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The broad real estate coalition strongly opposes the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decision to renew the federal moratorium on evictions. The move is taking place despite the administration itself noting that it has no legal basis for a more targeted moratorium on evictions.

The best way to help needy tenants is by working with Congress, states and localities to help pay rental assistance funds to needy residents and housing providers. Our organizations are committed to working with administration and Congress to ensure the success of the emergency rental program, help our residents restore stability to their homes, and keep the rental sector alive.

A recent CDC ruling will leave rental housing providers in limbo as many tenants continue to accumulate more and more rents and face a growing debt gap. In addition, the ongoing moratorium does not provide the necessary solutions to address the main financial problems facing tenants and jeopardizes the overall stability of the rental housing sector and the real estate market in general.

We agree with the White House that “there is simply no excuse, nowhere to hide, for any state or locality that cannot accelerate its Emergency Rental Housing Fund.” This is what the administration, Congress, state and local leaders should focus on.

Throughout the pandemic, rental housing providers have worked both to help our residents resolve their difficulties and to promote policies to provide tenants with the necessary resources to meet their housing needs. Housing providers continue to help our residents avoid eviction through rent payment mechanisms, deferrals, offering extended or flexible rental periods, waiving fees, and connecting them to social services and financial assistance.

The group is made up of real estate organizations that represent commercial and non-commercial homeowners, operators, developers, lenders, and property managers dealing with rental housing, both affordable and conventional.

The coalition includes:

  • CCIM Institute
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing Council
  • Affordable and Rural Housing Council
  • Property Management Institute
  • Industrial Housing Institute
  • Mortgage Bankers Association
  • National Association for Affordable Housing Management
  • National Housing Association
  • National Association of Homebuilders
  • National Association of Residential Property Managers
  • National Council for Multifamily Housing

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