Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded June 28-July 2:

Otter Creek Villas, LLC to 13600 Otter Creek Parkway, LLC, Tracts A. & B., Otter Creek Apartments, $6,650,000.

CPLG Properties, LLC and LQ Properties, LLC to Jai OM Hospitality, LLC, L7 B1, McCain Commercial Park, $5,150,000.

American Industrial Brands, LLC to ND XLV, LLC, Pt. 6, Sutton; Pt. Sections 8 & 7-2N-12W, $4,546,875.

Commissioner In Circuit, to NCP Omega, LLC, 7321 & 7323 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, Ls8-12 & 14-17 B1, Riffel & Rhoton’s Forest Park Highland, $2,300,000.

Powell Brothers, Inc. to Hounds Properties West LR, LLC, 1308 S. Bowman Road, Little Rock, L2, United Properties Replat; Pt. NW NW 9-1N-13W, $1,750,000.

Bethany Mobile Home Park, LLC to Regal Bethany, LLC, Ls1R, 2R & 3R, Lansbrook Village, $1,500,000.

Ritroh Properties, LLC to SRG Hospitalisty, LLC, Ls1-6 B2, Forest Hill, $1,400,000.

Life And Specialty Ventures, LLC to The Citizens Bank, L1AR, Arkansas Systems Office Park, $1,361,441.

O. & Co., LLC, Sherri L. Dennis, Bill Strait, William Strait and The E. B. O’Bannon Revocable Living Trust to Ark. Highway Commission, Pt. Little Rock Air Force Base Main Gate Development Area, Plot 7, $1,250,000.

Ridgeland, Inc. to Pinnacle Heights Development, LLC, 11801 Tracks Road, North Little Rock, Various Parts Section 19-3N-13W, $1,200,000.

Thomas J. and Mary Jane Herr to Martin and Terri Dee Gunaca, 27 Vigne Blvd., Little Rock, L32 B83, Chenal Valley, $995,500.

Rebecca R. Hammett and TMH Properties-S Street, LLC to Rock Capital Fund, LLC, 7718 S Street, Little Rock, Ls11-14 B15, Bellevue, $900,000.

Rodney Chandler and The Rodney Chandler Living Trust to Kingdom Favored Properties, LLC, 2/6 Chanridge Park Drive, Little Rock, Ls1R, 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R & 6R, Chanridge Park, $900,000.

Aaron and Holly Nicholson to Elijah Washington and Caitlin Stevens Cunningham, 5900 Hawthorne Road, Little Rock, L5, Forest Heights Place, $865,000.

ERB Holdings, LLC to Boing US Holdco, Inc., Ls1 & 4 B11, Original Town Of Rogers (Benton County), $825,000.

Sandra K. and Troy Lee Wilkins Jr., to RHF Investments, LLC, 7322 Cock Of The Walk Lane, North Little Rock, L5R, Cock Of The Walk, $820,000.

Margaret M. and Howard D. Payne III., to Samuel and Sarah Baxter, 3009 N. Grant St., Little Rock, Ls4-5 B6, Park View, $799,000.

Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Bushra Khatib and Malek Al-Hawwas, 86 Falstone Drive, Little Rock, L38 B135, Chenal Valley, $725,000.

Robert H. and Marjorie T. Dudley to 1921 Beechwood, LLC, 1921 Beechwood St., Little Rock, L9, Elmo Walker, $720,000.

Dennis R. and Roxanne Watkins to Bethany Joe and Charles Edwin Runyan III., 164 Courts Lane, Little Rock, L13 B124, Chenal Valley, $649,900.

Matthew M. McGhee/Matthew W. McGhee to Justin and Laura Lea Witt, 11 Ledgelawn Drive, Little Rock, L10 B6, Hickory Ridge Phase III, $635,000.

William B. and Emeteria D. Oates and The Oates Family Revocable Trust to Randall C. and Mary Gael Hees and The Curated Life Trust, L3, Greathouse Bend Estates Phase II, $625,000.

Kelly and Tani Joiner to Jeffery and Jennifer Cooper, 13 Caddo Court, Maumelle, L66, Osage Falls, $600,000.

Elizabeth Jane and Billy Ted English to Thomas Charles and Tonya Elise Zeien, 57 Quercus Circle, Little Rock, Lot C-9 B13, Chenal Valley, $592,400.

