Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded July 12-July 16:

Queensgate Associates to Monarche Meadows AG, 9200 N. Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, L15R, Towne Oaks, $7,666,908.

Roach Limited Partnership No. 1 to Momi Holdings, LLC, 1500 Macon Drive, Little Rock, L40, Charles Valley Phase II, $3,250,000.

Path Estates, LLC to 4850 Northshore Holdings, LLC, L5 B8, Northshore Business Park, $2,100,000.

Golden Group, Inc. to Dashmesh Express, Inc., L1, Forbing; Kari Replat- Arnold’s Highway Acres, $1,200,000.

JLP, LLC to Lindham, LLC, 10 Spear Road, North Little Rock, L55, Walter No. 3; L142, Nelridge No. 3; L1, Nelridge; Pt. Blk. 178, Rich Acres- Mrs. MA Miller’s Plantation; Plot A B1, Moore’s Glendale (see Doc For 15 More Parcels), $1,200,000.

Thomas G. and Anita Starnes to Gary and Theresa Long, Pt. SW NE, Pt. SE NE & Pt. NW SE 30-2N-14W, $850,000.

John Mitchell and The Estate Of Howard Lynn Mitchell(dec’d) to Jackson and Danielle Wheat, Units V, VII, VIII & IX, The Pulaski Homestead Association, Inc., $791,000.

Syed Ayub Mazher and Sadaf M. Hason to Brent L. and Allison L. Thompson, 112 Sezanne Court, Little Rock, L46 B125, Chenal Valley, $765,000.

Ashley D. Jensen and The Trust Me Revocable Trust to Christina Lianne Centofante, Pt. NE SE 18-3N-14W, $700,000.

JPL Construction, LLC to Payton and Chelsea Seelinger, 6709 Kenwood Road, Cammack Village, L96, Cammack Woods, $694,900.

Garner And Hubbard Investments, LLC to 15200 Arch St. MHP, LLC, 15200 Arch St., Little Rock, Pt. N/2 SW SE 20-1S-12W, $685,750.

ZP Management And Investment Company to Murry E. Newbern, Unit 1102, Riviera HPR, $685,000.

Joni L. and Jesse A. Munn Jr., to Daniel and Jessica Emison, 112 Weatherstone Cove, Little Rock, L29 B17, Woodlands Edge, $685,000.

Commissioner In Circuit to Riverside Bank, 5421 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, L6 B9, Newton, $624,265.

Joshua David Pekofsky and Melissa Corine Fraum to Nureddin Lamaddah and Reim Alasgaa, 20 Mirabel Court, Little Rock, L16 B105, Chenal Valley, $609,000.

Joshua and Lori Shemper to Cathy J. Cox-Phillips and John W. Phillips, 149 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, L23 B33, Pleasant Valley, $564,900.

Steve L. and Mary J. Jones and The Jones Family Trust to Tim L. Edwards, Pt. NW 18-1S-10W, $550,000.

Jeffrey S. and Stacia W. Grimes to Greg and Carolyn Steinbeck, Pt. NE SE 29-2N-14W, $530,000.

Jon David and Kristi Lake Fuller to Justin A. and Ashley A. Blackwood, 41 Epernay Circle, Little Rock, L22 B72, Chenal Valley, $500,000.

Linda Sue Smith Griffin Ensminger to Garcier and Barbara LaCamppiello, 13700 Saddle Hill Drive, Little Rock, L69, Pleasant Heights Phase I, $490,000.

Robert F. and Jane P. Wayland to Mark Waldrip and The Mark Waldrip Revocable Trust, 300 East Third St., Apt. 801, Little Rock, Unit 801, 300 Third HPR, $487,500.

Bill E. Robinson to Wilsharo Scott, 13515 Christopher Drive, Little Rock, L528, Longlea Phase VIII-W, $474,900.

Gregory W. and Kristin G. Weaver and The Weaver Family Trust to Eric Jason and Sandy A. Miller, 624 Epernay Place, Little Rock, L22 B80, Chenal Valley, $470,000.

Donald Arthur Deems III., to David and Martha Cherry, 3 Broadview Terrace, Little Rock, L3, Broadview Terrace, $455,000.

Thomas Daniel and Tricia Crimmins to Rahim Rehmatullah, 68 Tournay Circle, Little Rock, L37 B68, Chenal Valley, $446,000.

