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The years start to come and they don’t stop.

At least that’s what the now classic band Smashmouth says.

You see, over the past three years I’ve had:

  • There were two children.
  • Created two prepaid college funds accounts.
  • I bought my first house.
  • Furnished and renovated the aforementioned house.

It feels like I am now feeding the entire American economy myself!

As it turned out, I’m not far off. Millennials were highest spending generation in 2020, and this trend will continue over the next decade.

The chart below shows how much millennials’ earnings will grow over the same time period.

Global gross annual income of millennials in trillions


But something else is happening here: the trend of working from home. As COVID-19 continues to ravage the country, more companies than ever before are expanding their telecommuting policies. And it gives millennials a great opportunity to spend increasing salaries.

Stay at work, live where you want, and avoid commuting? Yes please!

This is a trend that I have seen first hand in my area of ​​South Florida. While it took my husband and me eight months to find and close a house in 2020 – we lost three houses in advance due to the fact that nonresidents paid a price higher than the asking price. invisible view – The real estate market is even more terrible now, and agents often contact us to ask if we are interested in selling.

I emailed Ian King to see how he feels about this trend, and he agreed. “A friend of mine who is a real estate agent told me that there are no vacancies in the popular coastal town of New Jersey. All New Yorkers fled from the epicenter of the virus. And this new massive migration will drive new home sales for years to come. ”

In fact, he sees four main reasons why the housing market could expand even further:

  1. Lower interest rates make mortgage payments more affordable.
  2. Mass migration to the suburbs.
  3. Millennials are entering their peak shopping years.
  4. A technology that removes restrictions on working proximity.

This is why Ian recommended it to readers. Strategic opportunities newsletter invest in a real estate boom through a technology company. He will play a key role in the next few years as millennials come into their own.

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