Jason Garner to Edward Haynes Bruno, L4 B3, Hollenberg, $585,000.

Regions Bank and Regions Mortgage to David Brent Ryals, 19820 Spillway Road, Roland, Pt. W/2 SE 27-3N-14W, $573,000.

Paul Ganz to Dmitriy and Ashlee M. Shevchenko, 30 Rosans Court, Little Rock, L10 B77, Chenal Valley, $563,325.

Gumbo Properties, LLC to DJH K1425, LLC, Ls5-7 B10, Midland Hills, $550,000.

Ashley Kristen Anderson to Johnathan Dwaine and Sarah Horton, 6605 Kenwood Road, Cammack Village, L89, Cammack Woods, $515,000.

Anthony M. Orlando to Leonard Wiley and Bobby Jean Shoemaker, 61 Quercus Circle, Little Rock, Lot C-11 B13, Chenal Valley, $512,000.

John A. and Leonette T. Bryant to Edward P. and May H. Bolin, 20 Duclair Court, Little Rock, L10 B3, Chenal Valley, $500,000.

Eugene and Chrisma Holiday to Jon David Parkinson, 126 Manitou Drive, Maumelle, L1, Osage Hills PRD, $499,900.

Tim and Kelly Carney to Chidiadi Hart Kwelle, 114 Maniotu Drive, Maumelle, L6, Osage Falls, $495,000.

Douglas R. and Mary Lue Frank and The Frank Revocable Trust to Sheon, LLC, 315 Rock St., Unit 1609, Little Rock, Unit 1609, River Market Tower HPR, $490,000.

Victory Fellowship, Inc. to Operation Impact Community Development Center, Inc., L2, Victory- Southwestern Bell, $450,000.

Joseph Wesley and Kelli H. Watkins to Madison Andrew Mason and Madison Aston Fletcher, 13508 Foxfield Lane, Little Rock, L18R B11, Woodlands Edge Replat, $450,000.

Victory Fellowship, Inc. to Operation Impact Community Development Center, Inc., L2, Victory- Southwestern Bell, $450,000.

Jacob and Nicole Turner to Tyanthony Monroe Powell, L11 B72, Chenal Valley, $431,500.

April and Richard Dwiggins to Christopher M. and Elizabeth Boschetti, 8 Windrush Point, Little Rock, L80 B2, Woodlands Edge, $409,000.

Brady and Melissa Vandeberg to Russell Lemond, Karen Lemond and The Russell And Karen Lemond Family Trust, 20609 River View Drive, Roland, L1R, Maumelle Vista Replat, $407,600.

Mary Ann Smith and The Mary Ann Smith Revocable Trust to Neta L. Wood, L39 B1, Chevaux Court Phase 4, $405,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Hannah Rae Housley, 102 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L22 B1, Copper Run Phase II, $400,500.

Duane V. Johns, Carmen M. Johns and The Fuentes Revocable Trust to Jewel B. and Lesley R. Harris, 102 Crestview Drive, Maumelle, L9 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $399,900.

Jason and Felicia J. VanGoor to Thomas and Abigail Nichols, 711 Loyola Drive, Little Rock, L410, St. Charles, $399,900.

Ginger A. Gray/Ginger A. Kesler to Heng Lien Lauy and Ru Lin, 123 Blackburn Drive, Little Rock, L25 B22, The Villages Of Wellington, $395,000.

Thomas W. and Frances M. Ross to Joseph Michael and Brittany Leigh Barrett, 4016 Valley View Drive, Little Rock, L68, Longlea VIIIE, $395,000.

Theodore A. and Stephanie Marlene Clouser to Alex and Catarina Young, L5 B25, Chenal Valley, $390,000.

KD Capital Investments, Inc. to Nam and Toan V. Nguyen, 11 Copper Circle, Little Rock, L2 B3, Copper Run Phase 2, $385,800.

Russell Lemond, Karen Lemond Russell And The Karen Lemond Famly Trust to Cameron Simoes-Correia and Lisa Marie Correia, 4 Perdido Circle, Little Rock, L147R, St. Charles, $379,000

Eric and Adriane Smith to Kimberly Robinson, 175 Mountain Valley Drive, Maumelle, L82 B1, Maumelle Valley Estates, $375,000.

