Real estate tokenization will be implemented using HashCash projects



HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, is announcing the start of a new real estate tokenization project. The effort is aimed at connecting an African real estate company to the blockchain and thus allowing the average investor to own its fragmented, “fungible” tokens.

Real estate tokenization involves the fragmentation of large property into fungible tokens. This can be thought of as dividing the floors of a building into plots as small as one square foot, which will be represented by a single token. In other words, investors can now claim ownership of one square foot of property.

The creation of a device of this scale reserves the opportunity to make it global. However, the jurisdiction and rules of a particular region restrict property rights within a country. The state is expected to amend to invite participation from abroad.

“We are on the verge of developing a business opportunity that could be the epitome of decentralization,” said Raj Chowdhury, Founder and CEO HashCash Consultants

“We can finally lower the barriers to entry into real estate, making it available to more average investors, instead of having a large share of real estate go to powerful business tycoons.”

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Real estate and property trading has traditionally been a tool of the rich and powerful of this world. It has always been inaccessible to ordinary people. Real estate tokenization will now allow such people to acquire a smaller portion of the larger property for what they can afford.

“The advantage of tokenization is that smaller fractions can be made available to regular investors. For example, an individual can purchase property tokens worth $ 1. This was unthinkable before the blockchain revolution, ”added Chowdhury.

Recently, HashCash has been struggling with the growing number of users of HC Ramit, a proprietary money transfer application for financial institutions. Keeping decentralization at the forefront, the HashCash R&D team is constantly developing new applications to enable cryptocurrencies to operate impartially.

HashCash products and services aim to redistribute opportunities. Therefore, products and services are based solely on data and are not subject to “expert” judgment.

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