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Undoubtedly, this is now the seller’s market. However, things are changing rapidly and may end immediately. To prepare for this future shift, it is important to stay on top of changing shopper trends. If you are selling real estate, there are certain keywords that can attract today’s buyers. report

Key takeaways:

– Luxurious amenities make a difference, especially in the kitchen. Buyers want “granite countertops”, “hardwood floors” and “stainless steel appliances.” In the bedrooms, buyers pay special attention to “dressing rooms”.

– Space is still trending. Keywords such as “large,” “great,” “full,” and “spacious,” are used regularly. This also applies to the bathroom. Forget about half-baths, according to the report, a “full bathroom” is now a priority. All the “bonuses” are attractive too, including the “laundry” and “home office”.

– Nobody wants to fight parking. Buyers really want a place to park their car, be it a dedicated “parking lot” or “garage”.

Here are the 100 most commonly used terms in real estate:

“Homebuyers emerged from isolation with a keen desire to regain their lost sense of privacy and restore their well-being in a rapidly changing family life,” says Point2Homes. “So the most coveted homes and properties that seem to be flying off the market are the ones that promise more space and more efficient space dividers that are better suited to the new demands of work-life balance.”

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