The Robert M. Berry And Carolyn L. Berry Family Revocable Trust to Keegan O’Kelley and Mariah McBride, 17 Foxhunt Trail, Little Rock, L22R, Foxcroft Replat, $375,000.

Laurie Geurin to Bobby Landon and Melanie Kramer, 921 Saint Michael Place, Little Rock, L621, St. Charles, $370,000.

William D. and Emma J. Pierce to Gary Keith and Jillian Collins, 25 Piper Lane, Little Rock, L22, Piper Lane, $361,000.

GTO Paint, LLC to Dashayna Beth Grigsby, 18 Short Leaf Lane, Little Rock, L22 B3, Copper Run Phase 2, $359,000.

Jesus Martinez to Beverly and Walter E. Chase Jr., 14 Bentwood Lane, Little Rock, L10 B6, Wildwood Place, $351,500.

Arkansas International Finance Corp. to Anita Young, 100 Colonial Court, Little Rock, L23 B1, Colonial Court, $350,000.

Joseph Taylor Bailey and Lisa A. Toms to Camella Ann Card and Courtney Lowe, 130 Pebble Beach Drive, Little Rock, L5, Pebble Beach Park, $350,000.

BLCK Enterprises, LLC to Samikkumar Ashokkumar Patel, 115 Lamarche Place, Little Rock, L7R, Lamarche Place Villas, $349,500.

Johnathan D. and Sarah T. Horton to Jeremy Edward Robinson and Giana Marie Messore, 3010 Foxcroft Road, Little Rock, L120, Foxcroft, $341,000.

Gregory Scott and Delinda Harrington to Windell Lamont Johnson Sr., and Felicia Marie Johnson, 7604 Toltec Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B63, Indian Hills, $335,000.

Randy James Construction Company, Inc. to Greg and Kimby O’Briant, L45 B2, Parkside At Wildwood, $331,000.

Amy Kathryn Valentine and Brian Foster to Evelyn Meredith Schultz, L166, Kingwood Place, $331,000.

Mark Alan and Chelsea Ann Jahnke to Jerrod and Bethany Piker, 103 Crooked Creek Court, North Little Rock, L10 B23, Overbrook, $329,900.

Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Jennifer Lauren and Tyler Eatherton, 102 Willow Point Drive, Little Rock, L96 B2, Copper Run Phase I, $325,876.

John C. Fendley Jr., and Sarah J. Blossom to David A. and Teresa S. Cowan, L51, Wingate, $325,000.

Kevin Wells to Carolyn and Patrick O’Malley Jr., 12 Patricia Lane, Little Rock, Pt. SE SE 35-2N-13W, $325,000.

Ziling Sun to Michael Jon Murphy and Annalyse Kohley, 18905 Lochridge Drive, Little Rock, L10, Lochridge Estates, $325,000.

Synagogue New Life Center/Synagogue New Life COGIC/Synagogue New Life Church Of God In Christ to Ark. State Highway Commission, Pt. NE NE 19-3N-10W, $320,250.

Steven D. Stankevich to John Chase and Hanna Shearon, 1519 Dorado Beach Drive, Little Rock, L20, Pebble Beach Woods, $320,000.

Judie L. Rahman to Baker Dane and Victoria K. Helton, 9 Pontalba Drive, Little Rock, L94, St. Charles, $320,000.

Brett M. and Amber D. Brownderville to Patrick L. and Rachael M. Brimberry, 9109 Stillwater Road, Sherwood, L3 B8, Creekside, $315,000.

Clifford D. and Karen Bolden to Charles H. and Sally J. Keathly, L5 Blk. II, Majestic Pointe, $312,500.

Patricia A. Cockerham and The Cockerham Family Living Trust to Walter and Christin Day, 3006 Hinson Road, Little Rock, L913A, Longlea Phase IX, $312,000.

Michael Webb and Melva Sue Irwin to Keith Enlow, 104 Clermont Court, Maumelle, L136, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $300,000.

Menco Construction, LLC to Gregory J. Hollen and Jessica L. Fugitt, 9765 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L16, Millers Glen Phase 4, $300,000.

Family Homes By Design, Inc. to Billie Jo and Damon LaShun Culberson, 13845 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott, L310, Ashley Downs Phase I, $300,000.

