chelsey M. S. Trout to Courtney M. and James S. Cox, 3415 Buckhorn Trail, Little Rock, L108 B2, Woodlands Edge, $460,000.

Ferguson Building Enterprise, LLC to Theodore Alan and Stephanie Marlene Clouser, 34227 Lakeview West Road, Roland, L5, Lakeview West, $460,000.

Kenneth Wade Wilsey and The Kenneth Wade Wilsey Living Trust to James and Sandra Hagler, 22 Bayonne Court, Little Rock, L30 B25, Chenal Valley, $450,000.

Joshua August and Lauren Sadka Daily and The Joshua And Lauren Daily Living Trust to Kevin and Theresa Garland and The Garland Revocable Family Trust, L15 B11, The Villages Of Wellington, $450,000.

Thomas W. and Diane H. Freeman to Joshua M. and Ashley Eichhorn, 6 Westchester Court, Little Rock, L23, Westchester Phase II-A, $435,000.

Laura Ann Fletcher and The Laura Ann Fletcher Living Revocable Trust to Anthony L. and Kelly K. Lee, 1 Grayan Court, Little Rock, L13 B25, Chenal Valley, $433,750.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Jordan Ghent and Kenady Neal, 29 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L14 B56, Chenal Valley, $425,475.

Eranesha L. and Brandon B. Cochran to Shannon M. and Taylor L. Steele, 9301 Sunset Creek Cove, Sherwood, L5 B10, Creekside, $419,500.

Deere Builders, LLC to Amanda C. and Shanon R. Hill, 9825 Laurel Oak Drive, Sherwood, L41, Miller Heights Phase III, $416,000.

Ronald R. and Janice A. Burris to Linda Susan Ingram-Cox, 9 Lanes End, Little Rock, L159, The Ranch, $415,000.

Charles Roger and Mia J. Syms to Teddy Skokos, 44 Calais Court, Little Rock, L16 B89, Chenal Valley, $401,800.

Jane Proffitt and The Jane Proffitt Revocable Trust/The Jan E. Proffitt Kelly Revocable Trust to Jeff Stephens and The Jeff Stephens Revocable Trust, L11 B14, The Villages Of Wellington, $399,500.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC to Jeffrey A. and Cambrie M. Dorrity, L77 B2, Copper Run Phase II, $399,000.

Howard Development Group, LLC to Susan and Roger Marion, 96 Clervaux Drive, Little Rock, L23 B71, Chenal Valley, $395,000.

Morgan Baden/Morgan Maxwell and Thomas Maxwell to Melissa Jean Brown and Charles Lasley, 300 Wellington Woods Loop, Little Rock, L11 B12, The Villages Of Wellington, $395,000.

David Keith Jones and The Lindy V. Bollen Family Trust to Yaar Partners, LLC, 1432 Braden St., Jacksonville, L2, Bollen Commercial, $395,000.

Charles Mackey to Judie Rahman, 1524 Mountain Drive, Little Rock, L143, Leawood Manor Second, $386,500.

Timothy C. Shipp to Rizwan and Reshman Rizwan Surani, 38 Bristol Court, Little Rock, L10 B20, The Villages Of Wellington, $379,500.

Andrea Wood Dixon and The Gary P. Wood Family Trust to OJFA Holdings, LLC, L242, Osage Falls Phase III-A, $375,000.

Lilac, LLC to DD9 Sherwood, LLC, 1510 Country Club Road, Sherwood, L1, Tropical Smoothie Cafe, $355,272.

Ruth J. James to Carla G. Grayson, 2705 Calico Creek Drive, North Little Rock, L6 B38, Overbrook, $350,000.

Mel and Jill Hutchins to Terry Norman and Shelia H. Cruce, 134 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L375, Country Club, $350,000.

99Cummins Sales, LLC to Billy Joe Ralston, 512 E. Justice Road, Cabot, L5, Ben E. Rice Trust Unrecorded, $345,000.

Robert Edward and Laura F. Morales to Reid C. Shelton and Jenella J. Young, 3905 Oakwood Road, Little Rock, Ls3-4 B3, Oakwood Place, $335,000.

