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Since its premiere in 2006, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” was the blueprint for a host of real estate exhibitions aiming to mimic the graceful lifestyle and mega-commissions that have become trademarks of the hit TV series Bravo. Co-star and lead Beverly Hills realtor Josh Altman takes it calmly. “I’m flattered by this,” he says. “But the brokers on our show are the real deal. Nobody can touch what we touch, and in Los Angeles we are the best brokers in the city. “

The numbers don’t lie. Altman, 42, who leads the Altman Brothers team at Douglas Elliman with his 45-year-old brother Matthew, had total sales of over $ 583 million in 2020, according to the data. Diversity… 2021 looks even bigger. “This year we are getting an average of $ 100 million in sales per month, which is a lot,” explains Altman. “Our goal is to break that number into a billion dollars.”

Not bad for a guy who went to his first job in Hollywood on roller skates because he didn’t have the money to buy a car. Altman was born in Newton, Massachusetts, graduated from Syracuse University in 2001, and moved to Los Angeles in 2002, where he gave his first concert at the post office of an entertainment company. “It was about six dollars an hour then,” recalls Altman. “But I managed to save $ 5,000. This was the only money I had in my name. My brother and I invested $ 5,000 each to make $ 10,000, and we used it to buy an apartment for $ 390,000. It was back in 2002 or 2003 when there was 100% funding. It was our first real estate dive and we ended up selling this apartment for $ 600,000. It was more money than I have ever seen in my life in terms of profit, and I realized that there are more opportunities in real estate than in any other business in which I was interested. ” His first waste of time? Jeep Cherokee.

The brothers officially became partners. Success came and then quickly went away with the 2008 housing crash. “My brother and I went from living in a $ 3 million castle in the Hollywood Hills to a tiny duplex. Not that there’s anything wrong with the duplex, but it’s definitely a change when you lived in an 8,000-square-foot home. All the cars, all the weird stuff, I never thought it would end. But it happened. Thank God I was a single guy at the time and I didn’t have a family to take care of. You will learn a couple of things, including not putting all your eggs in one basket. But we have always been traders and enterprising people, and we leaned on each other to get to our feet. “

The Altman brothers rebuilt and eventually closed enough high-profile deals that in 2011 reached a “million dollar listing in Los Angeles,” which aired for three seasons at the time. “We’ve had some remarkable sales,” he explains. “We’ve dealt a lot with this young Hollywood crowd. They called me and said they were looking for someone new. I didn’t see the show at the time, but I heard about it, and then, you know, after nine interviews I got the job. ”

Since then, viewers have been riveted to watch Altman and his co-stars compete to buy and sell stunning real estate on behalf of their discerning clients, who are pushing for maximum spending in record time. According to Altman, stress and confrontation are real. “I’ll tell you what, I respect everyone on the show. What we do is not easy. You have cameras in front of your face during the deal, so it’s hard to combine that with the outstanding career that we all have. A lot of people have tried and failed at this, which is why you keep seeing the same group of people on the show. We all respect each other, but if we go against each other, trust me, none of us hold back. You have to show up, be ready to go and ready to fight on camera if there is a problem. ”

In his opinion, authenticity was the key to the show’s enduring success. “When you think of shows that have been running for over ten years, you think of Seinfeld or something like that. So it’s really cool to do something that’s been broadcast for so long. There were copycat shows that had some sexy property or a couple of ads, but we were one of the first to do it, the first to do it well, and the longest. This is an amazing ride and I will do it until they want me. “

Off-screen, his work was just as impressive. Notable clients reportedly included Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys.

“We treat everyone the same,” he notes. “If you want to buy a house, we will take care of you, we will fight for you, we will treat your money like ours, and we will make the best deal for you. Celebrities are just like everyone else, and if you treat them that way, they are cool. If you get mad, they will lose their temper. After all, people call us because we are really good at what we do and we have a track record to back that up. ”

Aside from wealth, his career has given him a family. As fans of the show know, he met his future wife Heather during filming while she was working for a rival realtor. The drama ensued and then subsided. They got married in a ceremony in Aspen in 2016. They are now parents of Lexi, 4, and Ace, 2. “They are my favorite people in the world and a lot has changed for the better,” he says. “If I have 20 minutes between sessions, I will go home, whereas before I had no problems with clients all night long. Now my priority is to have lunch with the kids and chat with my wife. I spend on gifts for them because I find it important to celebrate success. And I think it’s important to take a moment to realize what you have done, to understand what you have, to enjoy it, and then immediately get back to business. Thanks to my family, I got hungrier, but I got smarter. Now I’m trying to work smarter. ”

So far Altman says he has the best year. “Right now we are in one of the hottest markets on the planet. We got out of quarantine and it was like a spike in real estate steroids I’ve never seen before. I think it was a combination of cheap money with rates: people went to the next level because they spent so much time in their home, went to lower ones because they couldn’t afford it, or moved to another state because they wanted to. change your lifestyle. It was the perfect storm after the worst storm. We are back stronger than ever. ” O


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