John Phillip and Wendy J. Lyon to William M. and Mary B. McMillan, 14000 Longtree Drive, Little Rock, L86, Longlea Manor, $297,500.

Christopher M. and Danielle J. Campbell to Robert Glen and Susan E. McClendon, L4 B1, Riffel And Rhoton’s Ridgeland, $295,000.

Adam C. and Rebecca W. Brown to Cara and Robert Jessa II., 219 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L12 B24, Maumelle Valley Estates, $294,000.

James and Kristina M. Felton to Stephen B. and Lisa A. Johns, L12, Millers Glen, $290,000.

Dustin S. Carter to Luke and Eva Gee, 19102 Kanis Road, Little Rock, Tract 9, John D. Shackleford Acres, $285,000.

Copestone Investments, Inc. to Cecily Rochelle Brown, 13838 Smarty Jones Drive, Scott, L170, Ashley Downs Phase I, $284,000.

Bradley R. and Fernanda D. Buinicky to Keven Leon Ricks, 9264 Wooded Acres Circle, Sherwood, L5, Millers Crossing Phase I, $282,000.

Ronkel, Inc. to Steele C. and Jennifer Z. Spriggs, 7501 Eagle Point Drive, North Little Rock, L24 B64, Indian Hills, $280,000.

Alex W. and Lori R. Gatmaitan to Raquel Christine and Samuel Antonio Tejada Jr., 145 Margeaux Drive, Maumelle, L778R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $279,900.

Eric Anthony and Jillian Marie Cring to Maygen Knight, 15 Campden Hill Road, Sherwood, L167, Silver Creek Phase V, $279,000.

Michael E. and Lee Ann Herbert to Haleigh and Richard Herring, 6 Blue Mountain Drive, Maumelle, L47, Edgewater Phase I, $278,000.

Megan M. and Broc Spradlin to Sarah M. Coffield, 1618 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, L2 B27, Mountain Park, $276,480.

Randy R. and Amber M. Walker to Weston Andrew and Lauren Smedley, 118 N. Palm St., Little Rock, L18 B7, Elmhurst, $275,000.

Zachary A. and Kimberly R. Hill to Marvin Dale and Linda L. Tull, 251 Summit Valley Circle, Maumelle, L38 B23, Maumelle Valley Estates, $275,000.

C.A.M. AR, LLC to Ahmad Korosh and Michaela Saba, 712 Beechwood St., Little Rock, L2 B52, Pulaski Heights, $270,000.

Nicholas Lanese to Jesus Padilla, 8 S. Sweet Bay Court, Little Rock, L9 B6, Parkway Place, $270,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Tylar Hendricks and Torry Butler, 120 Lydia Drive, Maumelle, L49, Carnahan Village, $269,900.

Carness Alton and Ashley Moreland Vaughan to Linda Jackson, 4520 Montgomery Road, Little Rock, L9R, Madison Park Replat, $267,000.

Donna W. Duckworth to April Williamson, 30109 Arkansas 107, Cabot, Pt. NE 14-4N-11W, $265,000.

Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Marcus Rawls, 122 Lydia Drive, Maumelle, L50, Carnahan Village, $264,900.

Mary Ann Cumberland and The Mack And Mary Cumberland Joint Revocable Trust to Ronald Kirby, Unit 321 & Storage Unit 300B Bldg. 300, Chenal Woods HPR, $260,000.

Dustin Shane and Teresa Lynn Wheeler to Ryan and Haley Kirk, 1815 Stewart Road, Little Rock, Pt. SW NW 11-1N-14W, $260,000.

Robiul Mosatfa to Chealem Uch and Vannak Seng, 1122 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L10 B4, Summerwood, $260,000.

DJLR Investments, LLLP to Kart Panchap, 11 Greenway Court, Jacksonville, L102, Woodbriar; Pt. Blk. 186, Rich Acres- Mrs. MA Miller’s Plantation; L35, Lyn-Dell Acres; Ls24 & 37, Winston Section B, $260,000.

Bradley C. and Megan K. Weatherford to Anthony Lawrence and Angela Toomer, 3312 N. Magnolia St., North Little Rock, Ls11-12 B31, Park Hill NLR, $257,000.

Duane Erwin to Elizabeth and Robert Bray, Unit 706, Riviera HPR, $255,000.

Royal Concepts Custom Homes, Inc. to Danielle Deshay Walton, 5105 Rope Trail, Jacksonville, L26, Jaxon Terrace Phase 13, $250,000.