Gray Properties, LLC to Cynthia T. Staley and The Lewes-E. S. Revocable Living Trust, Unit 2, River Hills HPR 1, $445,000.

Hapo, LLC to James Michael and Miki C. Holder and The Holder Family Revocable Trust, L13, Osage Terrace Phase I-B, $425,400.

JWJ Investments, LLC to Keisha Properties, LLC, 2001 Ark. 161, North Little Rock, Pt. N/2 SE 29-2N-11W, $420,000.

Phillip Weinstein and The Marilyn B. Weinstein Trust to Gregory F. Griffeth, 7500 Rockwood Road, Little Rock, Pt. NW 25 & Pt. SW 24-2N-13W; Lot R, Kingwood Place/ L1, River Oaks, $415,000.

James A. and Deborah Lewis to Joseph and Carmen Marie Baguio, 117 Grenoble Circle, Maumelle, L589R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $409,900.

Pamela S. Hall to Michael Halona and Daniel Smith, 8701 Headwater Drive, Sherwood, L9 B1, Creekside, $385,000.

Midsouth Property Management, LLC to John R. and Christina Bohannon, 9765 Cliffside Drive, Sherwood, L29 B9, Creekside, $382,000.

John W. and Connie S. Norris to Erin and Terry G. Fuell II., 120 Majestic Circle, Maumelle, L92 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $381,000.

Kelly Sue Johnson Loy to Sharon Kay Blevins and The Sharon Kay Blevins Living Trust, L24 B3, Wildwood Place, $380,000.

Meshach V. and Cathaline R. Samuel to Scott A. and Cari A. Mickelson, 162 Bald Eagle Drive, Paron, L25, Eagle Ridge Estates, $370,000.

Winston C. and Ruby Jean Woodard to Carl Lewis Porter, L162, Ashley Downs Phase I, $360,000.

Latisha Dawana White to Brittany Benton, 8701 E. Woodruff Ave., Sherwood, L8 B6, Creekside, $360,000.

Ryan Leo and Courtney Anne Bobsein to Jason Lawrence Nothner and Rachell Lynn Bothner, 148 Marseille Drive, Maumelle, L368, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $360,000.

John Michael and Edwina P. Newsom to Jack A. and Carolyn K. Wilson, 102 Turtle Creek Cove, Maumelle, L5, Turtle Creek Cove, $355,000.

Jeremy and Jessica McAlister to James Ryan Harfield and Valerie Aileen Lumpkins, 4008 Wesley Drive, Little Rock, L55, Charleston Heights Phase I, $351,000.

Arlene B. Kennedy to Melodee L. Sellers and The Melodee Sellers Trust, 2812 Mossy Creek Drive, Little Rock, L7 B6, Woodlands Edge, $345,000.

Bryan T. and Jennifer J. Toland to Matthew Brian and Mary Elizabeth Calland, 105 Little Creek Road, Sherwood, L8 B27, Overbrook, $335,000.

Mickey and Allison Schuetzle to Antujuan and Andrea Terry, 2832 Diamond Cove, Sherwood, L27 B11, Stonehill Phase IV, $330,000.

John R. Hanks Construction Co., Inc. to Shannon Hanks, 26 Caurel Court, Little Rock, L20 B56, Chenal Valley, $330,000.

Judie L. Rahman to Baker Dane and Victoria K. Helton, 9 Pontalba Drive, Little Rock, L94, St. Charles, $320,000.

Daniel P. Rice, Heather Neal-Rice/Heather Rice to Reece T. Pontious, 103 Fawnwood, Jacksonville, L503RR, Northlake Phase XII-A, $317,000.

Carol A. Borkowski and The Carol A. Borkowski Revocable Trust to Thomas A. and Lindsay K. Ghormley, 808 Lasalle Drive, Little Rock, L803, St. Charles, $315,000.

Ferguson Homes & Construction, LLC to Fernando and Francyne Rolon, 9609 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L5, Miller’s Glen Phase 3, $310,000.

Andrew Wayne and Christina Marie Smith and The Smith Living Trust to Preston Richard and Lauren Renee Trimble, 600 Gillette Drive, Little Rock, L16, Wingfield, $310,000.

Virginia Sue Buck to Marcia M. Smith and The Smith Family Trust, L8 B1, McGehee, $299,000.

Lenear H. David to Stacey L. Hughes, 24 Congressional Drive, Little Rock, L12, Kenwood Estates Phase 2, $299,000.

