Real Estate Legislative Committee



BOSTON (AP). The bill, affecting anyone who installs a camera to record action in a neighbor’s backyard, is just one of dozens of pieces of legislation set to be heard in a virtual public hearing at the Massachusetts State House on Tuesday.

The bill gives the owner or tenant of a residential property the right to sue anyone who installs a video device on an area adjacent to a residential property for the purpose of videotaping actions that take place in the backyard of a residential property with the intention of insulting, annoying or threatening someone without written the consent of the owner or tenant.

Other bills to be considered by the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee include bills that will remove racial restrictive clauses in real estate documents, prevent the use of “offensive” prominent domain hijacks, guarantee a universal right to legal assistance in eviction cases, and protect buyers. from the unconscious purchase of real estate in the flood zone.

The hearing is scheduled for 10 am Tuesday morning. The public can participate in virtual hearingwhich will be broadcast live on the Legislative Assembly website.


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