Erin Siobhan Lynch Mason and The Thomas Joseph Lynch Revocable Trust to Andrew and Erin Mason, 13211 Ridgehaven Road, Little Rock, L122, Carriage Creek Phase II, $330,000.

Beau S. and Lindsey T. Fugitt to Thomas James and Beck Gibson Thompson, 3109 Hickory Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L3 B3, Woodruff Valley, $330,000.

Paul A. and Kellie Severson to Max T. and Sarah L. Mallory, 2016 Glenn Arbor Court, Sherwood, L33 B1, Glenn Hills Phase 2, $330,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Kelly Davis, L1 B1, Copper Run Phase I, $329,900.

Sara Christine Clevenger Wygal and The Sara Jane Blissit Clevenger Revocable Trust to Trent M. and Cristiana DeLong, 6 Portia Drive, Little Rock, L114, Longlea, $328,000.

Jack Cotton, Jason Hudson and Pinnacle East to Calhoun Custom Construction, LLC, 213 S. Park St., Little Rock, Ls5-6 B8, Capitol View; Ls4-5 B3 & L3 B2, Plunkett’s Second, $325,000.

Ashley M. Blankenship and The Ashley Marie Blankenship Revocable Trust to Josef Dalaeli and James McHendry, 4903 Lafayette Ave., Little Rock, L2, Olmsted Replat- Blevin’s/Stempel’s, $315,000.

Deere Construction, LLC to Justin Riley and Veronica Marie Click, 9725 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L11, Millers Glen Phase 4, $305,000.

Christopher and Sara Baker to Jeffrey W. and Christine G. Ward and The Jeffrey And Christine Ward Joint Revocable Trust, L1581, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase 23, $302,000.

David and Tamara O’Neal to Fred W. and Carolyn R. Walker, 122 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L18 B22, Maumelle Valley Estates, $301,000.

Premier Bank Of Arkansas and First Community Bank Of Eastern Arkansas to Zakir, Inc., 5307 Mabelvale Pike, Little Rock, Pt. SW SW 19-1N-12W, $300,000.

Benjamin S. and Jennifer S. Bienvenu to Samuel Olson, 1507 Cumberland St., Little Rock, Ls2-4 B50, Original City Of Little Rock, $299,000.

Joshua and Brandy White to Timothy and Amanda Landreth, 106 Riverview Drive, Maumelle, L3 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $295,000.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Benjamin Riley Thomson and Carley Ann Cato, 20 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock, L23 B3, Copper Run Phase II, $291,853.

Carlos and Tanya Santiago to John D. and Sally E. Carson, 112 Orchid Drive, Maumelle, L86, Waterside Replat, $290,000.

Renato Gayatao and Sandra Francisco to Matthew and Charity Arnold, 6740 Waterview Place, Sherwood, L33, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $289,900.

Edmund P. Balducci to Anna Gevorgyan, 1 Patriot Court, Little Rock, L69, Pebble Beach Park, $285,000.

Timothy W. and Debra A. Grooms to Charles S. and Susann L. Winscott, L27 B8, East Meadow, $285,000.

Larry Walden, LLC to Quyen Doan, L3, Millers Glen Phase 4, $283,500.

Autumn L. Bruckman Wolenbarger to 53 Lefever Lane, LLC, L595, Kingwood Place, $280,000.

Menco Construction, LLC to Matt and Carla Vermillion, 9800 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L26, Millers Glen Phase 4, $280,000.

Stephen Taylor and Kelsey Elaine Dellinger to Christopher and Paige Cullins, 7357 W. Ridge Circle, Sherwood, L15 B1, Gap Creek, $280,000.

William C. and Amy J. Douglas to Amanda Gail and Jerry Paul Armstrong Jr., 2123 Arkansas Valley Drive, Little Rock, L1 B43, Pleasant Valley, $280,000.

Levern and Emma J. Credit to Benjamin M. and Jenna Proeschel, 507 N. Walkers Corner Road, Scott, L20R, Cypress View, $279,000.