Patrick J. and Mary W. O’Brien to Patrick E. O’Brien, 5005 F St., Little Rock, L2 B32, Pulaski Heights, $250,000.

Carolyn and Rana Edgar to Trisha L. and Chris B. McKibben, 17004 Crooked Oak Drive, North Little Rock, L113, Bent Tree Estates, $245,000.

Shannon H. Barfield-Burrow and Gary L. Burrow to James Comerford, 15 Windsor Court, Little Rock, Unit 15, Windsor Court Townhouses HPR, $243,500.

Ewell E. and Linda S. Lingar to Brandon Paul and Jun Hamada, 111 Nemours Court, Maumelle, L550R, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $243,000.

Tyronza Dobbins Jr., to James and Jo Ann Gray, 12605 Faulkner Lake Road, North Little Rock, L2 B1, Stone Links, $240,000.

Jarrett S. and Heather Newman to Felicia Elizabeth Anderson, 3409 Cornwallis Drive, North Little Rock, L4 B66, Lakewood, $240,000.

Daniel James Castro, Bridgett M. Murphy-Castro/Bridgett M. Murphy to Alison M. N. and Cameron S. Ruter, 2700 Opal Cove, Sherwood, L31 B5, Stonehill Phase V, $239,900.

Bill Holiman and The Estate Of Joyce R. Graham(dec’d) to Ersin Aphuan, 7 Blackthorn St., Little Rock, L5, Blackthorne, $237,000.

David L. and Susan G. Jeffers to Ricky R. Ruby, 8008 Centennial Road, Jacksonville, Pt. SE SE 26-4N-11W, $235,000.

German Alexander and Erin Simmons Diaz to Eric Steven Simon and Rachel Fallon Berman, 64 Springridge Court, Little Rock, L97 B4, Cherry Creek, $235,000.

James S. and Courtney M. Cox to Jonathan Reed, 16 Lyric Lane, Little Rock, L267, Leawood Heights Fourth, $235,000.

David R. Camp to Deshannon A. and Alvin Larkin Jr., 8200 Nora Lane, Sherwood, L18, Hidden Lake Estates, $230,000.

Albert Tyrone Thornton II., to Jonathan Thomas Atsinger, 1712 Whitehaven Drive, North Little Rock, L4 B2, Northbrook, $230,000.

Kenneth E. Larson to Kimberly S. Coffman, 5112 Dequincy Drive, Jacksonville, L3, Jaxon Terrace Phase XI, $230,000.

Tommy L. and Tina A. Farmer to Harvey Gillespie, 8 Ben Crenshaw Cove, Little Rock, L1038, Fairway Woods Phase V, $229,000.

GLL Properties, LLC to VBKH, LLC, L311, Broadmoor, L55, Maryton Park, Ls5-6 B14, Hamilton & Brack, $226,000.

Paul and Alicia R. Osborn to Calvin and Cassie Rosenbaum, 12604 Janelle Drive, Little Rock, L217, Marlowe Manor Phase II, $226,000.

Ryan and Tracey Renard to Todd and Gwen Brittain, 101 Secluded Circle, Little Rock, L89, Spring Valley Manor Section B, $225,000.

Daniel C. Hankins, Thomas M. Graves and The Hankins Living Trust to Natalie M. George, 4205 Arlington Drive, North Little Rock, L4 B23, Lakewood, $225,000.

Marcy Ann Edwards/Marcy Ann Ridings and James Ridings to George and Sharon Sorrell, 4133 Austin Lakes Circle, Sherwood, L166, Austin Lakes, $225,000.

Synagogue New Life Center/Synagogue New Life COGIC/Synagogue New Life Church Of God In Christ to Ark. State Highway Commission, Pt. NE NE 19-3N-10W, $221,250.

Mijanul and Fahmida Rab Akbar to Ivy Gay Langga, 4 Woodbrook Court, Little Rock, L30 B11, Cherry Creek, $220,000.

Richard G. and Wendy Ann Hedrick and The Richard G. Hedrick And Wendy Ann Hedrick Joint Revocable Trust Declaration to Tamara G. and Victor D. Wright III., L35 B1, Country Club Park, $215,000.