John Everette Via to Clay Partridge, L10 B3, Shady Valley, $298,500.

Deere Construction, LLC to Ismail Demir and Elif Ozturk, 844 Oak Forest Circle, Sherwood, L16, Millers Glen Phase 5, $297,000.

Rom’s Roofing, Inc. to Tiara Letriece Smith, 2817 Moonstone Cove, Sherwood, L52 B11, Stonehill Phase V, $295,000.

Thomas Benjamin and Julia Vaught Sears to Nathan Lowman, 14606 Woodcreek Drive, Little Rock, L2 B5, Woodcreek, $291,000.

RQM, LLC to Timothy J. Cullen, 7302 M St., Little Rock, L17 B15, Riffel & Rhoton’s Forest Park Highlands, $289,900.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Holly V. Vetsch, 1 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L29, Carnahan Village, $286,000.

Betty K. Peden to Lydia Loveless, L39 B2, Taylor Park Phase II, $285,000.

Julie Wax to Charles E. G. Gorman, 36 Derrberry Forest Circle, Little Rock, L124, Brodie Creek Community, $285,000.

Copestone Investments, Inc. to Edward Houston, 13920 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott, L167, Ashley Downs Phase I, $282,644.

Gregory A. and Cynthia Williamson to Docia Jones, 31 Montvale Drive, Little Rock, L67, Pebble Beach Estates Phase I, $280,000.

Braylen Deshun and Jennifer L. Mack to Lavern and Reginald Sampson, 9524 Journey Drive, Sherwood, L247, Miller’s Crossing Phase 4, $279,950.

EverVest, LLC to Waltin Zomaya, 224 Johnson St., Little Rock, L12 B3, CS Stifft, $277,000.

Zebb L. and Ashley J. Crofut to Patricia and Daniel Richards and The Richards Living Trust, 2925 Rock Ridge Drive, Sherwood, L7 B14, Stonewall Phase V, $275,000.

Phillip Wells to Connie Dianne Thomas and The Connie Dianne Thomas Trust, 52 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock, L21 B2, Taylor Park Phase II, $270,000.

Thomas Joseph and The Thomas Joseph And Philomina O. Thuruthumaly Revocable Trust to Chris Flake, 701 N. Tyler St., Little Rock, Ls9-10 B16, Lincoln Park, $269,500.

Lisa L. Seward to Sean Edward and Tamala Doolin, 8 Sugarloaf Circle, Maumelle, L348, Edgewater Phase II, $260,000.

Don G. Troutt to Lasandra Rogers, 7639 Deer Meadows Court, Sherwood, L10 B2, Gap Creek, $255,000.

Vernon T. and Joan C. Smithson to Kusum Pandat, L6, Governor’s Manor PRD- Capital Lake Estates, $255,000.

Rose M. Tabor to Alan Nussbaum, L14, Hunter’s Green Estates, $255,000.

William D. and Tera O. Ryan to Benjamin Tylor and Kelly Standley, 4200 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock, L22 B69, Lakewood, $254,000.

Michael B. and Stacey L. Clayton to Chody James and Autumn Sweeney, 4 Putter Cove, Sherwood, L11, Fairway Park, $250,000.

Thomas and Abigail Nichols to Ben and Shanna Weddle, 3205 Summit Court, Little Rock, L186, Echo Valley Second, $245,000.

Michael Wai-Kay Carenbauer and Rebekah Michelle Meeks to Gillian Chastain and Clifford Caleb Hutchison, 215 W. 21st St., Little Rock, Ls1-2, Fulton, $245,000.

Joseph E. and Brittany Olson to Brannon Kidd, 2109 Airborn Drive, Jacksonville, L290, Base Meadows Phase IV, $240,000.

Patrick Turner to Joshua L. Maza, 2924 Jack Mann Road, Little Rock, Pt. NE NW 14-1N-14W, $239,900.

Johnny Richard Woodley Jr., Telina Woodley, Tina Woodley to Jordan Ray and Colleen Larae Jackson, 6000 Reveille Court, Jacksonville, L168, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $235,000.

Sam and Lori Wenger to William Alexander and Kyndal Rayne Harbison, 10 Gaslight Square, North Little Rock, L9, Gas Light Square, $235,000.

Squires Properties, LLC to Clear Diamond, LLC, L8 B5, Northshore Business Park, $235,000.

