Real estate operations in the Sewickly area during the week of Aug 29, 2021




Glenfield Road LLC sold the Glenfield Road property to Charles and Elizabeth Burnet for $ 33,750.

William Tranter Jr. sold the property at 311 Sewickley Ridge Drive to Susan Reuters for $ 520,800.


Brian Mozel sold 423 Meadow Lane to Thomas Hay Jr. and Janice Hay for $ 990,000.


Mark Scott sold the 147 Orchard Street property to Elmridge LLC for $ 178,200.


Scott Diemert sold the property at 406 Orchard St. Michael and Cameron Borrebach for $ 782,500.


William Cotter sold the property at 306 Broad St. Christopher and Tonye Johnson for $ 715,000.

Yasmily Luft sold the Chadwick Street property to Bryan Suydam DMD LLC for $ 53,000.

Estate of Melvin Etters has sold the property at 838 Thorn St. Unit 35 to John and Jody Hilliard for $ 122,000.

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