Vicky L. Bradley and The Marie Hartness Living Trust to Brenda Ann McKee, 6800 Austin Bay Court, Sherwood, L65, Austin Lakes On The Bay, $276,000.

Hunter S. and Hannah Spence to Nikkie Lea Davis, 10706 Watson Road, North Little Rock, L2-R, Lybrand; Pt. SW SW 6-3N-11W, $275,000.

Bok Ja Gregory to Danielle N. and William L. Kennedy, 144 Orleans Drive, Maumelle, L746R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $270,000.

Signe Rebolledo to Adam Leonard Ness, 3410 I St., Little Rock, Ls7-9 B6, East Pulaski Heights, $270,000.

James R. and Tracy E. Rice to Andrew Reid and Eryn Nicole Veach, 12473 Southridge Drive, Little Rock, L4 B5, Walton Heights, $265,000.

Cope Homes, Inc. to Tiffany Lynn and John J. Riley, 5204 Dequincy St., Jacksonville, L1, Jaxon Terrace Phase 14A, $264,670.

Justin E. Martin to Robert Brooks Lewis and Carolyn Dalaney Thomas, 4 Janwood Drive, Little Rock, L169, Leawood Manor, $260,000.

Roger L. and Keri Y. Williams and The Roger L. Williams And Keri Y. Williams Living Trust to Kayla and Aaron Dempsey, 4 Ouachita Drive, Maumelle, L82, Edgewater Phase II, $259,500.

Stephen and Tracy Lagasse to Rachel Burton and Karl Hanson, 6 Nob View Circle, Little Rock, L217, Leawood Heights Third, $257,000.

Marcia L. Chapman and The Chapman Living Trust to Hanafi G. and Novita Saputera, 14208 Westbury Drive, Little Rock, L12, Westbury Phase I, $256,500.

Kathleen Backers, Linda Williams, Victor Ventrano Jr., and The Ventrano Family Revocable Trust to Katy M. Smythe, L41, Valley View Court, $255,000.

James W. Amyett Jr., to Gary B. and Raymona L. Ellison, 10601 Yosemite Valley Drive, Little Rock, L16 B44, Pleasant Valley, $253,500.

Mike Gowen, Inc. to Hal Joseph and Phyllis Ann Kemp, L13 B3, Altheimer, $250,000.

No. 40 Real Estate Partnership, LLC to Wholesalers Property Co., LLC, 10224 Sibley Hole Road, Little Rock, Pt. SE NW 3-1S-13W, $250,000.

William H. and Pnnee S. Vickers to Jeffrey Lewis and Kibbie Michelle Ogan, 17 Canadian Cove, Maumelle, L80, Riverland, $245,000.

XOXO Homes, LLC to A. & A. Investments, LLC, Ls1-3 & 10 B2, Fulton, $240,000.

Top Level Properties, LLC to Nastasya Jabaly, 378 Goshen Ave., North Little Rock, Ls18-19 B128, Park Hill NLR, $240,000.

Chris Sherman to Preston L. and Tanya L. Spears, 213 Congressional Circle, Little Rock, L151, Kenwood Estates Phase 3, $240,000.

Timothy Allen Milakov to Judy S. Smith and The 2114 Old Forge Drive Revocable Trust, L233, Sturbridge Phase IV, $237,000.

Keith J. and Michaela A. Cozad to Terry L. Cassity, 6900 Incas Drive, North Little Rock, L26 B27, Indian Hills, $233,000.

Joel W. and Collin J. McGowan to Matthew F. and Christine B. Smith, 26 Foxcroft Village Drive, Little Rock, L9, Foxcroft Village, $232,500.

Peggy S. Carter to Michael Larson and Roylee Brown, 923 N. McKinley St., Little Rock, L8 B13, Pleasant Hill, $232,000.

Sara Czeschin to Bryce Wall, 124 N. Palm St., Little Rock, L7 B6, Elmhurst, $229,500.

Elizabeth Wahl and The Brown Living Trust to Gallen and Leslie Stokes, L17 B3, CS Stifft, $229,000.

Donna S. Little/Donna S. Sadler and Steven W. Little to James Christian, 305 Cambridge Place Drive, Little Rock, Apt. 305, Cambridge Place HPR, $226,500.

