Real estate partnership seeks to end housing discrimination against the LGBTQ + community: associations now



From Lisa Boylan / June 11, 2021
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The new partnership between the National Association of Realtors and the LGBTQ + Real Estate Alliance will address the real estate challenges facing the LGBTQ + community through advocacy, member engagement and leadership development.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) announced new partnership with LGBTQ + Real Estate Alliance. The groups will work to identify learning opportunities that will foster the development of LGBTQ + leaders and mobilize members in support of mutually beneficial collaboration. federal politics and other initiatives to support the LGBTQ + and the real estate industry.

“NAR has long championed LGBTQ + rights in the housing market and we are proud to continue to lead the industry today in the fight against discrimination,” said NAR President Charlie Oppler in a statement. Press release… “As the country celebrates Pride Month in June, we are delighted to announce this partnership with the Alliance and begin our work on initiatives that will bring tremendous benefits to American real estate and our society as a whole.”

The partnership aligns with a commitment included in the NAR Code of Ethics, which liaises with organizations that address real estate issues facing the LGBTQ + community. In 2011 and 2014, NAR amended its code of ethics to ensure that realtors support home protection measures for members of the LGBTQ + community.

In addition, NAR recently worked with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to reform the Fair Housing Act enforcement system. February HUD announced that it will enforce the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination Act.

The NAR and the Alliance will join forces in several areas in the real estate sector, including increasing member participation and supporting federal policies to promote fair housing, sustainable home ownership and property rights. The groups will also focus on promoting diversity and integration in both organizations.

IN LGBTQ + community the potential purchasing power of the housing market is estimated at $ 1 trillion, but much of that purchasing power has yet to be fully disclosed. The NAR and the Alliance will work together to cultivate LGBTQ + leaders and advocate for policies that support this growing segment of home buyers.

The Alliance and NAR leadership already actively participates in each other’s events and committees that support inclusiveness across the industry.

“The addition of a leading US trade association to the Alliance is a huge step forward for our members and the entire LGBTQ + community,” said John Thorpe, National President and Chairman of the Alliance, in a press release. “NAR is at the forefront of removing barriers that our community members may face to home ownership, including ensuring that the realtor community does not discriminate against gender identity and sexual orientation.”


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