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Real Estate Webmasters Help Canadian Real Estate Professional Reach Leads

Le Havre

Justin Havre has always believed in the power of a strong digital presence, even before he became the leader of the award-winning Justin Havre & Associates team with RE / MAX First in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Starting his career in 2005, Le Havre has prioritized building a portfolio of high quality websites, which he calls digital assets, to drive business.
“I realized that one of the challenges in real estate was – and still is – having leads and business opportunities. So from the very beginning of my career, I started to reinvest some of my commissions back into my business, ”says Le Havre.

Some of that investment went into creating a customized website that would be accessible to as many people as possible.

“I knew I wanted to be online,” says Le Havre. “In 2007, I did a lot of research on which platform to invest in for website building and SEO, because it is extremely important for me to have a website that will rank high on Google.”

He was right, and his investment in increasing the digital visibility of his brand has paid off – and is unrelenting.

In fact, three years after building his online portfolio, Le Havre has been voted the most productive agent of the independent brokerage company he started his career with.

This success eventually led him to found Justin Havre & Associates in 2010. The team continued to amass accolades over the years, which Le Havre associates with his thriving digital footprint.

“With the volume I had at the time, I had enough to support over 100 agents,” says Le Havre. “I went home and hired my very first administrator, and we started building the system, and from December 2012 to January 2013, we went from six agents to 28 agents. We didn’t have systems for assigning leads or anything like that, so in January 2013 we generated almost 4,200 leads. “

Since then, the Le Havre team has continued to grow in size and production. The company, which employs 65 agents and 16 employees, has received further accolades and additional results since their transition to RE / MAX First in 2014.

Hawre acknowledges that his portfolio of digital assets, which includes a dozen high-performance websites, was essential to his continued success. At the heart of it all? Leading technology provider for real estate webmasters.

“Real estate webmasters have played a pivotal role as one of the key suppliers we use to attract leads and opportunities for our agents and, at the same time, grab the attention of our sellers,” says Le Havre.

This is thanks in large part to the experience of real estate webmasters in developing SEO-optimized platforms to drive traffic to Le Havre’s websites. With hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to several of its sites, Le Havre continues to sing the praises of real estate webmasters.

“If you want to customize your website to fit your imagination, they can do it,” says Le Havre. “When you create websites from scratch, it can be a very difficult process, but in the end you know that you will end up with one of the best websites on the market because real estate webmasters have such a reputation. for being one of the leading suppliers in this area. “

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