Brian Thomas Vandegrift to Lucy Ellen Towbin, 2418 S. State St., Little Rock, Ls11-12 B17, Weldon E. Wright, $226,000.

L Squared Properties, LLC to Hollastay, LLC, 214 Curtis Sykes Drive, North Little Rock, Ls14-16 B2, Davis, $225,000.

Gillian Chastain and Cliff Caleb Hutchison to Katherine Elizabeth Williamson, 2005 S. State St., Little Rock, L2 B8, Weldon E. Wright, $225,000.

Larry Dean Heiss to Olivia N. Palmer, 1119 W. Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, L11 B1, Parkridge, $220,000.

Roy C. Schultz Jr., to Darielle and Tremayne Pearson Jr., 3 Eisenhower Cove, Maumelle, L232, West Pointe, $220,000.

Riviera Partners, LLC to Charles and Page Ercanbrack, 3700 Cantrell, Apt. 412, Little Rock, Unit 412, Riviera HPR, $215,000.

James Y. and Karen Hannahs Suen to Moriah Holloway and Wesley White, 2 Ohio Cove, Little Rock, L1, Powell, $215,000.

Jefferson D. and Theresa M. Stalnaker to Christopher Todd Green/C. Todd Green, 315 Rock St., Little Rock, Unit 1404, River Market Tower HPR, $212,500.

Rev320 Promise, Inc. and Today’s Office, Inc. to Eighth Street Foundation, Ls5-6 B176, Original City Of Little Rock, $210,000.

Ross Ventures, LLC to Abby Berry, 239 East A Ave., North Little Rock, L10 B9, Park Hill NLR, $208,000.

John Leonard and Sandra Sue Hall to Samuel and Michelle Hudson, 7 Post Oak Loop, Sherwood, L4 B10, Oakbrooke Phase VI, $204,000.

Michael Enderlin to Teri Lynn Loven, 300 E. Third St., Unit 605, Little Rock, Unit 605, 300 Third HPR, $203,000.

Martin Zermatten, Lora Meier, and The Prindle Family Revocable Trust to Morrisha Williams, 6 Emerald Drive, Maumelle, L206R, North Pointe Replat, $202,000.

Two Sisters Properties, LLC to Latisha and Stephen D. Young Jr., 323 W. Seventh St., North Little Rock, L6 B10, Clendennin’s Annex, $201,000.

Steven K. Pawloski to Christopher B. and Tina E. Hibbs, 3501 S. Ridge Drive, Jacksonville, L51F, Western Hills Phase II, $200,000.

Samuel E. Harris to Sylvia Cevallos, 103 Crystalwood Court, Little Rock, L36, Crystalwood, $200,000.

Janice C. Miles to Spencer Duane Clausen, Sarah Brady Kemper, Duane Clausen and Kathleen Clausen, 11 Nancy Lopez Court, Maumelle, L14, Country Club Villas, $200,000.

Christopher and Elizabeth Boschetti to Blake B. Daniel, 2610 Creekside Drive, Little Rock, L28, Sandpiper Creek, $198,000.

James M. Pickard and The J. M. Pickard Trust to MKM Investments-Midtown, LLC, 1315 & 1319 Broadway, Little Rock, Ls4-5 B199, Original City Of Little Rock, $195,000.

Carman Properties, LLC to Stephenie Ann Cook and Teresa Lynn Rosenberry, 4501 Glenmere Road, North Little Rock, L1 B5, Lakewood, $195,000.

Martha A. Wilcox-Palmer and Tommy Palmer to William L. and Karen L. Cole, 2606 Echo Valley Drive, Little Rock, L1, Echo Valley Manor, $192,500.

Tamara D. Agard to Desiree and Stephen Ertz, 2510 S. Izard St., Little Rock, L10R B32, Kimball’s South Park Replat, $190,000.

Donald Roger and Susan Stanton Marion to Madison Duncan and Dillon Drabble, 6 Cherry Leaf Cove, Little Rock, L24 B13, Cherry Creek, $189,900.

