Real Estate Roundtable Selects Company Management for FY2022


“I am honored to take on this new role at such a turning point for the real estate industry. Our communities face a myriad of challenges – from unprecedented political polarization to the growing threat of climate change and a return from a global pandemic – but where we see obstacles ahead, we also see an opportunity to expand jobs, provide housing, and help businesses thrive in the post-Covid economy “, – said John Fish, Chairman of the Real Estate Roundtable.

“The Real Estate Roundtable and its members have a tremendous legacy of stepping up action in difficult times, and I look forward to working alongside my colleagues and leaders from business and government to build on the great work that is already underway. Together, we can continue to use our knowledge and resources to make a positive impact on our industry and the world. ”

“We are committed to sustainable national policies that strengthen and expand long-term economic growth and opportunities for all, stimulate job creation and stimulate capital accumulation,” said Jeffrey D. DeBoer, President and CEO of the Round Table. “The real estate industry provides jobs for tens of millions of people, is a significant source of income for local governments by helping finance schools, hospitals and much-needed public services, and is a key investment in pension funds and other retirement funds. I thank Debra for her leadership and look forward to working closely with our new chair. John Fish on these policy issues and continuing the evidence-based advocacy of the Roundtable. “

The immediate past of the Chairman of the Round Table, Debra Cafaro noted: “It has been an honor and privilege for me to serve as chairman for the past three years and I am delighted to pass the baton on to my friend and colleague. John Fish… John is uniquely positioned to lead this organization as we move forward with the pandemic economic recovery, job creation, resilience, infrastructure and tax policy that are at the forefront of the political debate in Washington… “

Key background:

The Real Estate Roundtable brings together leaders from leading public and private companies in real estate, development, lending and management with leaders from major national real estate trade associations to jointly address key national policy issues related to real estate and real estate. general economy.

The 22-member board of FY2022 is elected from among the members and includes three elected leaders of national real estate organizations from the Roundtable. 19 partner associations

Under Mr. Fish’s leadership, Suffolk has developed into one of the leading private general construction contractors in the country. Approximately $ 4 billion Suffolk is currently ranked 23rd on the National Top 400 Contractors List by Engineering News-Record in terms of annual revenue. Fish also serves on numerous Boards of Directors dedicated to improving the economy, strengthening business and creating jobs, and has served on The Roundtable’s board since 2017.

The Roundtable’s business and trade associations are committed to ensuring that government officials and the public hear the industry’s united voice about real estate and its important role in the global economy.

Joining the Board of Directors of the Round Table with July 1 are:

  • Geordie Johnson, CEO Johnson Development Associates, Inc.
  • Brian Kingston, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Brookfield Property Partners
  • Kara McShane, Head of Commercial Real Estate Wells Fargo
  • Mark J. Parrell, President and Chief Executive Officer, Equity Residential, Member of the National Council for Multi-Family Housing

See The full list of the Roundtable’s Board of Directors for FY2022 can be found here

Leaving the Board of the Round Table with July 1 are:

  • Shelby Christensen, Chairman and Chief Elected Officer, Building Owners and Managers Association, International
  • Richard B. Clarke, Managing Partner, WatermanCLARK
  • Charlie Dawson, Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS®
  • Robert R. Merck, Senior Managing Director and Global Head of Real Estate, MetLife Investment Management
  • William S. Rudin, Co-Chairman and CEO, Rudin Management Company, Inc. Honorary Chairman of the Real Estate Roundtable

For Fiscal Year 2022 Roundtable Committee Leadership will be:

Fairness, diversity and inclusion Committee

  • Jeff T. Blau (Related companies) continues to chair

IN Internal Security Task Force (HSTF) will co-chair

  • Amanda S. Mason (Related Companies) and
  • Kate Wallace (Marriot International)

IN Real Estate Capital Policy Advisory Committee The (RECPAC) will be co-chaired by:

  • Kathleen Sullivan Farrell (Truist),
  • Gregg Gerken (TD Bank) and
  • Michael H. Lowe (Lowe)

IN Research committee The co-chairs will be:

  • Spencer Levy (CBRE) and
  • Paula Campbell Roberts (KKR)

IN Sustainable Development Policy Advisory Committee (SPAC):

  • Anthony E. Malkin (Empire State Realty Trust) continues to chair,
  • Daniel Egan (Vornado Realty Trust) continues to serve as co-chair
  • Ben myers (Boston Properties) – new co-chair

IN Tax Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC):

  • Frank G. Creamer, Jr. (FGC Advisors, LLC) continues to serve as chairman
  • Catherine Perrin (Johnson Management, LLC) – new vice chairman

The Roundtable includes over 3 million people working in the real estate industry; about 12 billion square feet of office, retail and industrial space; more than 2 million apartments; and over 3 million hotel rooms. It also includes senior housing, student housing, and industrial housing, as well as a medical office, life sciences campuses, data centers, cell towers, and storage facilities. The aggregate asset value of the Roundtable members exceeds $ 3 trillion

SOURCE Real Estate Roundtable

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