Real estate heir Durst will testify at murder trial


New York real estate heir Robert Durst is expected to speak at the Los Angeles County murder trial on Thursday.

The 78-year-old was expected to take a rare step for a murder defendant to begin testifying on Wednesday, but the prosecution was still questioning another defense witness, memory expert Elizabeth Loftus, when the trial ended for the day.

Loftus, the only other witness that the defense planned to call, will return to the podium on Thursday morning, followed by Durst if the defense lawyers decide to bring him to testify. His testimony will probably last for several days.

At the 2003 Durst trial in Texas, the same attorney represented him and summoned him to testify, and he was acquitted of murder, despite confessing to the dismemberment and destruction of the body of his Galveston neighbor, Morris Black. Durst said that Black entered his apartment with a pistol and was killed when he was shot during the fight.

Durst is charged with the murder of his girlfriend Susan Berman in 2000. He pleaded not guilty.

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