Lauren Oglesby to Ashley Smith, 28 Kingsbridge Way, Little Rock, Apt. 28, Kingsbridge Townhomes HPR Phase III, $186,000.

Clay H. and Vivian L. Hunter to Pixel Properties, LLC, 18 McGovern Drive, Little Rock, L22 B6, Breckenridge First, $185,100.

REI Nation, LLC to Jacob Colby Crabb, 2121 Northeastern Ave., Jacksonville, L12B, Jenny Lynn Replat, $185,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Caitlyn Fregeau, 1800 Honeycomb St., Sherwood, L9 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $181,600.

Wayne E. Brown to Felecia L. McHenry, 707 Edinburgh Lane, Jacksonville, L458, Stonewall Phase IV-C, $180,000.

Taylor L. Steele/Taylor L. May to Debbye L. Petre, L14 B7, East Meadow, $179,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Lynquita Kadiri, 11124 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L28 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $178,400.

Winston and Willa Shields to Jackson Acuff and Riley Osborne, 3721 Idlewild Ave., North Little Rock, L22 B60, Park Hill NLR, $178,000.

Fred Williams to Kadi L. R. and Sean Lindsey, 421 Johnson St., Little Rock, Lot B, Snyderman Replat- Boone’s, $175,000.

Christine L. Patrick to Lin Holding, LLC and Lin Real Estate, LLC, 7706 Leawood Blvd., Little Rock, L40, Leawood Heights First, $175,000.

American Services, LLC to Brix Property Group, LLC, 8405 Evergreen, Little Rock, L206, Leawood Manor Second, $175,000.

Steven William and Lee Ann Spears to Jonathon Rasburry and Michelle McVay, 8703 Cayuga Lane, Sherwood, L2, Indianhead Lake Estates Annex, $175,000.

Zachary Ryan and Julie Marie Ray to Myron Henry, 2116 Nichols Road, Little Rock, L19 B3, Hick’s Interurban, $170,000.

Mary E. Rumbach to Edmond Ray Barnes Jr., 7 Redleaf Circle, Little Rock, L20 B2, Crystal Valley Manor, $169,900.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Dionna Walton and Deshun Robinson Jr., 3 Diamanitina Way, Little Rock, L7, Wisteria, $169,275.

Matthew Steven Coffey and Emily F. Coffey/Emily F. Williams to Rachel Weiler, 272 Plainview Circle, North Little Rock, L11 B8, Park Hill NLR, $167,000.

Ozark Candies And Nuts, Inc. to Taylor Fleming, Pt. NW NE 7-2N-12W, $165,000.

Camille Johnson Life to Grace Realty, LLC, L383, Pleasantree First, $163,000.

TCB Investments, LLC to Douglas L. Rummell and Danielle Emily Ami Wimhurst, 2113 & 2115 Scotty Court, Little Rock, L15, Scotty Cove, $160,000.

REI Nation, LLC to Jeffrey Bethke and Jesse Bollinger, 103 Richmond Court, Jacksonville, L213, Stonewall Phase II, $160,000.

Ron Pitts and The Estate Of John Stephen Maxey(dec’d) to Six Bridges Properties, LLC, 1006 Loretta Lane, Little Rock, L107, Leawood Heights Second, $158,000.

John Milner to Michael W. and Kerry K. Martin, Pt. NE SE 13-3N-12W, $157,500.

Talor A. Beene/Talor A. Shumaker to Carman Brown, 5 Page Cove, Maumelle, L55, Kingspark, $155,000.

Sandra Jean and Von Webber Freeman II., to Tony R. Curtis, 1201 Louisiana St., Apt. 4, Little Rock, Apt. 4R, The Quarters Condominium HPR, $155,000.

James O. Young to James Alfred and Georgia Marie Davis, 1 Stoneledge Drive, Maumelle, L1, Stoneledge Phase I, $155,000.

Lakeview West, LLC to George Gray and Dottie Townsend, L6, Lakeview West Phase I, $150,000.

Karen Ray Mason to Sarah Tate, 2717 Roberts Road, Little Rock, Pt. NW SE 30-1N-14W, $150,000.


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