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Housing and real estate groups have spent more than $ 100 million in lobbying over the past year and a half, while Congress and the White House have worked to extend the COVID-19 eviction moratorium, which these groups hoped to end.

The president Joe Biden announced on Tuesday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention institute 60-day eviction ban in counties with “substantial and high” transmission of the virus. CDC accepted a nationwide moratorium at the start of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 to limit the spread of the virus by keeping tenants in their homes. House of Representatives failed pass a bill on Friday that would extend the nationwide moratorium until October 18.

The 60-day ban was introduced just days after House Democrats, including their representatives. Corey Bush (D-Mon.), Ayanna Pressly (D-Massachusetts) and Ilkhan Omar (D-Minn.), Put heavy pressure on Biden and Congress to restore the moratorium. Bush, who experienced homelessness, sleeping five nights on the steps of the Capitol to protest the lifting of the ban.

“Last night we stood on the steps of the Capitol in a moment of silence for all homeless people whose lives were taken due to political violence,” Bush said. tweeted Sunday. “For all those whose lives will be in danger until the extension of the moratorium on evictions. We need to save lives. “

But the moratorium has also been the subject of several lawsuits and lobbying since it was introduced by groups such as National Association of Realtors and National Housing Association

The Association of Realtors, the largest real estate group in the country, spent more than $ 84 million in lobbying in the past year, this is the highest rate, and he spent more $ 18 million until 2021.

The group continued to lobby against the moratorium on evictions and to increase funds for rental assistance. stating that the moratorium was detrimental to home providers or homeowners who were losing rent. This is reported lobbying for talks with Congress, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the National Economic Council, among others, regarding a moratorium.

The group was also involved in two lawsuits with the Realtor Associations of Alabama and Georgia to overturn the ban on eviction. Two groups filed claims against the Trump administration last year, saying the CDC was illegally imposing a moratorium.

IN suit with the participation of the Association of Realtors of Alabama reached the Supreme Court, which ruled in June that the moratorium may remain in force, but warned the Biden administration will not extend the ban beyond July.

Apartment association, rental trade group, St. served a similar lawsuit was filed against the federal government shortly after the Supreme Court ruling. The association actively opposed the moratorium, spending more $ 1.4 million in 2020 and USD 670,000 this year. The group also lobbied for an increase in the tenant assistance fund, claiming that apartment owners “are taking on a $ 26.6 billion debt.” statement about the claim.

“Any extension of the eviction moratorium amounts to an unfunded government mandate that forces home providers to provide high-value services without compensation and burdens tenants with insurmountable debt,” said Bob Pinnegar, president and chief executive officer of the NAA. statement July 29.

IN Mortgage Bankers Association, a human rights organization representing the real estate finance industry, also opposed the moratorium. The association spent more than $ 2.4 million lobbying efforts in 2020 and has already spent almost $ 1.2 million this year.

Last year, the group also lobbied against Coronavirus eviction moratorium law and spent most of 2021 lobbying for rental assistance. The organization argued that the moratorium would trigger a “cascade reaction” that would only exacerbate the economic situation. statement after the original adaptation of the ban.

While lobbying groups insist that the eviction ban is bad for the economy, Democrats and civil rights activists, including Republicans, are. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) and Senator. Elizabeth Warren (Democratic Massachusetts) praised Bush after the new ban for her efforts outside the Capitol.

“I applaud the CDC for imposing a moratorium on evictions for the vast majority of the population,” said the Senate Majority Leader. Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) in statement Tuesday. “For anyone to lose their home through no fault of their own, it’s terrible, and it’s a shame that Republicans in Congress won’t lift a finger to prevent it.”

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