Connie Kelley to Karen Williams, 144 Cambridge Place, Little Rock, Apt. 144, Cambridge Place HPR, $215,000.

Prestige Homes & More, LLC to Tegan Dane Seitz and Jordan Nicole Boland, 13 Cardinal Lane, Sherwood, Pt. N/2 SW SW 31-3N-11W, $214,900.

Nathaniel and Erin Beier to Leslie Bryant, 4905 Candlewick Lane, North Little Rock, L30 B24, Lakewood, $210,500.

Duong Nguyen and The Estate Of Thanh Nguyen to Donna Russell, 1021 Regal Drive, North Little Rock, L17 B6, Green Hills, $210,000.

Justin Lee and Samantha Eileen Hart to Brian and Jennifer Phillips, 1757 Hidden Creek Drive, Sherwood, L21, Hidden Creek, $210,000.

Paul Fleming to Orville Castleberry Jr., 243 East A Ave., North Little Rock, L12, Koehler’s Replat- Park Hill, $210,000.

Clyde T. and Carol O. Toland to Ronald Brice and Julie Anne Briscoe, 1233 Claycut Circle, North Little Rock, L18 B8, Summerwood, $210,000.

Nathan Lowman to Kim and Mark Lowman, Unit 77, Berkshire Park HPR, $210,000.

Nick and Veronica McClane to David and Vickie Brown, L241, Echo Valley Second, $208,000.

Becca Gayle and Charles Donald Owens Jr., to Robert Howard and Michelle Rene McClanahan, 23 W. Point Drive, Maumelle, L198, West Pointe, $207,000.

Joshua A. and Kathryn L. Robinson to Trevor Seymour, 108 Prospect Trail, North Little Rock, L108, White Oak Village, $207,000.

Michael C. and Brittany L. Garner to Pamela Alderuccio, L12 B1, Summit Ridge, $205,000.

Rebecca Melton to Alysia Johnson, 315 Shadow View Drive, Little Rock, L26, Shadow Ridge, $204,000.

Kelly Reh and The Estate Of Michael Kevin McChurch(dec’d) to Stephanie Hinkle, 22 Park Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L58, Park Ridge, $204,000.

PotlatchDeltic Real Estate, LLC, to Kevin and Shryll Bryant, Pt. NW 22-2N-15W, $203,500.

Laveta Tibbett to Shelby Freyaldenjoven, 714 Indian Bay Drive, Sherwood, L61, Austin Lakes, $203,000.

Heather Nicole and Jason A. Hern to Jacquelyn Ashley, 17 Connell Drive, Little Rock, L17 B3, Breckenridge First, $203,000.

Mary Ann and James P. Kindred And The Mary Ann Kindred Joint Inter Vivos Trust Number One to Jacqueline and James Phillip Buck Jr., L3 B14, Lakewood, $200,000.

The Place Of Harvest to Pine Bluff Real Estate Holdings, LLC, Pt. SE SE 1-1S-13W, $200,000.

Ryan E. Crowe to Gregory Alan and Tami Renee Crowe and The Crowe Family 2008 Trust, L160, Sandpiper Phase II, $200,000.

Mark Douglas to RiaShante White, 1503 S. Taylor St., Little Rock, L16 B11, Oak Forest, $199,000.

Corey Nagel and Dominique Dubois to Bertram W. Finzer, 1904 S. Gaines St., Little Rock, L11 B9, Weldon E. Wright, $197,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Derrick Autry, 1800 Sebastian St., Sherwood, L9 B5, Bear Paw Phase III, $195,000.

Kathleen Olivia Lamb, Kathleen M. Purcell and Scott Alan Lamb to Harold T. and Thelma Jean Hunter, 19 Laver Circle, Little Rock, L563, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-A, $194,900.

Lloyd and Kristin Johnson to LaToya Steele, 5024 Del Rey Blvd., North Little Rock, L6, Village Of Del Rey Phase I, $194,000.

Angela Willman/Angela Willman and Hunter Hauk to Grant J. DePoyster, 16 Shore Point Road, North Little Rock, L2 B50, Lakewood, $193,640.

Deborah R. and Robert L. Spangler Jr., to Carlos Carzell Williams and Bethany Holloway-Williams, 1104 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L102, Silver Creek Phase II, $192,500.

Orvalle Wayne Sibert to Alexander and Portia Franks, 4104 Dunkeld Drive, North Little Rock, L23 B69, Lakewood, $191,000.