Mae F. and Stacey L. Hughes to Britany and James Sullivan Jr., 12005 Cherrystone Circle, Little Rock, L30, Otter Creek Community Phase I, $232,000.

Mary M. Dunaway to Kyla K. and Desmond B. Gulley, 7002 Princess Drive, Little Rock, L211 & Parcel C, Briarwood Replat, $231,000.

Michael Conrad Dennis to Tally L. Thornton, 5 Mont Blanc Cove, Maumelle, L75, North Ridge, $231,000.

AB & TP, LLC to Catheirne Large, 25325 Sunshine Lane, Hensley, Pt. NE NW 30-2S-11W, $230,000.

Ryan A. Scott and Amber L. Scott/Amber L. Marcantel to Jessica B. Slaughter, 5940 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B3, Countryside, $225,000.

Jill Courtney Brooks and The Davis Family Revocable Trust to Isaac and Michelle Jaime, 102 Berkshire Circle, Jacksonville, L47, Stonewall Phase I-A, $225,000.

Thomas R. Travis Jr., to Clyde H. and Joyce Snider, 137 Deauville Drive, Maumelle, L201, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $220,000.

Daniel Fraleigh to Irving Sastorga and Aylin Heredia, 1013 Puritan Drive, Jacksonville, L13, Jaxon Terrace Phase 10, $220,000.

Rick C. and Dana Lynne Rowlett to Jerrick House, 3905 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock, L15 B70, Lakewood, $218,000.

Lawrence Anderson Jr., to Stephen Jones, 170 Auriel Circle, Maumelle, L927, The Country Club Arkansas Phase XIV-B, $216,000.

Donald G. and Kelly Jo Benson to Kevin C. Ballentine and David Boerner, 8324 Leatrice Drive, Little Rock, L97, Sheraton Park Section D, $215,000.

Garold L. and Joyce J. White to Amanda Freeman and Derrick Watson, 620 Nottingham Cove, Jacksonville, L340, Stonewall Phase IV-C, $212,000.

Wendy Anne Brandon and The Carolyn Polk Living Trust to Jonathan William and Stephanie Johnson Wedell, 3400 Ridge Pass Court, Little Rock, L33, Echo Valley First, $210,000.

Sarah Anne Vestal and The Sarah Ann Vestal Revocable Trust to Ryan James Mooney and Ella Cathrine Whaley, 7204 Richwood Road, Little Rock, L440, Kingwood Place, $209,500.

Thomas E. Ghormley to Janie Morgan Moore, 7210 W. Markham St., Little Rock, Pt. NW NW 1-1N-13W, $207,000.

June Hipp to Lakedra Steward, L34, Park Ridge, $205,000.

Michael L. and Lindsey R. Abbott to Pamela L. and Donald W. Rascoe, 11 Oakbrooke Drive, Sherwood, L1 B3, Oakbrooke, $204,000.

Zachary Wade and Kaitlyn McClendon to Michael Trice, Pt. NW SE 13-1N-14W, $200,000.

Bob White Construction, Inc. to Katherine Loyd, 1918 Scott St., Little Rock, L8RA B423, DuVal (DuVall) Replat, $200,000.

Laura and Ronnie Jennings Jr., to Ryan and Maria Anderson, 34 Old Forge Court, Little Rock, L317, Ludington Heights, $199,900.

Richard James Thompson Jr., to Benjamin Nicodemus and Rachel Stansell, 312 Hiawatha Drive, Little Rock, L59, Markham Manor, $195,000.

Stanton Bruce Swartley to Jon and Alegria Blackwell, Portions Section 33-2S-11W, $195,000.

Brian and Sierra Gibson to Martha M. Stroh, 1600 Old Forge Drive, Little Rock, L28, Sturbridge Phase I, $195,000.

Robert D. and Yvonne Couston to Double B, LLC, 3201 Millbrook Road, Little Rock, L86, Echo Valley First, $190,000.

Mattie M. and Harry Noble Jr., to Lindsey S. and Justin C. Bulloch, 11531 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L11 B7, Walton Heights, $190,000.

Graham Reeve and The Reeve Living Trust to Thomas Matthew Reeve and Mary Juliana Thompson, 3625 Loch Lane, North Little Rock, L22D B203, Park Hill NLR, $190,000.

