Real estate managers heed the call from the street



In another project across the pond, 60 London Wall LaSalle, which was acquired on behalf of $ 308.6 billion. California Teacher Retirement System, West Sacramento, has terraces on the top five floors of a 10-storey building designed around a single atrium. Completed in November, the mixed-use building in central London also has a green roof with many plants.

“Open space is everyone’s favorite place,” said Mr. Gordon.

Part of the preference for open spaces is cultural, he said. Buildings in Germany must have windows that can be opened, Gordon said. In other parts of the world, such as the United States and Japan, buildings are not required to have windows that can be opened, he said. Instead, developers and property owners choose to apply for healthy building certifications such as the UK BREEAM rating or the US LEED rating and awards to highlight their approach and attract tenants.

Offices are becoming more “experimental,” said Niall Gaffney, chief executive officer of Dublin-based Irish Property Unit Trust PLC, whose portfolio was valued at € 2.9 billion ($ 3.4 billion) as of June 30.

“The pandemic has forced the office sector, including residents and their employees, to think about how the workspace is being used,” said Mr Gaffney. “We believe that office space needs to be recalibrated for many reasons, not least to ensure the long-term sustainability of commercial property values.”

At the end of 2020, IPUT published its Making Place research report, which features testimonies from various industry stakeholders, according to Mr Gaffney. The report states that “while offices continue to play a critical role – not least in work culture, innovation and career growth – they cannot remain as they are as monofunctional buildings,” he said.

One of the innovations in the report is “mind laboratories”, or spaces at the outer edges of buildings, where employees and non-tenants can share, develop and translate ideas that can lead to new discoveries and innovations. So-called laboratories can have group tables, writing surfaces, Wi-Fi, and electricity around the perimeter of the building connected to the room.

One example cited in the document is the Melbourne office of multinational professional services company Arup Group Ltd., which includes Sky Park, an open space accessible to employees and non-tenants, in an office tower that appears to hover almost 40 feet above the busy central office. district st.

Another example is the 600,000-square-foot office block that IPUT is developing for LinkedIn as part of its Wilton Park Dublin project in downtown Dublin, Mr. Gaffney said. This development includes four office buildings, a renovation of an existing park and the creation of a new quarter-acre public square named after Irish writer Mary Lavigne, adjacent to one building.


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