Real Estate Roundtable Highlights Bipartisan Efforts to Reach Infrastructure Agreement



“Americans depend on safe and efficient roads, bridges, and public transportation throughout the country. Our nation’s buildings and people depend on reliable water, electricity, and broadband to function and meet the growing needs of businesses and individual tenants. in turn, infrastructure and real estate are synergistic and have bilateral relations, “said Jeffrey DeBoer, President and CEO of the Real Estate Roundtable. “This package has the potential to impact GDP, boost jobs, keep the United States competitive with other countries that invest massively in their infrastructure, and expand the economy as a whole.”

“The Roundtable remains committed to working with legislators and our partners from national real estate organizations to provide additional data, research, or assistance to ensure fair, productive policies and will benefit the overall economic health of all American communities,” added DeBoer.

The Real Estate Roundtable brings together leaders from leading public and private companies in real estate, development, lending and management with leaders from major national real estate trade associations to jointly address key national policy issues related to real estate and real estate. general economy.

SOURCE Real Estate Roundtable

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