Frederick Samuel Simpson, Bethany M. Rogers/Bethany M. Simpson, to Katherine H. Butler and Jarod Saucedo, 6313 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L69 B6, Green Hills, $190,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Biranda and Keitrick Lumpkin, 1801 Williford St., Sherwood, L10 B5, Bear Paw Phase III, $187,635.

Robert W. and Debra J. Sadler to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 23 Wagon Wheel Court, Little Rock, L146, Point West Second, $187,000.

Donna M. Shaffer to Lydia Amanda Wilkinson, 21 Willow Oak Court, Little Rock, L42 B7, Parkway Place, $185,000.

Christopher Buell and The Buell Family Revocable Living Trust to Ferdowsian Properties, LLC, 7307 Kentucky Ave., Little Rock, L8 B2, Riffel & Rhoton’s Forest Park Highlands, $185,000.

Nathan Wayne Kelley/Nathan Kelly to Ignacio Alvarez, Pt. NW NW 12-1S-13W, $180,000.

Lora M. Stephens to Caleb Branscum, 1308 Pickering Drive, Little Rock, L22, Pleasantree Third, $175,000.

Cheryl Warriner and The Estate Of Charlot A. Jett(dec’d) to Dylan Jones, 20 Flourite Court, Little Rock, L216, Pleasant View Phase V, $175,000.

Alissan J. Hulsey/Alissan R. Jones to Jacqueline and Bruce Scott Jr., 11912 DeSoto Forest Drive, Little Rock, Lot A, Pleasant Forest II, $175,000.

Alice M. Curtis to Ranielle Jerika Fabian Fagen and Jesusa Fabian McConnell, 2300 Pear Orchard Drive, Little Rock, L135, Sandpiper Phase II, $174,000.

Jan G. Scholl to Andrew D. and Suzanne C. Diel, 1204 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L134, Silver Creek Phase III, $169,900.

Jaime Garcia-Cruz and Michelle Angela Garcia to Jamal and Marti Hockaday, 2221 E. Maryland Ave., Sherwood, L12 B4, Autumnbrook Annex, $168,000.

Thomas G. and Andrea A. Morgan to William E. Hall/Billy E. Hall and The Billy Hall Revocable Trust, L402, Stonewall Phase V, $167,000.

Kapricia Crosby to Ashlee Monchel Jones, 45 Wedgeside Drive, Little Rock, L105, Wedgewood Creek Phase II, $167,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Ketennie Vaughn, 7 Diamanitina Way, Little Rock, L9, Wisteria, $165,300.

Kathleen Inmon to Immerse Arkansas, L1, Kathleen Inmon, $165,000.

Amanda Hill to Eric Thomas Barnet, 11201 Denton Road, Sherwood, L8 B2, Bear Paw Phase I, $164,000.

Jenny R. Moses to Erica M. Summers, 6811 Princess Drive, Little Rock, L3, Cardinal Heights Section A, $163,000.

Shannon L. and Kellye M. Mashburn to Braden Jude Mitchell, 6901 Ponderosa Drive, North Little Rock, L18 B26, Indian Hills, $160,000.

Harrel D. and Rosa M. Hatch to Terra D. Carroll, 16 Loblolly Drive, Little Rock, L16, Westwood Pines, $159,000.

Donald Francis Walker and Susan M. Walker(Dec’d) to Katie Harris and Ignace Mugabo, 18 Forest Brook Court, Little Rock, L25 B3, Sandpiper West, $157,000.

Clarence Ray Johnson and The Estate Of Richard Kevin Johnson(dec’d) to EverVest, LLC, 505 W. Fifth St., North Little Rock, L17 B5, Faucette, $155,000.

Francis Arthur Dean Jr., Frank Dean, Francis Arthur (Frank) Dean Jr., and The Carolyn Ruth Dean Living Revocable Trust, to Scott W. and Janet Elizabeth Basham, 1004 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L142, Leawood Heights Second, $155,000.

Christopher Aaron and Angela S. Runels to Alex T. Tessman, 500 Calloway Ave., Sherwood, L7 B3, Ridgelea, $155,000.

Kenneth Wayne Johnson to Raniesha Shontel Parker, 111 Chickasaw Place, Jacksonville, L15 B7, Northwood Acres, $154,250.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Brittany Alexis Rochelle, 12316 Vision Court, North Little Rock, L521, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $151,275.

Tiffany Wilson/Tiffany Hill to Ashley Diaz, 5 Chad Court, North Little Rock, L146, Brentwood Phase II, $150,000.


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