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Real Estate Issues 6.23.2021



PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) – The last two issues of Real Estate Matters have focused on the exterior of the home, trying to give it a more subdued appeal. This time, the focus is on the inner environment. Sean Cunningham has real estate questions this week ….

Most of the houses on the market have people who live in them, have well-used furniture and premises that have not been recently renovated. You just need a professional plan to make intelligent updates and changes, and have the emotional determination to know that your home will be a stylish exhibit in a real estate professional’s ad campaign that a lovely couple could fall in love with.

How did you manage that? A home stager can be your trump card, it will tell you what remains and what is leaving, what to collect and what needs to be improved. Once you’re done packing and upgrading, the stager will also come back and decorate your home, using your furniture and accessories to the maximum advantage. This includes everything from choosing the perfect color palette to decorating each room for this cute couple to gush out.

Let’s walk through the process. Home interns start with an assessment, in which they walk through your home from sidewalk to back fence, offering a list of instructions and suggested improvements, changes, and upgrades for you.

PACKAGE. You are moving, so pack your things. Start with the main living areas of your home, then the bedrooms, then finally the basement / storage room and garage. Pack your home as if a potential buyer walked through your home: foyer, guest toilet, living room, dining room, etc. The purpose of packaging is to showcase every space of your home from the guest toilet to the porch and not distract the buyer. with your things. And yes, especially these toilets … after all, people move because they have no place in their old house. Sell ​​them their dream!

Staying in a Staged House TIP: Buy folding baskets for each room in your house that you can use to organize yourself if the phone rings for a show. Label each bucket with a number. Place trash cans in a garage or warehouse for display.

IMPROVE. Make smart, cost-effective upgrades and improvements that pay off your investment. From a fresh coat of paint, walls and possibly your front door, replacing your fixtures outside and inside, refinishing or replacing the floor, to more complex projects like painting kitchen cabinets. Smart upgrades can bring big profits. Of course, they need a little money to make these improvements, but the goal is a turnkey home, no buyer today wants to have a long list of things to do before moving in. The days of “carpet allowance” are long gone – to eliminate as many negative reactions to your home as possible.

TIP: If you are painting your rooms, plan to replace your lighting at the same time. The ladders are all in place, and there is no need to go back to fix a new fixture.

CLEAN. Clean to keep your home glowing, from inside toilets to outside windows. During the sale period, you have carte blanche for a cleaning team to comb your home every few weeks. This frees up time for other activities and relieves sales stress. The goal is to make the home ultra-clean, which means for the buyer that the homeowners care, support, and love their home – and so do the buyers.

Living in an apartment building TIP: When selling your home, try using only one bathroom for the shower. Thus, the rest of the baths remain in the “model” state. Always replace wet towels with dry ones when showing your home.

ROOM DECORATION. Each space should be designed to give it a sales edge. Home stagers are best used here. Our know-how in interior decoration and design will help you intelligently organize, style and update each of your spaces to showcase a room without any emotional connection. We’re skilled at making every room visually and emotionally appealing to this ideal buyer. We will use what you have to shop in your home, possibly using items found in other rooms, and invent furnishings for sale, not dwellings.

If the items are off scale or do not attract a potential buyer, we can exchange them for rented or purchased items. Home Stagers are a versatile tool to style your home for that target buyer. The goal is for the buyer to understand how to use each space and to get in touch with the home and photographs of themselves living in it.

Living in a Phased Home TIP: The placement of your furniture can be altered to visually invite buyers and allow them to walk freely around the room and then move on to the next space. This may not be the layout you are using, but you will have to discount during the sale period.

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