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Butler Township

Branden and Anissa Lautzenheiser to John Herbert, Woodsend Drive; USD 41,000

Corey A. Tafe to Sedjalben and Tajeshkumar Patel, home on Woodside Drive; USD 41,000


Emma R. Nappi and Evan Schneider – Lauren L. Reese, Brenda Lane Home; USD 150,000

Corey and Halle Damn to Brian and Laura Carvelli in Hawkins Lane; USD 269,500

Christopher S. and Brian Khan to Brian K. Grimm, East Friend Street; USD 160,000

Elizabeth O. and Daniel Ryne to Daniel and Kelly Yeagley, Court Street; USD 163,500

East Liverpool

Troy and Jill Woolmaker to Trent Woolmaker, Central Street; USD 40,000

Catherine Huff to Paul S. Voinovich, Jr., Bank Street Home; USD 58,000

James D. Casteau to Norman D. Sleeper of Ravin Street; USD 45,000

Eastern Palestine

Victoria and Philip E. Gotthardt, Jr. Kristen Dunn, Martin Street; USD 93,000

Jeanette L. Feegley – Dustin Cairns, Disembark at Clark Street; USD 5,000

James McCauley and Others – Chad Copper and Lacey Copras, North Avenue House; USD 104,000

Elkrun Township

Richard and Terry Spooner – Emily and Zachary Rothwell, motor home and 3.4 acres on Scroggs Road; USD 200,000

Warren Smith to Harold Feasel, 18.2 acres on Pine Hollow Road; USD 69 150

Daniel B. Grimm – Sandra and Jason Tucker, Mobile Home on State Highway 45; USD 26,150

Fairfield township

Cherry and Pischek Springer – Matthew and Katin Kravchik, who live on Camelot Drive; USD 229,000

Keith and Nanette Owens to Kenneth and Nevin Vanpelt, State Highway 7 Mobile Home; USD 50,000

Joyce and Stephen Peddicord to Seth A. Jackson, Crestview Road; USD 131,000

Rodney and Penny Gustafson – Mason Crawford, at 164 State Highway; USD 175,000

Gary and Rosemary Majorana to John Tollas Jr., home on Short Road; USD 150,000

Hanover Town

Linda D. Patasi at L&C Family LLC, a commercial structure and 9 acres on State Highway 30; USD 145,000

Hillyer Holdings LLC to David Stewart of Wooddale Drive; USD 230,000


Jason Raymond to Garrett Mills, Second Street; USD 79,500

Knox Township

Royce A. Nutter to Zachary Weaver and Abigail Stolt on Georgetown Road; USD 74,800

Wayne Unkefer to David Unkefer of Homeworth Road; USD 120,000

Lauren Halter – Nicole and Zachary’s Book, Knox School Road USD 195,000


Evergreen Investment Group – Mary J. Roberts, Center Street Home; USD 80,000

Larry Altomare to Travis Trammer, Main Street parking lot; USD 15,000


Cassidy E. Bilsky, Kimprez Realty, Maple Street; USD 84,900

Brennan and Meranda Zokolo – William and Shannon Dieringer, who live on Thomas Road; USD 192,000

Liverpool town

Nancy Wilson James and Justin MacDonald, at home on Dary Lane; USD 272,500

Madison Township

Randall and Marcy Morris to Diana and Samuel Ferguson, 20 acres at McCormick Run Road; USD 60,000

Middleton Township

Cheryl A. Colmer to Jason Myers and Daniel Barrett, Pancake Clarkson Road; USD 225,000

Perry Township

William and Kerry Altenhof – Kylie Altenhof and Tyler Johnson, who live on Allen Road; USD 188,000


James Garrett LLC Tommy and Twila Zimmerman, 6th Street; USD 91,000

Cathy S. Funderburg to David and Catherine Gano, East Third Street; USD 199,000

Donald and Verna Stoffer at Merry Property Management LLC, a condominium on Lincoln Avenue; USD 69 150

John and Katie Schumacher – Ann Kirkpatrick, Madison Avenue; USD 56,000

Stephen and Patricia Andres to Randall Fegert and Alexis McDevitt, Liberty Street; USD 148,000

Warren E. Ford II Christine Doughty, Euclid Street House; USD 89,900

William J. Young, Jr. at Herron & Sons LLC, North Ellsworth Avenue duplex; USD 45,000

Salem Township

Thomas F. Bowman, Jr. to Richard K. McCullough, home and 1.5 acres on Miller Road; USD 18,000

Joel H. Sharp, Jr. at Barry University et al., Landing at Salem Grange Road; USD 35,050


Linda S. Adams to Troy A. Malone, Main Street; USD 98,500

St. Clair Township

Virginia and David Tice to Jessica L. Wells, home on State Highway 170; USD 145,000

Kolkata Development LLC Samantha and Corey Bird, House on Field Stone Drive; USD 48,500

Lynn E. Edmondson – Judith M. Naser, Sprucevale Road Condominium; USD 130,000

Paul Paday and Rosa Pullano to Richard and Kim Williams, Ferry Road Calcutta-Smith Medical Office; USD 260,000

Larry and Betty David at Prestige Properties of East Liverpool; USD 32,000

Misty Swiger to Jason Ackles, Bloomfield Avenue; USD 244,000

Unity Town

Tyler Foster at UR Real Estate LLP, a home on Park Avenue and 8.7 acres on State Highway 14; USD 124,400


Matthew Quetote to James Porter, Sycamore Drive home; USD 137,000

West Township

Brenda Howell – Jeremy Howell & Teri Cryder, Ridge Road Mobile Home; USD 93,000

Yellow creek township

Sarah Piatt to Brand and Kristen Moffett, 6th Street; USD 45,000

Cindy and Cynthia Roberts – Julie Brown, Highland Avenue; USD 55,000

Blessing of Acre Farms LLC to Andrew J. Hershberger, 50.2 acres at Wells Hollow Road; USD 169,000

Jamie Welch – Clark Avenue Harold and Amanda Hackney; USD 20,000

Douglas Jackson – Misty Davis, home on Broadway; USD 68,000

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