Jennifer Lynn Smith and Jennifer Henderson to Eliyaho and Roni Stavlovski Hemo, 15917 Patriot Drive, Little Rock, L14, Pebble Beach Park, $190,000.

Danny R. and Kimberly A. Whitlock to Daniel Thomas DeHaas and Meghan Brown McBane, 1721 Beresford Road, North Little Rock, L16 B2, Overbrook, $190,000.

Zachary Dale Harvey and Lena Denise Harvey/Lena Denise Saville to Rachel Cox, 2529 Ozark Drive, North Little Rock, L27R B60, Indian Hills, $190,000.

Wyndra Kay Henderson to Darryl L. Manes, 14600 Buck Skin Trail, Maumelle, Tract 4, Thunder Mountain Ranch Unrecorded, $190,000.

James S. French to Joseph Cole and Emily Wernsdorfer Hooker, 1501 Garland Ave., North Little Rock, L27 B127, Park Hill NLR, $189,000.

Otter Creek Land Company, LC to Icon Property Management, LLC, L1, Otter Creek Commercial; L4, Otter Creek Business Park- Otter Creek Community; Pt. SW SW & Pt. SE SW 5-1S-13W, $187,500.

Daniel and Courtney Byrum to Patricia A. and Robert Simpson, L44, Point West Third Phase III, $186,000.

Daniel P. Willfond to Marcia Dawn Brown, 724 West D Ave., North Little Rock, L4 B43, Park Hill NLR, $186,000.

Todd and Pam Kuhn to Willie E. Dozier, 6600 Allwood Drive, North Little Rock, L5 B10, Green Hills, $185,000.

Carolyn J. Meister to James E. and Angelia R. Flis, 2000 Stagecoach Village, Little Rock, L14, Arbors At Stagecoach Village Phase 2, $185,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Haley C. White and Nathan W. Lee, 1009 Meadows Edge Drive, Alexander, L102, Meadows Edge Phase I, $184,950.

Sang Ly Che and Hyong Thi Phong to Randle Robertson, 12927 Westglen Drive, Little Rock, L60, Westhampton, $184,900.

Nancy L. Wilborn to Nadine and Bobby R. Terry, 1024 Colonial Drive, Jacksonville, L12, Collenwood Phase I, $184,900.

David R. and Caitlin J. Adams to LaShonda and Nicholas Norfolk, 11302 Ethan Allen Drive, Little Rock, L261, Walnut Valley Second, $184,500.

Terrance Lamar and McCall M. Ellington to Lynda Joy Scott, Tract 34, Sky Way, $184,000.

Feijian Weng and Jinlan Guo to Danketta S. Farris, 32 Pleasant Cove, Little Rock, L34, Walnut Valley, $183,000.

Eric Callahan to Colton Kane Tipton, 6304 Rolling Hills Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B9, Green Hills, $182,500.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Rachel and James Lewis Jr., 11224 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L32 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $180,835.

James D. Cripps to Tristan J. Cripps, 229 Thayer St., Little Rock, L9 B5, Capitol View, $180,000.

Xiaolin Xu to Jie Liu, 13205 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L250, Pleasant View Phase V, $180,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Chancellor Ollison, 115 Giselle Drive, Little Rock, L50, Wisteria, $179,675.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, L489, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $179,150.

Karen R. Carroll and The Harold J. Tanner Revocable Trust to Vincent R. and Mary D. Watson, L3 B5, Westlake, $178,500.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Sammie L. Quillin, 11016 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L23 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $178,200.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Dianna Jones, 21 Diamanitina Way, Little Rock, L15, Wisteria, $177,890.

Eryn Nicole Veach to Claire Davis, 3 Nob Hill Cove, Little Rock, L2, Brookfield, $177,000.

Lianfang Lu to Kelani Flowers Long, L626, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-3, $176,000.

Jeffery Mark Ferguson to Satoshi Watanabe, L82, Point West Second Phase 2A, $176,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 12301 Wahoo Drive, North Little Rock, L527, Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $175,100.

Erin Maxwell to Cory Olson, 12605 Pleasant Forest Drive, Little Rock, L11, Pleasant View Phase I, $175,000.

JSW, LLC to William James, 308 Keightley Drive, Little Rock, Ls15-16 B3, Bellevue, $174,200.

