Real Estate – June 12



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The following real estate transfer transactions were recently registered with the Hancock County Registrar:

May 11

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana Inc. D. Matthew and Sally A. Wiggins, 9680 Ridgecrest Lane, McCordsville, $ 369,370.

DR Horto Indiana LLC – Mary Kleinbub, 6644 Aberdeen Drive, McCordsville, $ 264,699.

DR Horton Indiana LLC Jeffrey D. and Ginger K. Shriver, 8766 Blackburn Street, Fortville, $ 365,184.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana Inc. To Dylan K. Finn and Rachel A. Neal, 9671 Ridgecrest Lane S., McCordsville, $ 380,065.

DR Horton – Indiana LLC Christopher Ortega, 6654 Aberdeen Drive, McCordsville, $ 312,500.

Diana and Edmond Green to John C. and Carol E. Wilbur, 6774 W. Kingston Drive, Buck Creek Township, $ 224,000.

Evan M. Mathijs and Katrina L. McAvilly to Ryan W. Plummer and Ashley M. Appitch, 1129 N. Manchester Drive, Cumberland / Buck Creek, $ 347,000.

Caitlyn Kelly at Progress Indianapolis LLC, 103 Longfellow Lane, Greenfield, $ 190,000.

Nicholas J. & Catherine M. Simpson to Evan Fox and Regan Craig, 7772 W. Shadow Creek Way, Buck Creek Township, $ 316,200.

Jeremy Wall to Shody Harlson and Brian McCoy Jr., 1182 Redwood Drive, Greenfield, $ 261,000.

Tara M. Niedenthal Karl M. Forsyth, 23 S. Vine Street, Greenfield, $ 140,900.

Grand Communities LLC at Fisher Homes Indianapolis II, 8679 N. Brookside, McCordsville Blvd, $ 84,831.

Grand Communities LLC in the name of Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC, 5518 Wood Spring Lane, McCordsville, $ 66,000.

Jerry D. and Sherry L. Clark to Elysia N. Miller and William A. Miller, 1108 E. Mill Run Boulevard, Greenfield, $ 205,000.

Dennis Brackenridge – Bradley A. Coach, 519 N. East Street, Greenfield, $ 225,000

Corey Drudge to Patrick Mallory, West County Road 100S, Sugar Creek Township, $ 25,000.

12 May

Randy J. & Tonya R. Hasselburg – Dustin Argo and Teresa Heckman, 408 Hopkins Road, Cumberland / Sugar Creek Township, $ 212,500.

Vanessa E. Fares to David M. and Jacqueline Boltz, 5677 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $ 255,000.

DR Horton Indiana LLC in the name of Anneudi A. Javier and Chantal Indhira, 914 Carson Lane, Greenfield, $ 250,636.

may 13

Grise Homes and Property Group LLC at Grise Homes and Property Group LLC, 814 W. Main St., Greenfield, $ 73,250.

Mike Avon – Taylor N. Hope, 517 Leland St., Fortville, $ 142,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC by Tricia Owens and John H. Wilkins IV, 8346 Treeline Lane, McCordsville, $ 446,222.

Gordon W. and Mary J. Grossman to Robert A. Williams III, 3066 Harmony Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $ 409,900.


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