Brittney L. Daily/Brittney L. Caple to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, L2 B3, Parkway Place, $173,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Chinwe Nnoli, 31 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L74, Wisteria, $172,550.

Jennifer Z. Spriggs and Jennifer A. Zink to Logan and Carley Cope, 27 Oak Ridge Drive, Maumelle, L34, Rolling Oaks Phase I Of Phase II, $170,000.

Anthony Michael Lawrence and Angela Toomer to Caitlin Spencer, 3425 Fiesta Ave., North Little Rock, Ls6 & 7A B41, Park Hill NLR, $170,000.

Felicia M. Johnson to Dan E. Owney Jr., 3 Raccoon Court, Jacksonville, L116, Northlake Phase II, $169,000.

Holly and Mitchell Katayama to Alex and Julia Pavan, 3814 Cameo Drive, Little Rock, L36, Pleasant View Phase II, $169,000.

Calvin S. and Cassie L. Rosenbaum to Mohammad and Fazilat Azeem, 12621 Valleywood Drive, Little Rock, L3 B3, Timber Ridge, $168,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Deondre Rogers, 12316 Wahoo Drive, North Little Rock, L486. Faulkner Crossing Phase 10, $168,000.

Six Bridges Properties, LLC to Anderson Rentals, LLC, 1006 Loretta Lane, Little Rock, L107, Leawood Heights Second, $166,500.

Simmery Yvette Thompson/Simmery Shelton Thompson/Simmery Shelton to The Alexander Group, LLC, 11101 Cypress Crossing, North Little Rock, L220, Cypress Crossing, $165,000.

Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Felicia Malvin, 19 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L68, Wisteria, $164,500.

Anthony V. Feist to Haley and Carla Lanae Roberts, 5401 Trammel Estates Drive, North Little Rock, L216, Trammel Estates Phase II, $163,000.

C. Acklin and The 129 Jessica Lane Trust to Bo Yao and Xi Cheng, 129 Jessica Drive, Sherwood, L15 B7, Autumnbrook Annex, $162,000.

Stephanie M. Harris and Stephanie Michelle Kennedy to Kim Lamar Reed, 1605 Yarrow Drive, North Little Rock, L387, Faulkner Crossing Phase 8, $160,000.

Mary P. Gray to Trendolyn Torrence, 6 Mystery Cove, Little Rock, L3, Mystery Woods, $160,000.

The Estate Of Mary Margaret Power(dec’d) and John Paul Power to Ervin and Jean Freeman, L14 B5, Queensbrook, $160,000.

Linda S. Clark to Shavonda Morris, 104 Harris Road, Jacksonville, L18, Highland Park, $160,000.

George R. Stevens, Jackie Stevens, Joshua D. Joiner, Mattie Joiner to Mina and Amos Eric Watts III., 25 Mine Hill Drive, North Little Rock, L155, White Oak Village, $160,000.

Colton and Emily Morgan to Julia Sampson and Clint Myers, L42 B8, Tanglewood Annex, $159,900.

Leigh Thomas to Christopher Milstead, Unit 1003, Andover Square HPR Phase III, $159,500.

Myra T. and John T. Cooper Sr., and The John T. And Myra T. Cooper Revocable Trust, to Daniel and Melissa Curtis, 701 Adams Drive, Jacksonville, L42, Jackson Heights, $157,500.

Cjad G. and Jennifer M. McKeough to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 40 Brookridge Drive, Little Rock, L23, Brucewood, $157,000.

Jesse H. Hidalgo and Emily J. Darnell to Tionna Joyner, 17 Newcomb Court, Little Rock, L653, Otter Creek Community Phase IV-B-3, $155,000.

Fiser Properties, LLC to Maria and Robert Weyrens, L70, Shannon Hills East, $153,185.

Chanda Danielle Carter to Victoria Sykes, 12924 Bell Flower Drive, North Little Rock, L255, Faulkner Crossing Phase 5, $151,500.

Maumelle Enterprises, Inc. to Pinnacle Heights Development, LLC, Tract A, North Ridge, $150,000.

Cecily R. Brown/Cecily R. Peoples and Derrick Brown to Briah Jones, 917 Anemone Drive, North Little Rock, L213, Faulkner Crossing Phase 4, $150,000.


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